Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Review: Discount Coupon 15% Off

We have already published an article about how to reduce bounce rate of a WordPress site where we discussed about a few tips which can help your keep your users engaged.

In this post today we will discuss about a WordPress plugin called Zero Bounce Rate Plugin and understand how this tool can help us to create a profitable blog by reducing bounce rate of WordPress site.

But before we proceed, it is important for us to understand why we should try to keep control on the bounce rate of or site.

If you are really serious about your blog or online business, you must try and keep the bounce rate as low as possible because a high bounce rate will never help you to create a  profitable business online.

Bounce rate is the rate at which the visitors are leaving your site, a very high bounce rate means very low engagement on your site and it's a ranking factor for search engine like Google because if your site has a very high bounce rate Google will understand that people are not finding your content useful hence they will not rank your site high in search results.

Now, before using any external tool to control bounce rate of your site, you must look at your site and possible issues which are contributing to higher exit rate.

A few things which can help you to control the bounce rate are:

  • High quality engaging content which creates value for your visitors.
  • Engaging media in your post or pages (A quality video or high quality images)
  • A professional design for you site with nice engaging layout.
  • Regularly recommend new content to active users.
  • Using internal links effectively to keep user engaged.
  • Improve loading time of your site.

Coming back to the topic, let see how Zero Bounce Rate Plugin can help us to control the bounce rate of our site.

Zero Bounce Rate Plugin To Control Bounce Rate and Increase Revenue for Your Site

ZERO BOUNCE was developed with one major goal in mind: To help you make money online by eliminating your bounce rate and all its negative consequences.

As mentioned above, a visitor lands on your site and just hits the back button to go out of your site that makes the bounce rate of your site go high.

Now, think of a method which can redirect the user to a page of your choice when they hits the back button or intend to go out of your site. That would keep the visitor within your site which will improve the exit rate of your site and give you extra opportunity to earn revenue by making them land on your high converting pages.

These days most of the pro bloggers create a resource page where they list the best resources for blogs and online business which can be a great revenue generating page for that blogger if that page gets good amount of traffic.

So, that is what Zero Bounce Rate Plugin exactly does, it redirects user to a page set by you when they try to exit from your site. This is a win-win situation for both the parties because the user gets an opportunity to find some quality resources and you get a chance to increase your revenue and control bounce rate.

You can use this plugin to increase the email opt-in for your site as well by redirecting theme to your email opt-in offer page.

How Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Works?

Here is a quick video about how this plugin works and help you to control bounce rate of your site.

Once you activate the plugin go to the Zero bounce rate settings page to configure it further. And before you move in, you will have to provide the license key which you receive while purchasing the plugin. In the settings page you can set the link where you want to redirect user after hitting the back or close button.

Even a complete newbie can take full advantage of this plugin as it is extremely easy to configure and get started. And it provides you on and off switch button which you can use to activate or deactivate the plugin as per your requirement.

Increase Revenue

As mentioned above Zero bounce rate plugin can be your key tool to increase the revenue from your site because you can redirect all your visitors to your sales page where they can find quality resources.

We all know that getting traffic is the most difficult task for any online business and if the hard earned traffic doesn't land on the proper page then you may lose a lot of potential customers.

Another best part of this plugin is that it offers you an option to redirect users to multiple pages to help you do split testing to understand which pages has the highest conversion rate, so that you can drive more traffic to those pages.

Selective Redirect

Selective redirection is another very important feature of this plugin because redirecting all traffic make not make sense because some of the traffic sources might have a very good bounce rate already, so you don't need to redirect those traffic.

But there could be some sources of traffic which gives you very high bounce rate, you can select those traffic sources and redirect theme to a page of your choice.

With Zero bounce rate plugin you can also set different redirection URL for each post or pages of your site.

Automatic Timed Deactivation

Zero bounce rate is a flexible plugin and it provides you option to set automatic timed deactivation depending on the time you set. That means if you don't want to redirect the visitors who stayed on your site for longer than a certain time, you can set an automatic timeout.

Mobile Vs Desktop

Now, if you want to set the redirection only for the users who visits your site through the desktop device and not the ones who visits through mobile device you can do that easily in the settings page and vice versa.

Improve SEO of Your Site

SEO or search engine optimization is the process to optimize your site to get more organic traffic from search engine like Google by making  your site rank high in search results.

Bounce rate is one of the key ranking factor which can define how your pots and pages will get ranked in search results, a very high bounce rate will never help you to get better rank in search results because a bad bounce rate means low quality content in the eye of Google.

Zero Bounce Rate Pricing

Zero bounce rate plugin comes with three packages which varies depending on the number of domains you can use this plugin for and it starts with $49.

Looking at the potential of this plugin and how it can help you to increase the revenue of your site, the pricing is perfectly justified.

Zero bounce rate pricing

Avail Discount

You can avail a discount of 15% by using our coupon code “SourceWP15” and you can get the plugin to use for five domains only for $41 instead of $49.

Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Discount


Zero bounce rate plugin is not just another redirection plugin because it offers you number of option to take your site to a new level altogether. It will improve the overall SEO of your site by reducing the bounce rate and help you to get a better ranking for your blog posts.

And most importantly, it will help you to increase the revenue of your site by redirecting your users to the highest converting sales pages.

If you ever find any issue with the plugin the developer offers you 24 hour support to make sure that you get benefited by this plugin

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Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Review: Discount Coupon 15% Off
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