WordPress Firebar Plugin: Highlight Important Information

The WordPress Firebar Plugin is a tool used to notify your visitors about the latest happenings of your website or blog. You can easily use this tool to attract the attention of visitors to an offer, trending post, latest story or a new product as well.

Here are some of its features:

  • Increases user engagement on social media.
  • Can be placed anywhere you want.
  • Customization can be done as per your need.
  • Outdated offers can be removed by setting end date.
  • Many different shortcodes available for making the use easier.

Firebar Plugin

WordPress Firebar Plugin – What Specifically it Does?

One of the most important factor for any website or a blog is to increase the user engagement to make the most use of every visitor. There definitely are many ways to do that for sure, but using WordPress Firebar Plugin could save you both time and effort with maximum result output.

It lures visitors instantly using the notification bar on which you've posted the most attractive talk of your website and hence you'll surely get the enhance visits and clicks.

Here are some of its features in detail:

Notification Display

The notification arrival on your website or blog could be made visible in the text with a URL attached to it or by offering a link button with the notification text while using this WordPress Firebar Plugin. Both these notification can be set on the top of the home page and colors can be added too, to make it visible to the visitors.

Firebar WordPress Plugin

Newsletter and Social Media

This WordPress Firebar Plugin could help you get more user engagement as you can simply ask visitors to subscribe to your website's newsletter by placing a notification bar on the top of every page.

You can also use this Firebar to show the social media buttons as well, including the most famous ones like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and others as well. You can also paste the link of your latest post story in this notification bar.

Customized Options

There are a lot of customized options available with WordPress Firebar plugin which includes placing the bar that can be done anywhere and everywhere on your website. Also, for a time bound offer, you can set the start and end date to make sure that visitors get right information only.

The colors of the notification bar can also be adjusted as per the theme of your blog or website, thus making it not to look odd.

Some More to Discuss

Besides above regular stuff, WordPress Firebar Plugin has many more to discuss too, and below are some of its features:

  • Statistics can be traced of the clicks on your notification bar.
  • Famous E-Mail newsletter services included like FeedBurner and MailChimp.
  • Apart from colors, you can also set size, shape, text parameters and others on your Firebar.
  • The price is very affordable with the tag of US $ 18.

Final Words

WordPress Firebar Plugin could definitely be decisive in increasing the user engagement of your website as you can show all the latest stories with a separate notification on your blog. The features available in it also justifies its already moderate price.

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WordPress Firebar Plugin: Highlight Important Information
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