WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review

If you are running an online business, the security of your site is the biggest concern because if you don’t take security seriously you site may get compromised. So, you must take all possible steps to protect your business.

Starting from the kind of hosting you use for your site, the theme you use, the plugins you use and all other tools has to be good quality and coding standard so that you don’t open any gate for the bad guys to enter your system.

Now, when we talk about protecting your site; a proactive action is always recommended. You must know what’s going on and if in case you find any possible issue, you must fix that immediately. The WP Security Audit Log Plugin is a tool that you help you to take proactive action as far as security of your site is concerned.

This is a free security plugin for WordPress that works with the multisite setup as well and it will help you to get the details of all possible security issues on your site to help you fix theme before they become an issue for you.

WP Security Audit Log Plugin keeps a log of everything happening in your WordPress or multisite setup. So, it’s a very useful friendly for any webmaster who uses WordPress as their platform.

WP Security Audit Log Plugin Overview

Before we start looking at the plugin in detail. We have arranged for a 15% discount for the premium extensions of this plugin, you can use the coupon code SOURCEWP15 to get the discount. You can get the details of optional extensions below in this post.

WP Security Audit Log Plugin keeps a track of all kinds of suspicious activities on your site so that you are always informed. Few of the important activities that can be handled by the plugin are

  • The change of role, password or other profile settings of another user
  • Details of new user registration.
  • Users added on a multisite network.
  • Details of password change and uploaded files.
  • Details of plugin activation, deactivation etc.
  • If any changes are done on any of the existing posts.
  • Any modification in a category, post, pages or custom post types.
  • Failed login attempts.
  • Modification of widgets.

The plugin can handle the security details of a multi-user blog or a WordPress site with a multisite network. In fact, when you are using a multisite network or a blog that is handled by many users the security logs becomes even more important and this plugin will keep a track of every small change done by the users.

  • It takes the users login and logout time.
  • The details of  changes done in the categories.
  • Track of users who created a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Track of users who published a blog post, page or a custom post
  • Details of the files uploaded or deleted by the users.

Plugin Installation & Setup

WP Security Audit Log is a free WordPress plugin which you can download from the WordPress plugin repository or you can just find the plugin from the Plugins > Add New option on your WordPress site admin and install it.

Once you activate the plugin, you will have the settings panel for the plugin on your WordPress dashboard. There is an option to enable and disable alerts and you can manage almost everything from the control panel.

WP Security Audit Log settings

Under general settings tab, you have the option to choose a duration to clean up the system. You can set the time and according to that the system will flush the old alerts. You also have the maximum number option to keep alert.

You can also set the alert log details, the kind of data you want in the alert log.

Plugin Settings

The exclude tab gives you the option to filter your tracking and exclude any of the users from tracking. You can select any user, by user role and you can even exclude specific IP addresses from tracking.

This feature gives you the option to exclude the admin or your core team members from tracking so that you can focus on the data that are more important.

Audit log settings

User Activity log

You can go through the user activity log data in a nice simple interface and can view the entire activity so that you can easily track any of the suspicious activity on your site when you have a number of daily users.

User activity log

Similarly, you can go through the user account related changes data, blog post changes log, page changes log etc. The plugin can nicely keep a detailed track of your custom post types, the plugins you use, the theme related changes as well as core WordPress setup changes.

Security Alerts for Multisite Setup

By default, super administrators of the WordPress multisite network installation can access all the WordPress security alerts of all sites on the network so that everything is set properly and the webmaster is well aware of all the changes happening in the network.

The super admin of the site can select any of the sites from the network and go through the audit log. It comes with a very simple and easy to use interface, just select the site you want to audit from the drop down menu and get started.


Also, the super admin of the network can select any of the other users and give theme the privilege to have access to the audit log. Generally, when you have employees to handle things on your behalf, this feature will be very handy.

Premium Extensions for WP Security Audit

Email Notifications for WP Security Audit Log

A very useful add-on for the plugin because it is not feasible to keep an eye on the audit logs all the time. With this extension, you can set the rule to receive an email for specific things happening on your WordPress site.

This extension is very simple and easy to setup, you can set the trigger according to your requirement. You can add up to 5 different triggers for different activities and you also have the option to add them together in the system.


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External DB for WP Security Audit Log

With this extension, you can save the data of the audit trail in a separate database altogether, so that when the size of the audit database increases it doesn’t affect the performance of your site. Also, the possibility of tampering with the audit log will decrease to a great extent.


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Search for WP Security Audit Log

Now, if you want to go through a specific audit log or a specific user, you may have to go through thousands of audit logs depending the amount of data you have. But with this search extension, the process becomes a lot easier as it will help you to quickly find any audit log or an activity of a specific user.

You have the option to search by username, IP or with a date range.


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User Activity Reports

When you are using a system to track the activity on your site, it will never be complete if you can’t generate a report from the data. With this extension, you will be able to generate the report whenever you need to make sure that everything is on your fingertips. Also, the post will help you if the data is required for any kind of compliance issues.


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If you are serious about your online business, a security plugin is a must have. And this free security audit log plugin is good enough to keep you well aware of your WordPress based site. Especially if you are managing a multi-user business, this plugin can be extremely handy in managing your security related issues.

The developer of the plugin is really active in handing things related to the plugin and it is getting updated regularly. So, you can go ahead and install the plugin and as mentioned about the plugin comes with some really useful add-ons that you can use on your site.

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WP Security Audit Log Plugin Review
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