WordPress WP-Optimize Plugin: A Database Cleanup Tool

While using a WordPress, there is often a possibility that there is some hidden or unwanted data at the back, that could be responsible for slowing down your website. This reason is enough to malfunction the user experience, so you must take a look at this. Now, WP-Optimize is a plugin which comes across to my mind to recover you from all these hassles.

WP Optimize

WP-Optimize WordPress Plugin

WP-Optimize, as the name suggests, does all the required tasks for boosting speed and cutting the crap from your database. It has a wide variety of features which help you easily optimize your blog, you can schedule for the auto cleanup, get an idea about how much space could be saved and lot more.

Here below are some more effective tasks that you could get done with this WP-Optimize plugin:

Detailed Database Table

Before you start removing useless content from the blog, you must check where it is needed the most and this WP-Optimize plugin is able to fetch you every possible detail about where your space can be saved. It offers a detailed database table with the size and total space saved, so that you can just spend time over useful things.


Scheduled Cleaning

The best feature which I found in WP-Optimize plugin is the possibility of scheduled cleaning.  You can select any duration from 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks to automatically start the optimization of your blog. You can even set it in 7, 14 and 31 days as well and it’ll be sorting the data from the topics you’ve selected like post revisions, drafts and others.

Wide Optimization Options

When we start to sort out data from the store, we might miss something which has to be removed, but this is not the case with this WP-Optimize plugin. The areas covered by it are as follows:

  • Post Revisions and auto draft posts.
  • Unapproved and Spam Comments.
  • Pingbacks, trackbacks and orphaned postmeta.
  • Akismet and stale metadata from comments with transient option as well.

Now, can you think of anything that has been left behind? I bet you can’t!

Benefits of WP-Optimize Tool

There certainly are many benefits of an optimized blog which I think you can get with the WP-Optimize plugin, and here are a few of them:

  • Better loading speed of your website and hence the user experience.
  • Extra space available all the time for some time-based widgets or plugin
  • Authorization accessible to administrators only.
  • Not required to do it manually because of the handy automated settings.
  • Absolutely free of cost.

Final Verdict

Optimization is needed to be done on a regular basis, if you want to meet keep your blog clean and fast. This WP-Optimize plugin seems very useful to me as it covers most of the places where the useless space is getting utilized and could do the work for you automatically once set according to your scheduled time limit. However, the most effective past is that it’s available for free and I guess there is no harm is using this at least for once.

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WordPress WP-Optimize Plugin: A Database Cleanup Tool
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