X Theme Review: A Theme for All Websites

X theme is dubbed as the last theme you will ever buy. The claims are obvious as X theme from Themeco works as a self-sustained website builder with the capacity to generate infinite unique websites, only limited by the builder imagination.

Today we are going to review the claims that Themeco has laid forward. The latest release of the Theme has also brought some new changes in the whole package. A lot of new extensions has been included in the already amazing bundle.

X Theme is one of the all-time top selling WordPress themes and the kind of possibilities this theme has to offer it will go a long way in the future. In this post, we have tried to cover all the important features of the theme to make sure that you get a nice idea about the theme.

X theme has undoubtedly changed the WordPress theme market last year and they continue to improve on the same path, bringing more and more goodies for the customers in their latest version of the theme. Let's move on with the review.

Let's move on with the review.

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A Complete X Theme Review

X theme Review

Themeco is popular for providing industry leading extensions for their clients. The extensions easily act as ice on the cake in addition to stacks. The customization of stacks and the extensibility of the extensions brings new life to all the website built by Themeco website builder X theme. On top of that, the extensions are built to favor the X ecosystem.

In their newest version, they have provided tons of extensions free of cost!. The list is big and we don't want to miss anything. The extensions are listed below.

x theme Review

Video Lock

Video Lock configures the power of X ecosystem to provide an amazing marketing tool. When used to complete potential, the call to action plugin can bring lots of customers and increase CTR(Click Through Rates).

Content Dock

A perfect plugin for a marketing website that is looking to engage the readers with interesting or marketing content. They fly-in as configured and also contains a call to action button, if necessary.

Custom 404

This simple plugin lets you build custom 404 pages with the background, simple text, and sounds. The creativity in creating custom 404 pages can be endless and with humor the whole ball game changes.


Olark helps the business to improve the user's experience and eventually boost sales, resolve issues and meet customers at their door step.

More than half-dozen plugins that are introduced in version 3.0 which includes Smooth Scroll, SQLiloQuy and more.


Typekit is a premium service which you get free of cost with every purchase of the X theme. With this extension, you can create beautiful designs by incorporating the Typekit fonts into your website.


ConvertPlug is a very powerful premium tool for lead generation and to increase your conversion to help you make more money from your site. You can use this plugin to build your email list, to increase your social followers, display targeted offers, offer discounts, display promotional videos and a lot more. And the best part is that you will get this extension free of cost with the X theme.

You get a number of other premium extensions like the Visual Composer, teh Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Essential Grid and many such plugins.

Demo X ThemeDownload X Theme

What Makes the X Theme so Flexible?

X Theme relies heavily on stack implementation, currently 4 in number and will increase in the future. The stack represents one whole idea of customization such as sleek or flat design. The four-stack that are currently present in the X Theme are

  • Icon
  • Renew
  • Integrity
  • Ethos

x theme

The design aspect of each stack enables users to create unlimited unique websites with the help of the website builder. In addition, each stack can be converted into a child theme which itself represent a simple unique entity for further experimentation and development.

To get started, X Theme has included a number of child themes.

More About Stacks

Stacks represent the core of the whole X Theme. Stacks represent the unique design aspects and each hold, much information, and value to the users. The whole philosophy of the theme lies within the stacks. In future, Themeco intended to release more stacks, leading more value to the customers. The updates will be free for existing customers.


Icon is the rebirth of blogging network aspired by modern blogging. The Icon stack design puts content at the center stage. Blogging is all about putting forward blogger's thoughts and ideas and without giving the words the presence, a blog is incomplete.

Icon stack design gives away all the bling-bling and focuses its main functionality on improving typography and readability of the content. The stack design utilizes other theme options such that each design represents the personality and thought a process of the blogger.

Icon Stack Features:

  • Minimal Blog Design
  • Clean Portfolio Design
  • Modern Shop
  • Change Post Colors
  • Independent Scrolling Sidebar



Ethos Stack Design rely on representing the best for magazine and newspaper sites. The user can create one of a kind and unique magazine sites with Ethos. The design fulfills the idea of increasing the clickthroughs.

The current web is full of news related sites and the customers who are looking to dive deep into the blog/news/magazine category will love Ethos and cherish every moment of increased business.

Ethos Stack Features:

  • Post Carousel
  • Magazine Blog Design
  • Custom Portfolio
  • Integrated Shop Design
  • Real-time blog index filtering
  • Multiple Featured Image Options
  • Post Sliders for Blog and Blog Post Archives



Renew basic idea resides in developing a flat design for different websites. Flat design is getting popular in the world of web. Flat design is being readily embraced by current web-developers as it provides minimalistic design approach ridiculing the use of 3D elements of a web page.

This stack just like Icon showcases content in clear and concise manner.

Renew Stack Features:

  • Flat Blog Design
  • Integrated Portfolio Design
  • Flat Shop Design
  • Change background color



Integrity has its roots defined in creating beautifully crafted websites for all known purposes. The stack is well suited for both professionals and newbies alike. Creativity can easily find its path through Integrity stack and with good experimentation the user can easily land with a unique, beautiful.

Integrity Design Features:

  • Light/Dark Options
  • All-purpose blog design
  • Professional Portfolio Design
  • All-purpose shop Design
  • Transparency Options
  • Custom welcome messages


 X Customizer

The X Customizer brings all the juice to the X Theme, enabling users to build their unique custom sites. The Customizer is similar to what we see in the default WordPress installation as it is built upon the native WordPress theme customization menu.

The customized features lot of functions to control to such as header placement, sidebar position, backgrounds, logos and much more.

So what makes the customizer worth? The customizer let the users preview live changes in the same browser. This reduces a significant amount of development time. Rapid development is possible and this also reduces a lot of frustration on the developers part.

Site Layout

Generally, changing the layout of your site can be a difficult task as it needs custom coding and if you are not comfortable with a code you will never be able to change the layout and even if you try to change the code you will end up breaking the site.

But X gives you out of the box option to change the overall layout of the site with the click of a button, you can make your site full width or boxed with on click in the live customizer.

Background Options

This theme offers you a number of options to play with the background of your site, you can have image, pattern as well as solid color as the background of your site. You can even use multiple images that change in every post or page.

Magic of Shortcodes

Shortcodes play a major role in defining the maneuverability of the theme. Currently, X Theme supports 40 amazing shortcodes from small tasks such as author info to download buttons. On top of that, all the shortcodes are available through a custom built-in plugin for easy access and maintenance.

x theme

Shortcodes such as Accordion, author, block grid, callout, container, Dropcap etc. are available within the X Theme.


X theme is loaded with a number of amazing extensions which will help your site to take it to the next level. Some of the important extensions are Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Envira Gallery, Essential Grid, Visual Composer, Video Lock and there are a number of other in the list.

WooCommerce Ready

X Theme supports easy transformation to an e-commerce website. So, there is nothing to worry if you need to convert your site into an e-commerce website. This is achieved by the help of WooCommerce plugin. By using the plugin, the site loading speed won't be affected.

All four stacks support their own shop design and this further improves the extensibility of the X Theme.

X Theme WooCommerce

One Page Homepage

Over the past one year, one-page homepages are getting all the attention and to be true, it looks cool. All the section of the page can be reached from the menu and the homepage host all the section in a very trendy sleek manner.

X Theme supports horizontal navigation which is fully supported to work with one-page homepages. The horizontal navigation works well with full-width.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a must nowadays. Any website that doesn't support responsive design will slowly lead to death. X Theme supports 100% fluid responsive design which leads to more user interactions. All the current device screen resolution are supported by X Theme.

BuddyPress and bbPress Compatible

Another best part of this theme is that it is fully compatible with BuddyPress as well as bbPress plugin. So you can use this theme to create a fully featured community site using WordPress platform.

BuddyPress is the most popular WordPress community plugin which is an open source project and it enables you to create a modern social networking site within a couple of minutes but you will need a BuddyPress compatible theme as all themes don't work with this community plugin.

Stunning Portfolio Site

X can be used by the creatives to showcase their work with stunning portfolios. It comes with a variety of designs to create a portfolio site easily. From a very simple blog to a stunning magazine-style site X will fit into everything perfectly and if you are a creative professional, you can create your blog along with great looking portfolios to display your work.

Page Templates

X Theme comes with a huge list of page templates which will help you to create great looking pages quickly. The page templates offer you different layout possibilities for your pages, you can turn off certain elements like your header or footer on particular pages to make sure that you create dedicated pages for your products.

Other Features worth mentioning

If I continue to write more about the feature list, the list will be a never ending one. There are other features worth mentioning. They are as below:

  • Tons of fonts included into the theme, approx. 600 fonts
  • All the backgrounds present within the theme supports images, different patterns, and solid colors.
  • The theme currently supports 400 responsive icons.
  • Supports latest retina ready displays.
  • Includes PSD
  • Slider Revolution
  • Supports mega menus to display a lot of content in the menu.
  • Supports box and wide site layout
  • Supports Sidebars
  • Supports Integrated BBPress forums.
  • Comes with WPML compatibility which makes the translation to other languages easy.

Search Engine Optimized

The theme is SEO friendly and provides semantic code for the web. The optimization is achieved by using latest web development techniques and technology such as HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.


Typography constitutes the art of cutting-edge fonts that looks pleasing to the eyes. X Theme has special commandments in the typography section.

They have provided all the controls in the hands of the user where the user can change each and every section according to their needs.

The theme supports over 600 Google fonts which are dynamically loaded, increasing site loading speed. Furthermore, the users can choose to adjust size, letter spacing, capitalization and more with X Customizer.

Getting Ready for the first time

The installation is simple and intuitive, just like any other WordPress theme. Upload the theme by going to WordPress admin dashboard. Choose Apperance-> Themes -> Add New.

Upon installation, the theme asks the user to install 4 additional plugins. They are Contact Form 7, Force Regenerate Thumbnails, Slider Revolution and X Shortcodes.

Dummy data is installed on the first installation such that the user doesn't feel lost after the first installation. The X theme also offers knowledge base that includes all the video and text tutorials.

The only downside of X Theme is a slight learning curve. But, with persistence X Theme can be easily mastered. For developers, learning X theme won't be any issue.

Cornerstone Page Builder

Cornerstone page builder is the new addition to X Theme, it's a super powerful page builder which is created by the Themeco team. X Theme used to offer Visual Composer as their page builder from the inception of the theme, now you have one more option.

Cornerstone page builder is a 100% front-end page builder plugin that will take your page building experience to a whole new level. You will get a copy of this plugin with every purchase of X Theme, so you will have the option to choose between two most powerful page builders.

As Cornerstone is a front-end builder you will see the changes you make immediately without having to load the site everytime you make changes. The plugin is newbie friendly and comes with detailed documentation for everything else related to X Theme.

It offers you a very beautiful clean interface to build your site in an App like interface which makes the experience really amazing

We have written a detailed article about the Cornerstone page builder for X Theme where you can find more details about the page builder and how to use that.

Cornerstone page builder

Edit on The Fly

X Theme is all about making things easier for you while editing and managing your site. The theme offers you on the fly editing option that will help you to change things according to your requirement without spending a lot of time on it.

You can edit the post, pages or any other section of the site on the fly, you don't have to go to the back-end of the site to change the text if you need. If you are using X Theme for your site, everything will be at your fingertips.

edit on the fly


X Theme support can be accessed by materials present in their knowledgebase. The knowledgebase also hosts videos that help users to install and use X Theme effectively. On the other side, forums can also be used by users to get instant replies to their problems.

The support doesn't end here as the member's area also possess training videos that further enhances the user experience.


X theme is currently available for just $64 on ThemeForest. The price of the theme is slightly on the higher side but for the features the user is getting, the price is justified.


With the latest release and the addition of dozens of extensions for free has changed the scope of X theme as the ultimate WordPress theme.

Keeping the update apart, X theme is still the strongest contender in the market. The scope of the theme is immense with the scope to build unique layouts at user's will. There are fairly fewer chances that any two layouts come out to be same.

For those who wants to create a new site, X Theme will bring unlimited possibilities to your site and make sure that you have everything that is required to take your business to the next level. The demo content which is part of the theme bundle will help you to get your site up and running quickly.

The once you site is ready, you can take it ahead with the customizations. The readily integrated options in the WordPress customizer will help you to change almost everything in the theme to make it perfect as per your requirement.

X theme is the combination of industry best practices in one package. X theme offers an unbeatable creativity in terms of layout design, extensions, and customizability. Highly recommended from my side!

Demo X ThemeDownload X Theme

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X Theme Review: A Theme for All Websites
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