WP Form Builder Feedback Survey and Quiz Manager Pro Review

Forms are the integral part of any site that needs to add interactivity and collect user data for analytical reasons. Similarly Quizzes can impart much value to the site functionality. Today, we are going to review one of the best Form Builder cum Feedback Survey cum Quiz Manager WordPress plugin from iPanelThemes.

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manger Pro (FSQM Pro) takes care of all the Feedbacks, Surveys and Quizzes on your site. The quirks of the plugin include unlimited forms that are fully customizable and can go along any custom theme out there.

User Submission can be collected and stored on the database for future analysis, editing and printing purposes. The cool thing about the plugin is that it can showcase the stored data to customers/users if needed.

Getting started with WP Form Builder Feedback Survey plugin

  1. Download the plugin and install it into your blog/site.
  2. Once activated, create the form, quiz or feedback form by using the simple easy drag and drop builder.
  3. Next step include, putting the shortcode inside your page or post using their brand new editor button.
  4. Furthermore, you can view the submissions through email or from the application itself. You can also take a print.
  5. The reports can further be analyzed by a group of analyst or an outsider by putting them on your site.

FSQM Pro is an amazing plugin that incorporates features like File uploading, Conditional logic, Image Slideshow, Embed Rich media and more. The intuitiveness of the workflow is amazing considering that you do not need to know any coding background and still able to perform actions creating beautiful UI forms.

The installation of the plugin is very simple. You need to go to their site and download the plugin and upload the plugin via “add new plugin” tab. Activate it to get started.

The plugin will attach itself to the WP sidebar like a pro.

Let’s dig down all the important features of the backend administration one by one.

The central hub of the plugin is the dashboard. The statistical data is quite amazing and can yield a lot of information for the analyst to ponder and think over. There are two categories of charts used, Latest Submission Statistics and Overall Submission Statistics. Both have their own value and information for the analyst.

The Dashboard also includes the list of last 10 submissions. Clicking View All button will lead you to “View all forms” tab. From here, you can view and modify all the forms that are currently on your site (enabled and disabled both).

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey Plugin

Dashboard also includes the option to generate Embed code for standalone forms. You can either make a new form or already created form, choose their width and height. Three things are generated including Permalink, Short Link and Embed Code. The Dashboard also includes Server status information for advanced users.

You can further export the whole configuration in any of the 4 currently available formats, XLSX, PDF, XLS and HTML. This feature is labeled under “Exported for FSQM Pro”.


Other features worth mentioning

Security is a big concern for anyone on the web and the FSQM pro takes care of it in many ways. It implements a form builder such that file uploaded is heavily secured. It also takes care that none of the stored files gets wiped by a new file that is uploaded.

It achieves the security by generating a nonce every time a new file is uploaded on the site. The files are saved into the “wp-content/upload” directory and thus inherit any security settings applied to that folder.

Spam is also controlled with nonce usage. Captcha is also supported to stop the spam bots to masquerade the site.

Multi Criteria Conditional Logic is what makes this worth plugin a Quiz Manager Pro. Despite of Form Builder and Feedback survey capacity, it manages to apply any initial and conditional state to any of the elements

This way every element can be shown or hidden, complexity depends on the logic applied.

Quiz Features

“Quiz Manager Pro” reflects a lot of the capacity of the plugin. It supports Quiz forms with full support to maintain score and generate certificate through Exporter add-on.

Form Theme and Customization

24 Themes are supported by FSQM pro. The themes are further customizable giving more diverse creative forms a chance to come into life.  The customization options like fonts and their sizes are present; for advanced users who know CSS can give rise to more beautiful forms.

Form Theme

Awesome Form Elements

The building blocks of any form are form elements and the form builder has over 35 form elements to offer. All the form elements can be dragged and dropped on the form builder.

3 sections are provided within the Form Builder helping you to customize. The three sections are Form Settings section (customize settings), Form Elements (add container and start adding elements) and Form layout.

Analysis and Data Storage

Data can be a source of unexpected results and can lead to unseen horizons. Lot of data is stored into the database and is readily available for further analysis. Furthermore, reports can be generated so that you can have better view of what is happening.

Many other features like Color Schemes, Standalone Form, Sample Quiz, User Portal, Sample Trends and Trackback are supported by FSQM Pro.


WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro or FSQM pro is the best Form Builder cum Feedback Survey cum Quiz Manager WordPress plugin. The plugin is buzzing with features and can really make form creation a fun journey.

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WP Form Builder Feedback Survey and Quiz Manager Pro Review
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