WP Meta SEO: A Plugin That Works Wonder

WordPress is a cross-platform, open-source, content management system and also a blogging tool that is free in nature. WP Meta SEO plugin is an advanced SEO plugin giving you the sole authority of dominating the meta images and content.

So, this is an SEO manager that is laden with multiple features that at once makes this attractive and effective. There are a few prime functionalities that lead up to less time consuming and easy results.

The most appreciable quality of this plugin is that it is easy to understand and never deviates from its main aim of providing the best SEO ranking. The dashboard not only contains all the criterions but also analyses those for helping the user.

This WordPress plugin is the fastest in nature, and it changes according to the capability of the user. If a specialist uses this, he/she will find this advanced, and a beginner will find this easy.

You can download the free version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory.


Once you install the plugin, it will present you the current data and SEO status of your site in a beautiful design dashboard to offer a quick video of the stats.

WP Meta SEO dashboard


General Settings

The plugin is quick and easy to get started. The general settings have the options to set the homepage details that will show up in the search engine snippet. It also has the settings for the social profiles; you can set the Twitter card and other details here.

WP Meta SEO Settings


Bulk Edit

Everyone knows how tiresome and time-consuming can the act of editing each data from various posts and websites can be. And if you want to edit metadata of images and content one by one, then it will take a fair long deal of time. And it is in this context, the magic of bulk edit of WP Meta SEO works its charm.

You can edit the entire data in a single function. You just need to let the plugin know your choice of content and image size and then the remaining can be handled by WP Meta itself. It saves all within AJAX. Moreover, the metadata can also be edited by using the live analysis of SEO.



Resize to Correct Size

Many people need to resize images depending on their requirements, and they do so by using certain codes. What they do is resize the HTML least knowing how bad that is for SEO.

This WP plugin understands this problem and hence, enables its users to fix the image size accordingly and saves that in the content. Within the Bulk Editor, you will find the means for this resizing. While OnPage Content checking, you can also use this plugin to check if all the sizes of images are okay or not and if not then how to fix it.

Image Resizing


Google Analytics

The best way to understand the nature, behavior, likes and dislikes of your website visitor is by syncing your Google Analytics account with the WP Meta SEO. This teaming up is an easy process and proves to be immensely helpful. You get to have fresh reports and statistics and also your audience’s preferences, which help you to understand and decide in a better way.

Users traffic, locations, bounce rate, sessions, searches, technologies and other data is visible on the dashboard after this sync. 

Google Analytics Data


Helping in Meta Title and Meta Description

On-page SEO is important for a site to rank organically in search engine results. You need to ensure that the SERP visibility is maximally organized on SEO.

This plugin being the fastest helps to find out the mistakes in no time and also makes the user aware of the ways to fix it. The AJAX way of saving the data makes it more notable, and there will be a score indicator which will help you to fare better.


Sitemaps to Build Visibility

The main purpose of a website is to be seen by the audiences, but when the navigation is complex in nature or the website is too weighty, then the search engines fail to focus on those. WP Meta SEO solves this problem as well.

This plugin helps you to generate your XML and HTML lists of URLs i.e. the sitemaps thereby enabling the audience to choose from a wide array of pages and blog posts belonging to the same website. This means that the chance of getting noticed becomes full proof.



Story of Errors

While searching, we all come across certain pages that show ‘404 Errors’ and are real mood spoilers. Well, not only these glitches affect the audiences but also the website management systems as redundant non-existent pages still indexed in search but showing 404 clearly increases the work of the administrator to sort them.

WP Meta SEO comes with tools which can get hold of such erroneous pages and the broken links, and can direct and redirect the viewers to pages of their interest. This thereby eases an otherwise improbable task of keeping an eye on all links.

On-Page SEO Analysis

On-page SEO is one of the most important factors that influence the ranking of your post on Google and other search engine results to a great extent. WP Meta SEO plugin offers you details on-page SEO analysis feature so that you can make sure that you have a great SEO score before you publish your post.

You can create your article in a proper way with good quality content, well-optimized keyword position, a quality title for your post, add meta description so that it gets a good SEO score before you publish the article.

WP Meta SEO Page Analysis


3rd Party Plugin Compatibility

WP Meta SEO plugin works perfectly with the other popular plugins like WooCommerce and page builder plugins. If you are managing your online shop, you don’t have to be concerned about the SEO of your site because this SEO plugin will handle everything on the go.

It works with all the other custom post types as smooth as it works with the normal post types.

Import from Yoast SEO

This is another very important feature offered by this plugin, as Yoast is another widely used SEO plugins for WordPress you will need an option to import all the metadata from that plugin so that you don’t have to work on it manually.

Premium Addon

This plugin offers you premium addon to have more features as far as managing your site’s SEO is concerned. The image below will show a quick overview of the features you can expect in the free as well as the premium version.

Premium Addon

On a closing note, WP Meta SEO has proven to be of extreme help to me, and I have been impressed. I wish the same for you!

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WP Meta SEO: A Plugin That Works Wonder
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