WP Event Manager Plugin Review: A Comprehensive Event Plugin

Be it in the bigger cities or the small towns the number of events are increasing with time. These days, you will find so many musical events, parties, social gatherings happening around the city where you can meet new people and have a good time.

Along with the events, the number of event related websites are also increasing. Creating an event site can be a great business model if you are consistent and can have some special offer for your users.

Though there are some big event websites, the space for small niche event sites will always be there. In fact, it can be a great deal business-wise because if you create a niche event site and have good contact with such event organizers, you will be able to offer some discount on the ticket price or any other advantage to your users.

Now if you are looking forward to creating such event site, WordPress is the best platform to get started quickly because WordPress is cost effective, quick, SEO friendly and there are tons of tutorials available to handhold you while creating your site.

First, you need a great domain name for your event business, choose a name that gives an idea about your event niche so that people will come to your site for such events. Next, you need a quality hosting service for your website.

We recommend you to go for Bluehost as it is one of the most widely used and recommended hosting service for WordPress sites. Also, you will get the domain name free with the hosting package that will save you around $15 for the domain name.

In this post, we will discuss WP Event Manager plugin which works perfectly with any theme. So, you can choose the theme that you like and use this event plugin to create your event website quickly.

Event Manager Plugin Overview

You can find this plugin in the official WordPress plugin repository, that means this plugin is created with all WordPress standards. You can install by using your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > Add new and find WP Event Manager Plugin; you will get the first option that you need to install.

WP Event Manager


Once the plugin is activated, you can run through the plugin settings and set it up according to your need. The settings are easy and quick to get started with, just select the options in the settings page and your event site is ready within a couple of minutes.

General Settings option

Event Settings


Event Submission Settings

In the event submission settings, you can define if you wish to allow your users to submit events on your site or you keep the rights only to admin. This plugin gives you an option to allow your users to submit their events from the front-end of the site.

You can allow your users to create an account on the site and let theme do self-service, you can define their default role in the site to make things smooth.

Event Submission Settings

Page Settings

In the page settings section, you can define the pages for respective activity such as the dashboard, event listing page, submission page, etc. You can create these pages and place the shortcodes offered by the plugin. For example, you can place the [submit_event_form] code in the event submission form page.

Event pages

As you create the page and place the shortcode, it will create the event submission form that you can use in the front-end of the site to make it easy for your users to submit events on your site. You can have a look at the detailed submission form on the demo site here. The image below shows a few section of the form; it comes with many other event settings which you can define according to your event type.

The image below shows a few section of the form; it comes with many other event settings which you can define according to your event type.

Submit event


Front-end View of Events

The front-end view of the event page looks very neat and elegant. There are different filter option to search the best events in your locality make it easy for the users to go through all the events quickly.

Events Page


Single Event page

The single event pages are also quite detailed. It shows the Google Map so that the user can find the location of the event easily; it shows the detailed description of the event, ticket information, etc.

Single Event Page

Event Widgets

Wp Event Manager plugin comes with some important and useful event listing widgets. You can use these widgets in any of the widget section of your site such as the sidebar to show different events on your site.

Recent Event Widget

The recent event widget shows the recently added events on the site; you can use this widget in the sidebar so that your users can easily find the other events listed on the site quickly increasing the engagement on your site.


In the settings, you can choose recent events and set the number of events that you wish to show in the site to make sure that you have control over the number of listings.



Front-End of Widget


Similarly, you have the widget for upcoming events as well as featured events to show. These Widgets will help you to bring more traffic to the premium events listed on your site so that you can increase the revenue from your event site.

Event Shortcodes

WP Event Manager plugin handles most of the event details, pages, and all other tings through shortcodes. So, the parameters are already defined in the shortcodes making it easy for your users just to place a code in the page and get the ready to be used pages with all the defined parameters for different actions.

It offers the following shortcodes

  1. Event Submission Form
  2. The Event Listing
  3. The Single Event Listing
  4. The Event Dashboard
  5. The Event Summary

All these shortcodes are further classified according to the requirement of different actions.

For example, let's have a look at the Event Dashboard section. In the Event Dashboard section, you will have the details of all the events listed on your site which you can quickly edit, delete, check the view stats, etc.



Premium Add-Ons

WP Event Manager plugin is a free WordPress plugin that you can download from the WP Event Manager Plugin site here or the official WordPress plugin directory. However, the plugin comes with some premium add-ons; I would recommend you to have a look at the add-ons and use those on your site in case you want to make a comprehensive event business site.

Some of the premium add-ons offered by the plugin are:

  1. Registrations
  2. Sell Tickets
  3. Calendar
  4. Google Map Manager
  5. Event Attendee Information
  6. Embeddable Event Widget
  8. Event Alerts
  9. Event Sliders
  10. Event Tags

There are few other add-ons that you can use to make your event site comprehensive.

Support & Documentation

WP Event Manager is one of the most comprehensive plugins for event websites. This plugin comes with detailed documentation to guide you at every step; you can find all the documentation regarding how to get started with the plugin and set it up for complete benefit in their plugin documentation section.

They have FAQ section and detailed tutories to help users to make most out of this amazing plugin.


Final Word

Though there are some WordPress event themes that you can use to create your event site, a plugin brings you flexibility because once you use a theme and set your site properly, you get stuck to the theme; you can't do much regarding design.

This plugin can be used with any WordPress theme, so you will have the choice to change your theme and bring in a different feel to your site whenever you wish to, and it will help you to move ahead with time, and the design of websites keeps on changing with time.

WP Event Manager plugin is a relatively new option in the market, so a lot of new things you can expect in the time to come. It has great support and flexibility to set up your event site according to your need.

WP Event Manager Plugin Review: A Comprehensive Event Plugin
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