WooSoftware – The Ultimate Digital Goods Security Plugin

Do you sell digital goods, such as WordPress themes and plugins, on your site?

If so, you need to make sure that your products are protected. Otherwise, people will be able to use your software without paying you.

WooSoftware makes it easy to sell, protect, and manage your digital goods. In this review, we’ll show you exactly what WooSoftware has to offer, how to use it, and how it benefits your business.

WooSoftware – The Ultimate Digital Goods Security Plugin

What Is WooSoftware?

WooSoftware was designed for the WooCommerce platform (hence the name). It allows you to use license keys to protect your software products.

For each product, you can decide whether or not a license key is required to make it work. If you decide that a license key is required, the key will be automatically generated and sent to the user after they purchase your product. Then, the user will need to enter the license key in order to access the product.


WooSoftware Features

WooSoftware comes with tons of amazing features, but the two most important ones are Maintenance and Version Management.

  1. Maintenance

woosoftware feature

The pricing structure of digital goods is often based on maintenance fees, which can get pretty complicated. WooSoftware’s Maintenance feature has an intuitive visual interface that will help you manage this system.

With the Maintenance feature, you can determine the price and length of maintenance periods. When a maintenance period is coming to an end, an email will be sent to the user asking them to renew their subscription.

WooSoftware even allows users who have purchased multiple digital goods from you to unify their different maintenance periods. You can also set it up so that users can only download updates if they have active maintenance.

2. Version Management 

woosoftware feature

This feature lets you establish multiple versions of your software products. For each version, you can define a version number, release date, and version changelog. Files can be organized in different categories (by exploitation system for example) so that your customers can easily find their downloads.

WooSoftware also offers the following features:

  • Upgradable Products – Allow users to access a free trial before they invest in your software
  • WordPress Plugin Sale – Sell WordPress products directly from your website
  • Email Customization – Customize the content of your renewal reminder emails and preview the modifications in real-time


Installation and Activation

Installing this plugin on your e-commerce site is very simple. First, visit the WooCommerce product page and purchase it.

Woosoftware plugin

After you’ve selected the pricing option you want and added it to your cart, open your cart and click on the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button.


Fill in your billing details and place the order.


You’ll receive a license key for WooSoftware. Don’t lose it!


Finally, go to your WordPress site and install the plugin – you’ll need to use your license key to complete the activation.



There are three pricing options for WooSoftware:

Free Trial – You can try out a free version of WooSoftware for 30 days. It has all the same features as the paid version.

One Site License – For $120, you can use WooSoftware on one site. This includes free support and regular updates for one year.

Multiple Site License – For $240, you can use WooSoftware on up to five sites. This also includes free support and regular updates for one year.


Documentation and Support

WooSoftware is very well documented. If you have any questions about the plugin that weren’t addressed in this review, you can probably find your answers here.

For support, you can call up the company directly whenever you have an urgent need. Their team is always friendly and helpful.

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The Final Word

Overall, this is an amazing plugin for any site that sells digital goods. It does more than just protect your software – it helps you optimize the pricing structure of your products so that your customers will have more options and you can generate more income. And remember, WooSoftware offers a free trial, so you can try it out and see for yourself.

WooSoftware – The Ultimate Digital Goods Security Plugin
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