20 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing in 2018

Social Media Marketing has gained high momentum in the past few years. Social Media platforms act as the best space for taking products and services to the target customer in an effective manner. The boost it gives to products sales and branding businesses is simply mind boggling. Let us have a look at 20 ways to boost your social media marketing efforts in 2018.

01. Zero in on the right social channel

Being ready to market your brand through Social Media is only the first step in business development. Now, what is more, important is to select the right channel to do the same. You may go in for brand based discussions or Podcasts which are more of audio than written words.

Decide on the channels you want to leverage to your advantage based on your target customer segment. This would make the branding efforts a fruitful one. Remember, just throwing out efforts on all the directions in a random manner is a mere waste of efforts.

02. Be flexible with the content

Pulling your brand up is your only focus. Find out content in various forms that are relevant to your products and keep sharing the same with your audience. Being rigid to generate fresh content may not help you in the long run.

Instead, when you share relevant content from other quarters, it will easily establish the connection between the current market trend and your brand. While this will increase the visibility of your brand, it will also imbibe confidence in your audience making them the key influencers. These influencers will automatically add value to your branding efforts.

03. Competitive Research adds value

Be aware at all points of time that you are not the only one in the market trying to establish your brand through social media marketing. Thousands of business houses are taking mammoth efforts every passing second.

Your fight is not only for establishing your business as a brand but also to take your piece of cake which is the time and effort, money, interest, and passion for your customers. Looking at it from this angle, focus to understand what big brands are doing. Observe the social channels they leverage to their business advantage. When you feel you are ready, innovate your strategy and implement it in an organized manner.

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04. Making your resource move in the right direction

Implementing the strategy, you have innovated, must be done by making your team work in a focused manner. Give them clear cut roles and ensure they work only towards achieving the same. Do not allow your team’s efforts to get frittered away in unproductive activities which may drain their energy.

Pulling your team along with you through the social media marketing strategies devised is one of the enormous challenges you may have to overcome during early stages of marketing.

05. Too much of promotion kills

Customers never feel happy to get overloaded with information about any particular brand or product. In fact, an overdose of branding activities may repel them away instead of attracting them. Especially when marketing activities are carried out through social media, it is just a thin line between selling and overselling.

It is all the more a thinner line between providing information and spamming. Follow the 80:20 rule while you opt for social media marketing. Let 80% of your content talk about the value addition your brand can offer to the customers while the rest 20% can be used as a promotional activity to establish your brand.

06. Get engaged with every individual

Every individual following your brand is equally important. They contribute to your branding efforts and would like to be engaged with your personally. Gaining their trust and building their confidence in your brand will make them strong influencers for your brand.

Remember, influencers play a significant role to spread awareness about brands and products in social media marketing. The mutual respect that you will foster between your brand and every individual customer will help you leverage your social media presence to your business advantage in unimaginable ways.

07. Genuineness matters

As an entrepreneur, if your efforts in social media marketing drive traffic, you tend to feel that it is the best tool for marketing. However, when it yields very little or no results, you tend to consider it as a wasted effort.

In the same manner, as long as you are genuine and authentic about your products and your brand’s value additions to the customer, they will act as the major influencers to promote your brand involuntarily or voluntarily. The danger is, the moment you decide to fake facts even in a minuscule manner, the influencers will be the first in the line to abandon your brand. Be authentic at all times. Genuineness helps.

08. Consistency is the key

If one of your strategies to establish your brand is to connect with your target segment of people through mailers, stick to set periodicities. When you address them with value adding content regularly, you set an expectation in them which is in reality, hard to do.

However, once you have managed to create this curiosity or interest in them, it is not prudent to break the regularity. People remember the break in the activity and tend to lose interest attributing the break as a reason. All branding efforts you had taken till then will go for a toss.

09. Paid promotion helps forward movement

Choose those social platforms that provide you the opportunity to promote your brand. Ensure that you collaborate with a player who has a strong presence in the social scenario since you are promoting your brand at a cost.

You can link the platform with your page or succeed in attracting the attention of the visitors who visit those platforms. Whichever way you choose, paid promotion will help you get more followers, increasing your brand visibility amidst people who are not in your network.

10. Put people first in all branding activities

Creating influencers is the first step toward expanding the horizons of your brand visibility. Leveraging them to your business advantage is the next logical and prudent step to be taken. Never miss an opportunity to mention the names of your influencers who are the proud customers of your brand.

Mentioning your influencers must not be looked at as a one-time business advantage but an activity that will take your brand to their contacts that are new to your business. A proud customer thus can be an ambassador for your brand which in turn may have an enormous positive impact on your ROI.

11. Be updated

A good entrepreneur is always on the look for innovative ideas and is ready to learn from the market trends. He is eager to be updated about the emerging trends in a holistic manner. He is ready to pounce even on the smallest of the opportunities presented in front of him. His risk taking capabilities makes him try new solutions, kicking off the disruptions that may be caused in a realistic scenario.

Keep watching not only the movements of your competitors but every single happening around, even if it is irrelevant to your brand. Opportunities may arise from any quarter that may not appear relevant to your business in the current context. Ascertaining the exact social platforms that can increase your brand visibility will help you bag more ROI in a constant manner.

12. Look at your activities from a customer’s angle

As an entrepreneur and with your observation on the marketing trends, you might have set up certain social media marketing strategies. However, the crux is that your efforts must reach the targeted customers in the same wavelength. A customer is a customer irrespective of all the efforts targeted towards satisfying him.

You cannot afford to take him for granted. For you, every customer is important to promote your brand and business. For a customer, it is not just you who can give him a value proposition but many of your competitors who are also in the race. Before you decide on a social media marketing strategy, clearly analyze the same from a customer’s point of view and then implement. This will help you retain them instead of repelling them.

13. Create noise using Infographics

Infographics are nothing but providing pertinent information about your brand and business in the form of graphics. The business world is stunningly fast paced today. As much as you are watching your competition, your competition is watching your activities constantly.

People lack patience most of the time and so wants to understand things presented to them in a quick manner. Infographics help businesses reach customers within the minimal time frame. They can be shared with your target audience easily bringing home business in a fast paced manner.

14. Leverage SlideShare to add value

Preparing slides for presenting concepts has been a practice in the business arena for many years now. This is one of the sure shot ways to reach your concept and brand to your target customer segment in an effective manner.

Uploading your presentations in Slideshare enable to share the same with people through email and as links in web pages. They can also be attached to your branding article on your blog pages. There are many business houses and individuals who want to understand concepts and brands in a detailed manner. Leverage Slideshare to make such customers understand your offer to them in a clear manner.

15. Pinning your ideas enables sharing

If you have designed an impactful visual to increase your brand visibility, then Pinterest is the best place for you to display the same. This enables users to download your images and share the same with their acquaintances within seconds. The visual impact created and shared through your image will help your branding efforts in a huge manner.

16. Freebies attract customers

You can increase your brand visibility by offering value adding freebies to your customers. Some such freebies can be E-Books for free download, Free of Cost Consultations, Free webinars, and discounts through collaborations with established brands.

17. Instagram is the tool of the day

This social platform is becoming dominant every passing day. Sharing the photos and videos of your products and services in Instagram will reach them within seconds to millions of people around the globe. Including relevant hashtags will increase the chances of people noticing your brand in a quick manner.

18. Grab your market share using Snapchat

Snapchat is predominantly an application that enables sharing of photos and videos. It supports chatting with others through messages. This is another strong social media which can be used to highlight the value additions your products and services offered to the customers.

Snapchat helps you connect with individuals in a personalized manner which will add immense value to the customer’s approach towards your brand.

19. Turn around to Twitter

Wondering how to leverage Twitter to your business advantage? A clear understanding of the Twitter Cards will help you use Twitter to promote your business in an effective manner. Twitter provides absolutely stunning opportunities like uploading the videos and photos of your products, lead generation activities, live video streaming among many more innovative solutions.

20. Locate your target customers using Geolocation

Today, customers shop in a prudent manner leveraging technology to find the best value for their money. They buy products online not going by what is displayed on their computer screen but by performing extensive research.

They use applications like Geolocation to identify where they can get the best value for their money in a qualitative manner. Use Geolocation to obtain a specific type of customers whom you may want to tap to increase your business potential.


Coming out of the cocoon and exploring the innovative possibilities that social media marketing offers will take the branding efforts to great heights. Adopting one of the strategies given above or a mix and match of the same is highly dependent on your requirement. Tap the right method and leverage Social Media marketing to the success of your business

20 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing in 2018
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