6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Premium WordPress Theme

When I started blogging a few years ago, I used to search for the best free WordPress themes which can be used for my site. I was looking for free resources because I was not sure about the future of my blog and the kind of money I can make from that.

So, I thought investing a lot of money doesn't make sense.

But I was wrong because till the time you don't treat your blog as a real business, you will never really make money from your blog. Like any other business, your blog also needs investment in terms of time and tools it need to make it a success.

Until your blog looks extremely professional and user friendly, no one else will take your blog seriously. It must have a great design, high quality content, quick loading time and lot more to make it a venture that makes money for you.

Though, there are number of high quality free themes these days as compered to when I started, I still use premium WordPress themes for all my websites and I suggest others to use premium resource for their sites ass well.

In this post we will discuss about the reasons why you should always use a premium WordPress theme for your blog or online business.

Benefits of Premium WordPress Themes

Premium Support

No matter which theme you use, I will definitely need support from the developer for making changes or you come across any design issue with the theme.

Though, most of the free theme developer provides you support to a certain extent, you can't expect dedicated time from the developer because he is providing you the service for free anyways.

When you pay money and purchase a theme, it becomes obligation for the theme developer to provide you support whenever you need because you have paid him for the design. Also, the forums for the premium WordPress resources are more active and comprehensive.

Regular Updates

WordPress CMS is continuously improving and getting updated by the community, and it is extremely important for your theme to be updated and make it fully compatible with the latest version of the software.

Many free WordPress theme developers doesn't update their themes to make it compatible with the current version of WordPress because it takes their time which will never make any revenue for theme and that makes your site vulnerable to malware.

Whereas all premium themes gets updated to make it compatible with the latest version of WordPress because they are answerable to all the customers who are using their themes.

Modern Design

If you have followed the web design trend carefully you must have noticed that it changes with time. The design which was good and considered as modern will not be good enough for the current time because the design pattern changes regularly.

Earlier WordPress used to be only for blogging and now it is the most widely used content management system and you get a WordPress theme for any business you can think of, so the design pattern also have changed.

The WordPress themes are lot more comprehensive these days and they offer you tons of built in options to attract more users, if you look at themes like Divi or the X Theme you will understand that possibilities are unlimited with these kind of themes.


Security is another very important aspect for any WordPress theme because if your theme is not secured you may lose your content at any point of time.

A huge number of free WordPress themes comes with malicious codes that makes to site vulnerable to attacks. Whereas premium WordPress themes reduces the risk to a huge extent because they take security of the design very seriously.

Customization Option

Everyone wants their site to be unique and good looking, but a free plugin will never provide you the readily available customization option. And if you want to customize your site you will have to modify the code of the theme.

Whereas most of the premium WordPress theme comes with comprehensive theme option panel that provides you option to change every element of your site to match your need.

SEO Advantage

SEO is extremely important for any blog and if your theme is not SEO friendly even best of your content will go unnoticed. So, you must make sure that your theme is SEO optimized and follows all the best SEO practices.

We highly recommend you to go for Genesis Child Themes because Genesis is considered as one of the most SEO friendly WordPress theme framework, or you can use a theme from MyThemeShop because all their themes are really quick and optimized for search engines.

So, Free or Premium?

As already mentioned you must consider your blog as a real business as invest in it to make it better as far as possible. Though, premium themes provide you lot of quality options it doesn't mean that all the premium themes are good.

You must consider the reputation of the theme developer before you purchase a theme and check the quality of their themes, the kind of support they provide and if the design in users friendliness of their design.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Premium WordPress Theme
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