25 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins 2017

A collection of best WordPress mega menu plugins to help you enhance your default WordPress menu and make it professional and user-friendly.

The menu is one of the most important section of any website, it’s the starting point for your users, and it is a very essential for the search engines as well.

Though WordPress comes with its section and settings to help you create a menu, there are some WordPress menu plugins which can help you to enhance the menu to a huge extent.

Here, in this post, we will talk about some amazing WordPress mega menu plugins which will take your site to a next level altogether.

These mega menu plugins are good enough to provide any normal menu of any normal site a very professional look and design.

Also, a quality WordPress mega menu plugin helps you to display all the important posts right in the menu section with custom links or with the featured image.

Popular websites like Mashable is using the mega menu features and many years now, and it looks stunning. If you visit the popular blogs, you will find the menu section is created with great detail to make sure that the users have a great experience.

So, let’s check the top WordPress mega menu plugins without wasting time.

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Top WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu from MyThemeShop is another extremely effective and beautiful WordPress mega menu plugin. It offers tons of options to choose from, and the ability to show categories, sub-categories, and posts, WP Mega Menu is a must have plugins that also boosts SEO and user engagement.

It comes with light and dark skins as well as you can set your color scheme to make it perfect for your site.

WP Mega Menu

 Demo PluginDownload Plugin


UberMenu: WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is my top selection in this list of WordPress mega menu plugins. It’s a quality WordPress plugin with tons of amazing features and options; it brings in some possibilities to your site menu. This fully responsive mega menu plugin offers you options to select background option, font color, font size, etc.

UberMenu is highly customizable and comes with powerful plugin admin dashboard where you can control all the options. It also offers you a different type of menu options to choose from.

It comes with advanced sub menu layouts like

  • Built-in responsive grid
  • Individually configure the width of each column, or set a default for each submenu
  • Columns wrapper to group multiple items
  • Row items allow centering of sub menu contents
  • Set background images for each submenu
  • Optional scrollable sub menus for extended content

Overall, a very powerful mega menu and if you are looking for one for your site, UberMenu s highly recommended.


Demo PluginDownload Plugin

WP Mega Menu Pro

A comprehensive mega menu plugin with some amazing features which will take your site to the next level. This plugin offers you vertical as well as horizontal mega menu options as per your requirement.

It comes with a wedgetized mega menu with drag-and-drop menu builder to make the process easier for you. You can create great looking tabbed mega menu with this plugin and make sure that your users find it interesting.

With this plugin, you can create single as well as group wise mega menu and make sure that you can assign multiple menu items to a group. This plugin comes with 14 different readily available beautifully designed menu templates to choose from.

You can style the menu and play around with the color combination of the menu to make sure that it matches with other parts of your theme. This plugin offers you over 100 different customization options to make sure that you can fine tune it to make it perfect as per your requirement.

WP Mega Menu Pro Plugin

Mega Main Menu

Another very popular and widely used WordPress mega menu plugin, Mega Main Menu is simple yet very professional and useful.

It provides you 10+ options to design your drop down menu; you can place a different kind of content in the drop down like a link, image, widget, etc.

It offers you unlimited color options as well as 600+ Google font options.


Demo PluginDownload Plugin


WP-Sticky Menu

A very simple and responsive mega menu plugin for WordPress, you can create a very flexible sticky menu with this plugin. It comes 30+ different styles, different position to fit in the menu.


 Demo PluginDownload Plugin

Flexible Mega Menu

Flexible Mega Menu is a responsive mega menu WordPress plugin that will enhance the overall look and feel of your menu section. This plugin offers you over 300 different ready to be used styling options to that you can make it perfect.

You can create a sticky menu with this plugin that will stick to the header while the user scrolls down the page. You have the option to select menu icon or image to increase the overall experience of the menu section.

Flexible Mega Menu plugin

 Demo PluginDownload Plugin



Liquida Mega Menu is another comprehensive modern mega menu plugin for WordPress. This plugin is a great option for both general user as well as developers, and if you are a theme developer, you get an easy option to integrate the plugin seamlessly with your new design.

This mega menu plugin brings in high flexibility and helps you create a modern menu as per your requirement. You get some placement options, horizontal and vertical layouts for your menu, a sticky menu on the scroll.

You can integrate any widget in the menu section if your need, you have options to use Google fonts, support for Font Awesome icons. And if you use this plugin in an online shopping site you can integrate WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart in the menu.

Liquida Mega Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin

Sky Mega Menu

A very professional WordPress mega menu plugin, it comes with three mobile versions, different positions, nine beautiful color schemes, commonly used forms, grid system and much more. It also offers beautiful Grid System and 361 Vector Icons.


Demo PluginDownload Plugin

NOO Menu

This list of WordPress mega menu plugin will be incomplete without this amazing mega menu plugin. NOO Menu is highly customizable WordPress menu plugin which offers tons of amazing options to help you create a very professional mega menu for your site.

NOO Mega Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Suppa Menu

Suppa menu is another very powerful WordPress mega menu plugin; it offers some layout and menu options to choose from. This mega menu plugin offers more than 300 different menu style options, 600+ Google fonts, nine sub-menus and some other options.

Suppamenu plugin

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

Another superb mega menu plugin, it provides you some menu patterns and content style. You can show general links, thumbnail or even a contact form and Google map right in the menu section.

The plugin comes with six different color styles which you can extend by applying your CSS style. Overall a very professional menu plugin.

PBK Mega Menu Plugin

 Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Hero Menu – Responsive WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Hero Menu is another highly customizable WordPress mega menu plugin which you can use on your site to create modern menu section.

This mega menu plugin offers some menu styles to choose from, you can show posts with thumbnails, or you can simply show items with crisp icons. It’s a very easy to use the plugin, and you can add posts, pages, categories, custom links to your menu.

This is a fully responsive menu plugin that means your menu will look great even on small screen devices maintaining the professional feel of your site.

Hero mega menu plugin

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


MDF Mega Menu

An extremely good looking and easy to use menu plugin for WordPress. This plugin is based on Twitter Bootstrap and very flexible to make sure that you can set the menu according to your need.

You can customize the menu by using the friendly interface that mainly depends on WordPress’s native editor. You have the option to create a mega menu with a different width to make it perfectly fit into your site.

You have the option to have different content types on your menu depending on your website type. You have the option to use animation for your mega menu; you have 20 different options available for that.

Mega Menu Plugin

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Superfly — Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

Fly menus are the latest trend in the web design arena, and they look quite amazing. Fly menu stay in the corner of your site and when you click the menu comes up pushing the content to one side.

Superfly is one such fly menu plugin, and it is impressive regarding design and performance.


 Demo PluginDownload Plugin

Toggle Menu

With the rise of mobile devices, the toggle menus have become important. It’s a very simple, clean and easy to use a plugin that will help you to create a minimal toggle menu which will be useful to your users and offer a distraction free experience to your visitors.

Toggle Menu

 Demo PluginDownload Plugin


WP Floating Menu Pro

This is a powerful modern menu plugin for WordPress that offers you a super flexible menu option. If you want to create a one-page menu for your single page site, here is the menu plugin you need. This plugin offers you seven different menu positions with 15 different pre-built menu templates to choose from.

Also, the plugin comes with easy and powerful customization possibilities, you have custom layout design options and various possibilities to make sure that your menu looks great and it is useful to your users.

With this plugin, you can create great looking sticky navigation menu which will make it super easy for your users to access your content and it will make your site look modern and beautiful. You can create an unlimited number of menus for your site with this plugin.

WP Floating Menu Pro

 Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Mega Menu by WooRockets.com (Free)

WR Mega Menu is a Powerful, Responsive, and User-Oriented WordPress menu plugin with a Dedicated, Intuitive menu builder.

It gives you a complete control at designing and customizing your menu exactly the way you want. It’s a fully responsive free mega menu plugin for WordPress

Mega Menu by WooRockets

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Flexi Menu WordPress Plugin

Another nice option to create a flexible menu item for your site. Flexi Menu Includes 5 Different Fully Customizable Menu Types like Flyout Menu, WideMenu, WideMenu + Descriptions, WideMenu + Images, Vertical Menu.

Flexi Menu Plugin

Demo PluginDownload Plugin

Max Mega Menu (Free)

Another superb free WordPress mega menu plugin, Max Mega menu offers drag and drop widget editor, menu icons, modern styling and lots of other options.

With this plugin, you can create traditional fly out as well as mega menu style menu for your site. It also gives you to style the transition of the menu items; you can make them slide, fade as you move on.

Max Mega Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin

WP Mega Menu Free

If you are looking for a quality free mega menu option, here is the plugin you need. You get all the premium quality features for free in this plugin, and the support team will always be there in case you need any help.

This plugin offers you drag and drop menu builder which will help you to create a great looking menu quickly for your site and make it look beautiful. You have the option to put widgets on the menu to make it even more beautiful.

You have Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, option to put a search bar in the menu, social icons, menu background option and a lot more.

WP Mega Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Side – WordPress Responsive Menu

If you want to create a minimal and distraction free website that your users can access and read your content without any external or unnecessary elements, this menu plugin will help you to even simplify the navigation section for your site.

This side menu is simple yet extremely powerful when you click on the side menu icon the menu items will slide in and show you all the menu options available and they will disappear when you don’t need them.

This plugin offers you a super clean design, CSS3 Transitions, Fixed Navigation, Shortcode, Google Fonts and a lot more.

Side WordPress Responsive Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Path style menu

A different kind of menu for WordPress, when a user presses or clicks the main menu button the individual menu icons expand and place themselves around the main button forming an arc, a circle, line up horizontally or vertically.

It’s a beautiful looking menu style for WordPress site which can amaze your users with a different look and feel of your menu. The menu icons can be customized quite easily, just browse to the media gallery, select an image, adjust the size as per your requirement and you are done.

Path Style Menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin



Morph is easy to use highly customizable fly-out WordPress plugin that will make your site look extremely modern and elegant. It works perfectly on any device be it desktop, mobile or tab and if you want to can restrict it to a single device as per your requirement.

Morph is user-friendly, and you can customize the look and feel of the menu as per your requirement, you will have full control over each element of your menu.

It comes with a built-in menu builder which you can use to create your menu as per your need. You can have a primary, multi-level accordion menu as well as a secondary menu. You can also add header background image or pattern to spice up the whole design.

morph menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin



Tactile is a WordPress menu and header customizer that will help you to create a great looking mobile menu with fully featured modern header style.

It’s a highly customizable design that will make your menu look great; you can have full control over each element of the tool and set your color scheme to fit your requirement.

tactile menu

Demo PluginDownload Plugin


Look and feel of a site is extremely important these days because if your site doesn’t look professional, your visitors will not take your content seriously. And these mega menu plugins will instantly take your site to a new level altogether.

25 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins 2017
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  • UberMenu should work perfectly with Genesis framework.

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    I’m a bit late to this and will be using whatever I choose w a Genesis child theme. I had been LOVING ‘Menu Image’ by Alex Davyskiba aka Zviryatko, but I just noticed that it is no longer on the WP plugin list. I need to add images, not icons to the menu text and it seems not too complicated to add that. Ideas?

  • Jason Milburn

    Thanks for the article! Do you know if any of these plug-ins have the ability to hide the menu until the user clicks to reveal it? (similar to http://www.qdoba.com)

  • Any of the toggle menu will work that way

  • HI does anyone know the best menu/navigation plugin to use on the OptimizePress theme?

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    StarsMenu is a powerful, advanced, user-friendly and absolutely responsive Plugin which is designed for WordPress. By using this Plugin, you can automatically convert your menu(s) to a modern and attractive hamburger shaped menu. This Plugin allows you to add an interesting responsive mobile navigation menu to your website which is similar to popular and native menus of Mobile Applications. …

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    I have not used the Sydney theme personally, so difficult to comment. But that’s a nice design and all these plugins should work perfectly with that theme.

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