Addon Creator for Visual Composer : A Review

In this article, we will review the Addon Creator – a revolutionary tool for Visual Composer which is the latest addition to the WordPress resource collection.

We all love the WordPress Visual Composer, a powerful drag and drop website builder that can make your life much easier. But sometimes it can be hard to find the right Addon for your website. Even if you do, it might take you hours to customize it properly to give it the right look.

But now with Addon Creator in the market, you can say Goodbye to all those tedious jobs.

With this remarkable tool, you no longer have to worry about finding the add-ons required for your site because you can create your own custom add-ons for your site. It helps you create any addon you want in a matter of minutes.

This plugin automatically adds several premium elements in your Visual Composer and allows you to add stylish Addons to your site without any difficulty.

With the Addon Creator, you can create an addon from the scratch or use any jQuery Plugin from the web to get started. Its library has been packed with an extensive list of fancy and functional add-ons. The tool works with almost all kinds of WordPress themes and plugins.

It is a very intuitively designed tool and is super easy to set up and customize. With Addon Creator by your side, adding an addon to your site can become the easiest task ever.

Let’s have a better look at this plugin.

Addon Creator for Visual Composer – An Overview

How does it work?

Addon Creator is a marvelous tool that can give you the most satisfying experience of creating an addon on your site. The developers have taken much pain to build it using the best coding practices, to come up with an intense and powerful plugin.

This plugin has been designed and developed specifically for Visual Composers and works flawlessly with it. Once you install the plugin, it starts working instantly on your command and you can skip all the lengthy process of configuring it on your site.

This powerful tool can take any static HTML, CSS or Javascript and create a dynamic and functional Addon for you. This takes just a few seconds and you can have a fabulous Addon without having to do any coding.

It also gives you the possibility to create an addon from scratch. You can also download use jQuery Plugin from the web and copy the code files into your Addon Creator. As soon as it is created it appears on your Visual Composer Addons window. You can directly use it from there on your site.

Does that sound tedious to you? Do not worry. It has other options too. If you are in a hurry and have no time to wait and create it, you can directly use one of the 100+ predefined Addons that comes along with it.

Visual Composer Add-on

Creating Your First Add-On

The process of creating the add-on is really simple. To start with, go to the add-on creator menu and put the details of your addon. You can write the title and the description of the add-on for better understanding.

add-on Interface

Once your add-on is saved, you can paste teh HTML code for your add-on if any and save the add-on in the Visual Composer interface.

add-on HTML

Adding Attributes

The attributes brings in a lot of flexibility to your addon. All the attributes are editable in the Visual Composer interface and users can set it up as per their requirement. The plugin offers you easy options to add different attributes to your custom add-on. To add it, click on the “attributes” tab and select the relevant attribute type.

add-on attributes

You can check the color picker add-on attribute type below.

color picker

The following video will show you the entire process of creating your add-ons


Work with Addon Creator with ease

Addon Creator allows you to work with ease, style, and pace. This tool comes with a library of more than 100 predefined Addons, so you can instantly get started without having to go through any complicated coding process.

Once you add your Addons, you can have full control over it and customize it to suit your requirements. The developers also ensured that your Addons look great across devices, so you do not have to worry about its presence even if your viewers are not using a high-resolution device.

Its Asset Manager makes it super easy to manage the Addon assets with its built-in secure file manager. It’s intuitive design lets you can start creating add-ons right away. All the panels have drag & drop, sorting, and such other provisions, so it becomes absolutely easy to work with it.

You can also create an Attribute for your addon, which can later be inserted as placeholders in HTML, JS and CSS editor.The Addon Creator has a built-in Media Manager which allows you to order items using drag & drop, image-based fields, Bulk Upload images for Galleries etc.

Incorporate Any Jquery Plugin into Add-on

Yes, you got it right. This plugin gives you the option to incorporate any Jquery plugin into the add-in library. You can download any Jquery plugin from the web and copy the files into the add-on creator to make it a part of this amazing tool.

This feature makes the life much easier as you can handle a variety of different activities with this single plugin. This process of incorporating a different plugin to it sounds complicated, but it is really simple. In fact, you don’t even have to go to your site hosting cPanel or FTP because you can handle the entire process from the add-on plugin dashboard.

All you need to do is download the plugin zip file and upload it into the add-on interface. Then update the plugin details and follow the process as shown in the video below.

Super Responsive

The plugin is extremely responsive to make your add-ons look great in all kinds of devices. So it looks equally good on every platform, no matter on which device it has been viewed.

The tool is compatible across all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on. It also adapts very easily to the latest versions of WordPress.

You can use the tool specifically on the Visual Composer 4.7 x and Visual Composer 4.8 x.

Types of Addons

This tool gives you a variety of useful Addons that you will love to use. There are more than 100 Addons that has already been defined in its Library. Each of these add-ons is grouped under different categories.

Below is a list of some of the Addon Types that are available with this tool.

  • Reviews for Visual Composer
  • Testimonials for Visual Composer
  • Products for Visual Composer
  • Hover Effects for Visual Composer
  • Team Members for Visual Composer
  • Accordion for Visual Composer
  • Tabs for Visual Composer
  • Slider for Visual Composer
  • Gallery for Visual Composer
  • Carousel for Visual Composer
  • Buttons for Visual Composer
  • Price Table for Visual Composer
  • Banners for Visual Composer
  • Bullets for Visual Composer
  • Counter for Visual Composer
  • Countdown for Visual Composer

Visual Composer add-on creator

Create an Addon for your clients

With this amazing tool, you can develop fantastic Addons for you clients and create custom fields in seconds. Your clients will be able to have full power over it and customize and manage their websites according to their specific requirements.

You can now skip showing those unnecessarily long fields to your clients and have only those that might interest them. Impress them with complicated Addons with items like gallery and slider. Addon Creator solves all your problems if you develop sites for your clients and have a problem creating Addons for them.

Documentation and Support

Even though the Addon Creator is extremely easy to use and handle the developing team ensured that anyone with any difficulty receives instant help and support from them.

The tool has been extensively documented which are available in short video walkthroughs and tutorials as well. You can go through these anytime to have a better understanding of the way it works.

If you still require more assistance to work with it, you can anytime get in touch with the Addon Creator team. They are available 24*7 and provides great support to their clients.


This beautiful tool with so many Addons options comes at an affordable range of $20 under the Regular License. This includes all future updates and a free 6 months long support. You can extend its support by 12 months by paying a little extra of $6.

Final Word

Addon Creator is an incredible addition to the amazing Visual Composer plugin. With a 5-star item rating, this tool has managed to receive excellent reviews from its users for its Code quality, Customizability, and ease of use.

Visual Comnposer is a very popular dran and drop website builder, and this add-on creator is definately a great addition to this amazing tool. The add-on creator can perfectly integrate with the Visual Composer interface and you can categorize your add-ons as per categories and offers you full control and flexibility to customize.

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Addon Creator for Visual Composer : A Review
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