12 WordPress Clone Themes of Popular Websites

A collection of popular WordPress clone themes for a number of different popular websites, if you are looking forward to creating a site like Buzzfeed or Groupon, you will find the clone themes for those sites here.

There are a number of folks who wants to create a site like other successful sites with popular WordPress clone themes which look like those sites.

Generally, once a user gets used to WordPress platform it's difficult to leave to platform and manage a custom made theme because WordPress brings in a lot of possibilities to the site with the number of plugins available and WordPress tutorials.

So, if you are one of those who search for popular WordPress clone themes,here is the list you need. We have collected some of the best and popular clone themes for WordPress. These themes are similar to the original site in terms of design and layout.

List of Popular WordPress Clone Themes


WPGroupbuy is a Groupon clone theme for WordPress, we have already written a review of this theme. If you are interested in creating a daily deal site like Groupon, this is undoubtedly the best theme for you. It comes with a great design, attractive layout and all the functionalities you need to create a successful site.

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WPGroupbuy theme design


If you are planning to create a site like Pinterest, you will get tons of WordPress themes and other scripts which looks like Pinterest. There are a number of amazing Pinterest style WordPress themes which looks spectacular. However, many of those lack in some or the other features, like many f those provides you a layout like Pinterest but no front end submission.

Pinclone is one of the themes which is  closest to Pinterest in terms of functionality. It provides you easy option to allow user to post content on your site.

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pinclone theme


Want to create a WordPress clone site of Huffington Post? Look at this Newspaper theme form Theme Junkie, it looks similar to Huffington Post and it's powered by Theme Junkie's powerful theme options.

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newspaper WordPress theme


Fundingpress is a crowdfunding WordPress theme like Kickstarter if you want to create a crowd funding site like Kickstarter this is probably the theme you need. It has all the options to create great looking and successful crowd funding site using WordPress platform.

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Fundingpress WordPress Theme

Pricerr Theme

Do you know about the popular micro job site Fiverr? It's a site where you can promote your skills to get more customers and users can find people to do their tasks. And from the site's perspective, it's a great way to generate passive income by creating a marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Pricerr WordPress theme is one of the most popular WordPress clone theme for Fiverr. You can create a similar site using this theme.

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It's an exact copy of popular Freelancer site. However, it can do a similar job for you. Create a freelancers marketplace with this very powerful WordPress site from EngineThemes. It has two sections, one is for the freelancers and one is for those who are looking for freelancers.

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An amazing WordPress theme to create a viral content site from MyThemShop, this theme is created to behave like ViralNova a very popular viral content site. This theme has a clean layout and it's very quick. If you are planning to create a viral content site, SociallyViral is a great theme option.

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sociallyviral wordpress theme


Ultrahumoris a very powerful WordPress clone theme, it's a combination of 4 super popular websites. You can create a site like 9GAG, DamnLOL, Imgur Style and VINE with this single theme. So, get this theme and create your own popular site like these super amazing sites.

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Viral Press is a WordPress clone theme of UpWorthy which is made to increase traffic, reduce bounce rate and most important increase your chances of going viral.

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As the name suggests, it's a WordPress clone theme of popular BuzzFeed. This theme comes with the exact layout like Buzzfeed. So, if you want to create a similar kind of site for viral content or any other niche content get the theme and start right away

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buzzfeed wordpress clone


It's a perfect copy of the popular viral site ViralNova, if you want to create a similar site like ViralNova or any other kind of news magazine site, this theme can be a great design option for you.

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viralnova clone WordPress theme

12 WordPress Clone Themes of Popular Websites
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