Zerif Pro Review: One Of The Best One Page WordPress Themes

With over 100,000 downloads, Zerif Lite is one of the most popular free WordPress themes.

There's also a premium version of this theme, Zerif Pro. It has everything that people love about Zerif Lite, such as parallax scrolling and WooCommerce compatibility, plus some extra features that are especially useful for company sites.

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How To Use Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro makes it possible for anyone to create a high-quality website. It's a one-page theme, so it's easy to make and easy to use. To design your site with Zerif Pro, you just choose pre-made sections of content and fill them out with information about your business.

On Zerif Lite, you have to stick with the default section order, but Zerif Pro users are able to arrange their sections in whatever order they want.

The sections you can use to build your site include:


About Us

Before a prospect will become a customer, they'll want to know who you are, what you do, and how you're different from your competitors. The “About Us” section gives you a space to provide visitors with this information.


Our Team

Displaying the names and faces of your team members will help you form a personal connection with visitors, which makes it easier to convert them into paying customers.



Social proof is important. If visitors see proof that people are using your service, they'll be more inclined to start using your service, too. The “Testimonials” section lets you collect and display client reviews without any additional plugins or signup forms.


Latest News

The “Latest News” section allows visitors to use a slider to browse through your most recent blog posts. Clicking on the featured image or title of a post in the slider will redirect the visitor to the full blog post.


Contact Us

With the “Contact Us” section, which has an AJAX-powered input validation system, you'll be able to collect visitor information without using a third-party solution. 


Portfolio (Zerif Pro Exclusive)

You won't find the “Portfolio”, “Packages”, or “Google Maps” sections on Zerif Lite. They're only available on Zerif Pro.

In the “Testimonials” section, you showed visitors that previous clients were happy with your service. With the “Portfolio” section, you can show visitors what you actually did for your clients to make them happy.


Packages (Zerif Pro Exclusive)

The “Packages” section is a clear and concise way to sum up the details of your different services. You can link the “Sign Up” buttons to a contact form, or you can connect them directly to PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment service.


Google Maps (Zerif Pro Exclusive)

Revealing the exact location of your business on your homepage makes you look more legitimate and trustworthy. The “Google Maps” section allows you to do exactly that.


The Live Customizer

While all the Zerif Pro sections are pre-made for your convenience (who wants to spend hours dealing with code?), customizing the sections to better fit the personality of your business is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

First, log into your WordPress account and select “Appearance” on the sidebar of your dashboard. Click on the “Customize” option in the drop-down list under “Appearance”. This opens up the Live Customizer, where you can adjust the content, text color, and background color of your sections and see what the changes look like before you finalize them. You can add widgets to your sections with the Live Customizer as well.


Other Benefits

Zerif Pro offers parallax scrolling, which involves moving the background and foreground at different speeds to create a feeling of depth. This eye-catching 3D effect is sure to impress your visitors..

Another advantage to Zerif Pro is that it's automatically mobile-friendly. Whether your site is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it will always be attractive and easy to navigate.


The Final Word

It's remarkable that Zerif Pro provides all these features at a price of just $89. You get everything you need to create a great site at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone to design your site for you.

If you're on the fence about buying Zerif Pro, we recommend you try Zerif Lite for free. Then, if you decide you like the theme, you can upgrade to Zerif Pro at any time.

Zerif Pro Review: One Of The Best One Page WordPress Themes
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