7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Developers

WordPress has been a blessing for both normal users as well as developers, there are tons of amazing tools which helps the developers to build their products.

If you are a developer and want to create your own WordPress theme or plugin, you can use the available tools to speed up your development.

If you are looking forward to create your own WordPress theme, you can use these starter WordPress themes which will provide you the base and the foundation to build up your theme structure.

There are number of WordPress plugins which can helps the developers to reduce their manual work and increase their productivity.

These plugins can help them to plan and manage their tasks so that they can focus on adding other important functionality to their products.

In this article we have collected a few such useful WordPress plugins for developers which they can use to increase efficiency and enrich the community with other useful products.

Plugins for Web Developers

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

An attractive music player for WordPress, it will let you insert a a single audio track or a full playlist to your WordPress site using shortcode. You can customize the color of the music player to make it blend with your theme color.

You can also customize the view of the entire system with rating, album cover art, download link etc. And the best part is that, it will work perfectly on all modern devices.

If you go for the pro version of the plugin , it will offers you drag n drop playlist manager so you can reorder tracks as well as fully responsive interface so that you can make it a part of modern responsive themes.

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HTML5 jQuery Audio Player


It's a simple but very powerful and useful plugin for developers, this plugin will help you to keep a track of all required tools and plugins.

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Developer Plugin

Theme Check

Theme Check is a must have plugin for all theme developers, it provides you easy way to test your theme to make sure if it is up-to-date with the latest theme standards.

With this plugin you can run automated test that WordPress.org uses for theme submissions.

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Theme Check Plugin

Debug Bar

Another very important WordPress plugin for developers, this plugin adds a new menu item called Debug which is very handy and you can use this while developing your resource.

You can use this new menu item to get information like total query, total query time, cache, and other helpful debugging information. Also when you enable  WP_DEBUG is it helps you to tracks PHP Warnings and Notices to make them easier to find.

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Debug Bar Plugin

WordPress Reset

WordPress Reset plugin helps you to get back to the square one, this plugin resets the WordPress database back to it's defaults.

It deletes all customizations you have done and the content. But it doesn't affect the files which has uploaded previously. Sounds like an interesting and essential plugin specially for developers while testing all the parameters.

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WordPress Reset Plugin

Query Monitor

Another important and useful plugin for WordPress developers, it helps to debug queries by making it easy to find the issue. This plugin notifies you about slow queries and queries with errors, you also have number of options to filter queries.

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Query Monitor Plugin

WP Editor

WP Editor provides you a rich file editor environment by replacing the default plugin and theme editors as well as the page/post editor.

It integrates with CodeMirror and FancyBox to help you edit files easily, it brings in line numbers and line wrapping to help find codes and edit easily.

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WP Editor

7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Developers
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