WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin Review

WooCommerce is the most popular and widely used eCommerce solution for WordPress powered websites, and the company behind the product WooThemes was recently acquired by Automattic the company behind WordPress platform. So, you can expect this eCommerce system grow even further in the time to come.

If you are planning to use WooCommerce for your eCommerce site or you are planning to use it in the future, let me introduce to a plugin which can take your WooCommerce powered store to the next level called WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes.

In simple words, this plugin will give an option to your customers to create their own bundle by collecting their favorite products and make a purchase which will be a win win situation for you as well as the customer.

Do you sell products which are purchased in bundles? Do you want to allow customers to create their own product bundles? Then, this plugin is for you! The Custom Product Boxes is an extension for your WooCommerce store, by the means of which, your customers will be able to select products, and create and purchase their own personalized bundles.

This feature to create bundle doesn’t come with the default WooCommerce installation, you will have to install the WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes plugin to allow your users to create their own bundles. We will check the plugin in detail later in the article.

This amazing plugin is created by Wisdmlabs who creates amazing products for WordPress and related services, we have already published a review article of Edwiser Bridge plugin that will help you to integrate WordPress with Moodle courses.

Coming back to the topic, this WooCommerce plugin is a must for any WooCommerce powered site because with this plugin you are offering an option to the customers to select more than one product of their choice and make a bundle; you are not forcing them in any way. So, I’m sure your customers will like this and it will help you to make more revenue.

The image flow below will sum-up the process perfectly..

WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes

WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin Overview

This extension will make the shopping process smooth for the customers, and the power will be on their hands to decide what kinds of products they wants to select from the store and the checkout process will be managed dynamically depending on the kind of products selected by the customer.

The process is extremely simple, as the admin of the store you can create the product boxes and link other products which can be added to the box, once the box is ready you can set the price or allow it to calculate dynamically depending on the price of the products added to the box.

This extension offers an option to the customers to add and remove products from the box as per their choice, and as admin you can create unlimited number of product boxes which will increase the number of choices your customers get.

To create the product boxes, jus go to the custom box settings and select custom product box as the product type as well as select the number of products that can be added to the box.


You can select the products which you want to make available for selection, as you type in the system will suggest you products from the store.


Now, have a look at the front end view of the custom product box, the price of the box can be fixed as well as the system can calculate it dynamically depending on the price of the products available in the product box.


Currently this extension works with simple products like chocolates, juice boxes, wine bottles, postcards, etc. You can beautify the custom boxes with nice gift-wrap with the help of an add-on.

This plugin is fully responsive and it will make your custom product boxes look great in all kinds of modern devices including the mobile phones.


You can by this amazing WooCommerce extension for $59 that will make this plugin available for one site, if you want to use the WooCommerce Custom Product boxes plugin with more than one site you will have to purchase additional licenses.

Also, you get a 30 days money back gurentee which is subject to terms of the plugin. If you face any issue with the plugin or it doesn’t work on your site and the support team is unable to fix the issue; you will get your money back.

Final Word

The WooCommerce Custom Product Box extension looks promising and useful. I really like the idea that it offers an option to the customers to select the products they want in the box and they also get the option to remove products from the box as well.

Though, you are creating the product boxes for the customers and selecting the additional products which are available for selection; you are not forcing them anyway to purchase the products you have selected for them.

Also, as admin this extension doesn’t limit you to create only “x ” number of custom boxes; you can create unlimited boxes as per you choice and make it really easy for the customers to select their favorite custom product box.

I personally feel this is a very useful extension for WooCommerce sites that will empower both the admin as well as the customer. I would like this plugin to be extended for any kind of products which can be should by using WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes Plugin Review
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