WP Table Manager Plugin: Create Beautiful Modern Tables

Tables are very important part of any websites these days, no matter you run a product related website or a simple blog, the tables will help you to display your analysis in a very disciplined manner.

Especially, if you publish research related content regularly, the tables can be extremely important and useful tool for you because it will make your research content very professional and make it easier for the users to understand your research materials easily. Also, in the product review kind of articles, the tables can play a very important role.

In fact, if you present your content in a table format, it makes really easy for the users to go through your content and understand it easily. We have written about the best WordPress plugins to create tables and the best pricing table plugins already where you will find the some of the best tools related to tables.

Though you can create tables with HTML and style it according to your need, it’s not possible for everyone to code and it is time-consuming. Also, all WordPress users are not comfortable with coding as a huge section of WordPress users use the platform to write their blog articles and have never learned to code.

In this post, we will discuss WP Table Manager plugin which is one of the most comprehensive and modern plugins that will help you to create stunning tables without writing a single line of code.

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WP Table Manager Plugin Overview

WP Table Manager is created by JoomUnited who creates products for WordPress as well as Joomla platform. They create products which are really easy for the users to use and they don’t have to write any code to get the maximum result.

WP Table Manager plugin is no different, it offers you full spreadsheet interface to manage table which is as easy as creating an excel report. This plugin comes with some beautiful themes which you can select according to your need and get started immediately.

WP Table Manager plugin, you can create a variety of different tables which will fit into your site perfectly. You can easily create, edit the tables and incorporate them into your pages and post with just a click.

wp table manager

How to Use WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager is really easy to use and a complete newbie can also understand the plugin and make the best use of it. Once you activate the plugin, you will see a new option in your WordPress admin dashboard as “Table Manager” which you can use to design the tables for your site.

Table Manager Plugin

The plugin comes with an advanced and user-friendly interface, You can select the kind of table you need and get started. In the main area you will have the table data and in the right sidebar, you have the options to create your table.

To Create a new table, go to the “Table Manager” option in the dashboard and select new table option. As you select the new table, you will offer you a blank table page where you can fill in your data and create your table.

In the right corner of the Table Manager interface, you have three options called Table, Format, and More. The Table contains the ready to be used table themes which you can select and start editing with your own data.

Table Themes

After selecting the theme for your table, just double click on the cells you want to edit and place your own content. As you click on the cells to edit, you will get the complete editor which is like the normal WordPress editor with all the tools.

Edit Table

Also, in the right sidebar, you have complete formatting options. You can change the background color to match the color of your site, you have the option to select the border style of the table so that the output looks great.

Table Format

If you look at the options available under “Table” you have some interesting and really useful and interesting options. Here you can define the alignment of the text, you can freeze the row or column if you wish to, that will make it even easier for your users to go through your data.

Table Options

Creating Charts

WP Table Manager plugin offers you a very easy option to create charts to showcase your analysis in style. You can simply select the data with which you want to create the chart and select the chart type from the right side and you will be presented with the beautiful chart for your data instantly.

Create Chart

Final Word

WP Table Manager plugin is created with the newbie users in mind, the plugin interface is extremely simple and easy to understand. Within a minute, you can select the table type and be ready with your new table.

Once you are ready with your table you will get the shortcode under the “More” which you can copy and paste anywhere you want. In fact, the plugin makes it even easier for you to incorporate the tables in your pages and post by offering it an option to select the table and place it in the post right in the post editor section.

The themes offered by the plugin are extremely modern and good looking. Currently, you have six different options to select from and all are created for different kind of  table types. Overall, it is one of the best WordPress plugins to create table and charts, you have a number of really useful options to play around.

Download WP Table Manager

WP Table Manager Plugin: Create Beautiful Modern Tables
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