30+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Customer Support

A quality live chat plugin can take your online business really far. It's extremely important for any online venture to have an easy to use feedback and contact system so that user can easily get in touch with you.

If you sell any product or provide any service, it becomes even more important to have a live chat system on your site because if your customers are not able to contact you easily to get their issues resolved then your business could be in trouble.

The satisfaction of client is the key to success for any business. And a live chat system can do wonders because users can contact and put across their thoughts instantly.

It's a great idea to keep your users engaged so that they are always in touch with you because that will help you to promote your products which will get released in the future.

You can engage your users either through a forum which you create for your site to provide support for your product or services or you can just set up a chat support system for your site.

The best part is, if your business site is on WordPress platform you can easily add customer feedback or instant contact system with a quality WordPress plugin. In this post, we will discuss some of the best live chat plugins for WordPress.

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Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

A simple and quality premium plugin for WordPress, you can use this plugin on unlimited websites without any restrictions. Sometimes you will need more than one of your users to be in the same chat and discuss things together, with this chat plugin you can handle multiple users in the same chat easily.

You can create your own operators as per your requirement and for your analysis purpose, you can have the chat logs to understand how you need to improve your customer support and your business.


WordPress Live Chat Plugin

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nChat – WordPress Live Chat Plugin

It's a beautiful live chat system with nice and clean user interface, no monthly charges, unlimited operators can use this service simultaneously. It's a modern, fully responsive and retina ready WordPress plugin.

The plugin comes with a number of different themes to choose from, and you can select your design according to your need and make sure that it goes perfectly with your site design. Visitor profile interface, live updates, sound notifications etc a take this plugin to the next level.

nChat WordPress Live Chat Plugin

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Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, it's a very simple live chat plugin for WordPress, it is extremely Easy to Use, Easy to Configure, and Easy to Set Up. This plugin offers you some placement options like you can have the widget in Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right.


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WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Another amazing live chat plugin which is simple yet very effective. You can use the plugin in three different ways, auto, shortcode and as a widget, it offers you a very clean and modern look and feels which will impress your users.

It comes with emoticons and avatars which are an unavoidable part of any chatting system these days. You can also track your visitors and find out the page visited by the user currently that will help you to be proactive with the possible questions.

It comes with new message sound option and you can select from ten different sounds, it supports the mobile phone. There is no hidden cost of this plugin, once you buy it you can use it lifetime for free.

WordPress Live Chat Plug-in

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Awesome Live Chat

A high end live chat plugin that will be part of your website system and you will never need any third party support to manage the chat system effectively. Your visitors will be able to open multiple tabs and they will be able to start the chat from where they left.

Also, your chat system will become an effective contact from when you are not active, so you will never miss any customers query. Another best part is that you will know and understand your customers better with this plugin as it will let you know the location of your customer with the country, flag, and IP.

awesome chat plugin

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ClickDesk Live Support

A free WordPress live chat plugin, it is a fast and high performing plugin with a number of quality features. This plugin allows your visitors to do voice and video chat from your website directly without installing any additional hardware or software which takes the support system to all new level.

Agents can effectively handle the live chats, calls and tickets from agent panel without any hassle, another best part if the mobile for the platform to handle user queries.

WordPress Live Chat Plugin

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Zopim Live Chat

This plugin is exclusively created to enable live chat system on your WordPress site, your online business will never take off without a proper customer support system. And if you are looking for a quality free tool to enable customer support Zopim Live Chat plugin could be the one you need.

This plugin is mobile optimized, that means you will be able to handle your customer's query even through a small screen device effectively. The analytics dashboard of this plugin lets you monitor visitor flow, usage patterns to have a better insight of your business.

Zopim Live Chat Plugin

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Live Chat by OggFlow

Live Chat by OggFlow plugin for WordPress provides you an easy option to add beautiful live chat system to your WordPress blog.

OggFlow lets you handle all of your customer services – live chat, emails, tickets, Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, and Gmail shared folders all from one simple and familiar interface.

Live Chat by OggFlow

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Tidio Live Chat

Another amazing free live chat plugin for WordPress, users don't need to login or signup to start the chat which makes the process really fast. This plugin is super simple and you can get started almost instantly.

You can customize the color of the chat window as per your need to make it match with your site. This plugin offers you dedicated app for mobile and desktop devices (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome).

Tidio Live Chat

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Free Live Support Chat

Another quality live chat plugin which you can use for free, you can use this plugin in unlimited domains, unlimited concurrent chats, SSL encryption and keep chat history and more.

Though it's a free plugin, it does provide you number of quality features like the custom logo, custom color, SSL encryption, typing notifications and lot more.

Free Live Chat Support

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; you Live Chat Support

A feature packed chat system for WordPress, with Casino Live Chat Support, you can handle questions via live chat, email, Twitter, or Facebook directly from your website.

This plugin gives you complete control over the look and feel of live chat button and form, you can manage multiple websites from within Casengo.

The mobile app for the plugin helps you to provide support through the small screen devices as well without any issue or restrictions. The team collaboration feature helps agent to ask for help from the co-worker. Overall a great plugin for providing support to your users.

Casengo Live Chat Support

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Pure Chat – Free Live Chat Plugin

This plugin helps you to have a fully customizable chat system on your WordPress site. The chat app for iOS and Android makes it super simple to keep your users happy irrespective of the device they use.

Pure Chat

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Chat by Flyzoo

Flyzoo is a free chat plugin that is designed for community, online shop, dating sites, online traders and any other kind online business sites where you want to get engaged with your users.

It's a fully featured chat system which provides you to communicate with avatar and your profile details and you can share videos, posts, files etc.

You can also set private chat with this plugin, and as admin, you can track real-time users that will provide you great insight into your online business.

Chat by Flyzoo

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WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is perfect WordPress customer support plugin for small businesses; you don't have to spend a penny to use this plugin. It's an easy to use the plugin, users can drag the widget wherever they like on the page.

You can customize the chat window to make it match with your site. This plugin doesn't insert any “Powered by” links on the live chat window.

WP Live Chat Support

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Live Chat Software by HelpOnClick

If you engage with your visitors, that will help to increase sales of your products or improve your services. Like other plugins in this list, this plugin also helps you to engage with your users directly from your WordPress blog.


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Formilla Live Chat

One of the best WordPress live chat plugins, Formilla Live Chat helps you to get started instantly without any investment. The live chat button will appear on your WordPress site upon activation of this plugin and it's quite easy to use.

Live Chat by Formilla

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Banckle Chat

This plugin provides you a feature rich, reliable, economical and highly customizable live chat platform, for effective communication with visitors. Another useful feature of this plugin is that you can view the technical and demographical information of your visitors.

Banckle Chat

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One of the most powerful live chat plugins listed in this list, Leap is a comprehensive chatting system that works perfectly for any business. It comes with complete chat archives and chats history option so that you can go back in time a some any chat session whenever you want to.

The chat notification system will make sure that you never miss any of the chat session and you will get a desktop and email notification about the new messages. Also, you can add your sound for the notification in admin as well as user side.

You can run multiple numbers of chats simultaneously by adding multiple operators so that you can handle your customers effectively. As far as the design is concerned, you have two options to select from, and it offers you Google Font options select from.

It offers you complete analytics about the conversations and it provides all the important input from the users to the operators so that they can handle the users in a better way.

Leap Live Chat

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Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Another powerful live chat system, this plugin can save the common questions and answers and serve the users accordingly. This plugin allows to have multiple operators chatting at the same time or it's a comprehensive chat system that can really help you to grow your business.

It comes with three different type of notification option, the sound, the text message and the change in color. As far as the design of the chatting system is concerned, you can change the look and feel of the chat system by changing the theme color and text color.


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WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

This plugin gives you an easy option to provide 1-2-1 support to your visitors or customers. It is a very easy to use the plugin and cost effective as there is no monthly fee to use this tool.

Wordpress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

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82 Live Chat

A very effective chat plugin for WordPress, it offers you simple and elegant design, offline messaging feature, multiple chat management and lot more.

82 Live Chat plugin

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Wise Chat

Though it's a free chat plugin, it does offers you all the functionalities that you may need to create a great looking advanced live chat section for your business. The plugin comes with bad work filtering, multiple chat channels, style customization and a number of other options.

It is a fully responsive plugin, so you can use it in the mobile phone as well along with the other bigger screen devices. It comes with three different themes which you can select as per your requirement and make sure that your site looks great with the live chat option.

Another best part is the password protection of the chat channel, many times your needs to provide you personal information which needs to be hidden from other users, so with this private chat option, you can be sure about the privacy protection.

Wise Chat

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When you search for WordPress live chat plugins, you will never come short of options as there are some quality plugins which you can use to support your customers. All the above-mentioned plugins are tried and tested so you can use these on your site without any issue.

30+ Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Customer Support
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