If you’re a Web Designer you’d Love These Freebies

As a web designer you’ve probably worked for clients with unrealistic expectations. It’s like someone going to a plastic surgeon for a nose job and asking for their jaw, chin, cheek fixed.. maybe an eyebrow lift too while they’re in there.

Since most clients don’t have an idea of how many different components go into the making of a good WordPress site, they can’t really see your point. And you can’t afford to get them miffed.

To position yourself as an industry expert- a web designer who knows his mettle- you need to provide clients with the complete package. A little more than they expect so they keep coming back.

So here’s what you do to win clients (and preferably referrals) without spending an extra dime. Here are 10 web designer FREEBIES to start with:

1. WordPress Newsletter Plugin-Lite


It’s not just information-based websites that send newsletters periodically to prospective and existing customers, even e-commerce and retail websites are now tapping into the potential of newsletter marketing.

The Newsletter Plugin-Lite is all your customers will need to organize subscriptions, track click-through rates, schedule autoresponders, manage paid subscriptions and so much more.

The built-in templates provide a good starting point, and those who like experimenting can also work through the theme changing options.

This free version is apt for websites that aren’t centered heavily on sharing information like real estate or the stock market since it has certain limitations. But for small businesses that are just starting off in the digital world this is more than enough.

Download it here

2. WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme


Packing as much thrill as its namesake book, the DaVinci WordPress theme gives an illustrated magazine style look. The premium theme with all of its features and year-long updates and support can be availed for absolutely free.

There’s an option to further pick from 5 different styles within the theme. Plus the widget-powered sidebar can be used to display social media icons or advertising banners.

Give your clients business good visibility with this optimized and responsive theme that adapts to the browser setting promising hassle-free navigation on any device- laptop, tablets or smartphones alike.

Download it here

3. Cucina di Casa Responsive WordPress Theme


Touted as one the best premium WordPress themes for a restaurateur or food blogger’s website, the Cucina di Casa theme works surprisingly well for even a bookstore or a management website.

The responsive theme can facilitate quick customization and comes pre-loaded with 7 different color schemes. Plus there’s an option to completely customize one as per the client’s needs.

With cross browser compatibility, widgetized footer, seamless social media integration, and retina read display this theme exudes a sophisticated and elite look.

Download it here

4. 16 Business Vector Badges


Your clients need logos and badges to mark their products or specific pages. By providing this essential item that are often required to be purchased, at no cost you win brownie points from your clients.

Give a nice vintage touch to the page or add a touch of authenticity to your products with the stamp.

These royalty free vector badges are authentic and customizable. Choose from 16 options to complement the website’s theme and layout.

Download it here

5. Passion Portfolio WordPress Theme


If your client is a professional photographer who wants his work to speak for him, the Passion Portfolio theme is a match made in heaven for their blog. The slide show constantly showcases their best works subtly pitching a sales presentation of their own.

The simple theme does the work it is best required for- be the canvas for your masterpiece(s) – the effective layout with changing sidebar position helps to customize further. Plus there are other built-in options to change the overall look.

The theme is also a must-have for web designers looking to display their own work.

Download it here

6. 3D App Mockup


From bungalows to BMWs, everything needs a blueprint, even your app. Convinced your app idea will take the world by storm? Go ahead and convince the investors and all those who matter with this simple and effective app mockup.

The 3D app mockup makes for a great presentation through realistic high quality visual perception. Available for instant download and legalized for commercial and personal usage.

Download it here

7. 15 Metallic Photoshop Gradients


A little bling never hurt anybody and every graphic designer swears by the importance of gradients. And this is why this freebie of 15 Metallic Photoshop Gradient presets would be a great grab for those primarily working with Photoshop.

Sampled and crafted from real metals, the color is realistically close to the original metals.

Manipulate photos, enhance your background or create beautiful text effects, these metallic gradients offers brilliant tones and transitions.

Download it here

8. Full Side WordPress Theme


A straightforward theme that communicates oodles through your portfolio on display, the Full Side WordPress Theme is apt for a designer, artist, blogger, or photographer. But it’s not limited in scope, you can get quirky and introduce your individualistic touch no matter what the intended purpose of the website is.

The customizable home page is the hero of the theme. Making it easier to add, change, and park current and previous posts to grab the reader’s attention, you can easily work your way through even with zero knowledge of WordPress and themes.

Opt for post slider to display gallery or go static to suit your requirements, this theme with widgetized home page and footer and breadcrumb options can be downloaded for free.

Download it here

9. 15 Seamless Icon Patterns & Seamless Wood Patterns


Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing background?

Whether you are designing a website for a writer, e-commerce website retailing baby products, store fixtures or absolutely anything, these icon and wood patterns add extra mojo to your page.

Place these in the backdrop of illustrations or add them to the header, they are sure to give your website an edge.

Download it here

10. SlideShow Gallery Plugin for WordPress


Most people skip written content on your website but they would pause to look at a picture. Set up galleries to draw your reader’s attention to your products or portfolio, use pictures to command their attention and compel them to give the right consideration.

The slideshow gallery plugin pack a lot of hidden power by communicating through images. Easy to integrate and organize as per your needs, the plugin enables you to set the appearance plus the speed and interval of the slideshow.

Download it here

Are you contemplating getting your hands on our list of freebies? Which one of these did you like best? Let us know.

If you’re a Web Designer you’d Love These Freebies
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