10 Ways To Drive Tons Of Traffic To Your Old Posts

Thousands of blog posts are written every day around the globe. Posts are written to be read. Right from the life of an ant to the hot current affairs, thousands of topics are written by passionate writers daily.

Many of these writers have their blog sites which get updated with interesting topics on a day to day basis. The crux of the matter is how many of these blog posts are being read and how many are re-read? Thousands of such blog posts become obsolete or old and get archived month wise.

Millions of new users browse pages that have been visited earlier by several other millions. This means every post is almost a new post at least to one reader or the other.

However, to drive tons of traffic to your posts, some conscious steps need to be taken. We have provided ten ways to drive tone and tons of traffic to your old posts.

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to Old Posts

01. SEO Factors Must be Reviewed

Ensure all the SEO factors about the particular post are reviewed. SEO factors play a major role in attracting huge traffic to posts. Assess the trending SEO coinages and make the fullest use of them to get back the lost traffic to your favorite old post.


02. Overconfidence Does Not Work

Times are changing and so is the patience of people visiting your posts. Right from the language to the vocabulary, everything needs to be changed with the changing tastes of readers. It might be a fact that you wrote the post and so you are thorough about the flow of the subject dealt with.

Still, go through the post as a third person, detaching self from the same mentally. Read as though you are a reader reading the post for the first time. Improve areas which have scope for the same. Fixes can be anything ranging from a simple typo to a total sentence that is not relevant to the current day’s context.

03. Old Content is Nothing But History

We live in a fast-paced world where people constantly thrive to improve themselves physically and mentally. Content that is outdated is considered only from a historical point of view. Go through the old posts.

Review them in a focused manner looking for relevance to today’s context. If there are some ideas that cannot be applied in today’s scenario, don’t hesitate to change the same without losing the crux of the post.

04. Interlink With Active Links

Many readers look out for complete information about a specific idea when they start searching for the same on the Internet. They read multiple posts on the same subject to understand about the same completely.

Make the best use of this tendency exhibited by people. Interlink the old post to which you want to increase traffic with an active link. People who visit the new link will also visit the old post to know more about the particular area.

05. High-Quality Images Are Important

Ensure you add high-resolution pictures and videos which are supported by social media sites like Pinterest. Add multimedia and video files to attract traffic to your old post. Post with colorful images and Infographics entice readers to your old post in an effortless manner.

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06. Change the Title to a More Attractive One

Be updated with the trend of the day at all points of time. Change the title of your old post to suit the trend from time to time. Ensure that the title you give to the new post is attractive for the current generation of people who are the prospective readers of the post.

Titles like ‘Top 12 ways to’ attract people more since they know that they are going to learn some useful tips.

07. Syndicate and Share the Old Posts

Timing is a crucial aspect when it comes to increasing the traffic to your old posts. While sharing in popular network sites is a crux, sharing the same at the right timing increases the traffic to your old posts in a multifold manner.

For instance, if your old post is related to Valentine’s Day and you had written the same during earlier years, tweak some aspects of the same to suit the current trend. Post it as a fresh one in your blogs and many other areas.

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08. Review the Length of Your Old Posts

It is an open secret that the lengthier the post the popular they are. This is mainly because when the length of the posts is greater, the information packed in the same also exceeds normal levels. This makes it interesting for the readers to read such posts.

Review the length of your old posts and if they are lesser than the 1000 mark count, pack them with more relevant information.

09. Get off With Those Unnecessary Comments

Some people have the habit of promoting their services through the comment column available underneath blog posts. We tend to ignore the same. Remember, any such irrelevant thing may be a detrimental factor to your post. Remove all the unwanted comments which add no value to your post or the subject discussed in the same.

10. Circle Up and Repeat Posts

It is illogical to think that only the same reader will visit your blog every day. There may be many new ones reading your posts every day. People who visit other blogs or social networking sites may stumble upon your post and may start liking the same.

Your new reader count may vary between one day and the other. However, the fact that there are visitors to your post remains constant. Make use of this logic and circulate old posts in a periodical manner.

You may decide on this periodicity based on many factors like the ongoing trend or the earlier frequency in which it was posted. Whatever may be the basis or your circling, ensure your valuable old posts return to the limelight time and again.

Anyone who has taken writing as a profession is sure to have written thousands of blog post. It is not easy to make every post a hit by bringing them back to the limelight. Choosing the ones you plan to promote is the first step towards increasing traffic to them.

Identify the posts you want to promote and bring it the front end for the same. This is the first step to drive tons of traffic to your old posts. Make out your strategies understanding the reasons that make the so-called competition of yours a hit time and again.

10 Ways To Drive Tons Of Traffic To Your Old Posts
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