WPBruiser Plugin Review: No-Captcha Anti-Spam Plugin

The WordPress ecosystem is huge. This expansive user base is in millions, and it's the favorite playground for many bad guys to show their skills. Many of us run our business using the WordPress platform and if the security is not tight, all the hard work may go in vain.

We have seen many WordPress security systems in the past and Captcha spam protection is one of the widely used spam protection systems for the WordPress users. We are not saying that Captcha doesn't work at all, but it is not user-friendly which majorly annoys your users most of the time.

You must have seen those annoying Captcha in the comment form, registration forms as well as in the checkout process while purchasing something online. Since a large section of the users doesn't like the Captcha you may end up losing business and sales.

So, it is your duty to ensure that your users are happy with the system you use by making it as simple as possible without compromising the security of your site.

In this post, we will discuss a plugin called WPBruiser which is a promising no-Captcha anti-spam WordPress plugin that can offer you complete protection from spam. This plugin comes with free as well as pro version. We will look at the pro version in detail as it offers end-to-end spam protection for your WordPress site.

WPBruiser Plugin Overview

In a way, this plugin will work on autopilot. Once you install the plugin, it will start working and you will never have to connect to any system outside. It will be visible to your users in any away. You just have to activate the plugin and go through the settings once to set everything as per your requirement.  That's it.

Generally, if you use the default comment system of WordPress or you allow users to register using the WordPress login and registration page, you will be bugged with the number of spam comments. This will not only increase your work but can permanently harm your site in the long run.

If you use WPBruiser plugin, it will keep working behind the scene and make sure that your site is spam free and well-secured. This plugin can protect your login form, registration form, comment section as well as it can protect your site from the brute force attacks.

Quick Turnaround Time

WPBruiser promises a superb turnaround time in terms of preventing spam from your WordPress installation. Unlike many other anti-spam plugins who first identifies the spam and then suggests you precaution, this plugin prevents the spam at the gate and doesn't allow it to enter your site. This gives you super fast service and a spam-free environment.

As already mentioned, WPBruiser plugin doesn't depend on any third party service because it is a complete system in itself which makes the process even quicker.

How to Get Started?

This plugin is super easy to get started with, you can download the free version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory If you want enhanced protection for a minimal amount of $14 you can download the pro version from the Codecanyon Marketplace here.

Once you activate the plugin, you will get the option for this plugin in your WordPress admin panel where you can set up the plugin as per your requirement.

The settings tab includes the timeline for storing the data. Before it flashes out and renew the system, you can disable protection for the logged in users here.

WPBruiser Plugin Settings

The second tab which is the security tab includes the option to block IP addresses. You can set the system to automatically block IP addresses that are brute-forcing your system.

WPBruiser Security settings

The WordPress tab includes the options to enable the sections of your site which you want this anti-spam plugin to protect. It also includes the enhanced protection option for the comment section of your site.

WPBruiser WordPress anti-spam

The next option that is the contact form tab. This tab includes the option of all the popular form plugins.  You can select the one you are using for your site.

WPBruiser Contact From

Now, there are a number of users who uses WordPress platform to create a membership site and they enable login and registration for the users. So, the membership tab offers you an option to protect the login and registration forms on your membership site.

WPBruiser Membership Protection

The compatibility with the popular eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, AffiliateWP is another highlight of this plugin. You can secure your online shopping business with this plugin along with other sections of the site.

WPBruiser eCommerce support

The other tab includes the options to protect your email subscription forms which are also important to make your system spam free.

Detailed Reporting

The statistics are really important for any system you use, otherwise, you will never understand the effectiveness of the tool you are using. WPBruiser plugin offers you a detailed report about all the security detail of your site right on your WordPress dashboard.

The system will update you about all the details related to the attempts to penetrate your site along with the detailed IP address.  The system will block that IP and you will see the reason for this block in the report.

WPBruiser Reporting

Important Features of WPBruiser

The list of feature is long for this plugin, let's have a look at some of the important features offered by this anti-spam plugin.

  • Offers protection for all the sections that can be used to penetrate your site.
  • Enhanced protection for the comment section.
  • Option to manually whitelist trusted IP addresses.
  • Option to block form submissions by Country.
  • Ability to Disable XML-RPC Pingbacks
  • Ability to Completely Disable XML-RPC service to prevent DDoS Attacks.
  • Ability to automatically detects Brute Force and DDoS attacks.
  • Detailed statistics
  • Compatibility with all the popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress etc.

Final Word

I like the self-sufficient nature of the WPBruiser plugin, once you install and setup the plugin you don't have much to do. Security of your site is extremely important and this plugin offers you end-to-end support to protect your site from spam.

Though you can use the free version of the plugin, I would recommend you to go for the pro version because $14 is a very minimal amount when it comes to the security of your site.

Please Note: The features included in the pro version of the plugin are also available as extensions in the home site for affordable price. Check the WPBruiser Extensions here.

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WPBruiser Plugin Review: No-Captcha Anti-Spam Plugin
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