Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme: The Default Theme 2015

The Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme is out there for use as the New Year has begun and I’m in just love with it. This particular option has everything to make sure that you become an WordPress users. The reason behind my thoughts is meaningful features and ease of use this theme has.

Let us discuss it in detail.

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Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme – What Did You Expect?

Yeah, I’d like to ask this question that it is what you the most in a theme? I guess, the answer should be simple, because for me, it’s the usefulness of the theme I’m choosing and that can be achieved only if your selected option has been developed to keep meaningfulness in mind.

This Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme has very basic and clean interface, customization options, elegant looking, etc. to make it one of the best options launched yet.


Let’s Discuss Design Part

As we’re aware that today’s world has gone small with smart devices like mobiles and tablets. So, to stay competent one need to choose an option which fits every device and this Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme has a responsive design to make sure of it.

Besides this, this theme has options to change the color schemes as well using its customizer. Well, here below are more details.

What can you customize?

There are many customization features available in Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme and the list goes as follows:

  • Color Schemes – Choose from 5 free featured color schemes.
  • Customer header to give your touch to the chosen design.
  • A featured image option available too.
  • And, you can customize colors, background, header, etc.

Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Want to about Menu options?

Another impressive thing which I found with Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme is its beautifully designed Menu, that has every possible option to make the work easier not only for pro bloggers, but for rookies as well.

Also, the smooth navigation system, descriptions, ease to handle feature and much more make the working on it an experience that you’ll never forget.

A bit more!

The talk doesn’t end here as we haven’t run out of Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme features yet! Check the below list for them:

  • You can upload your designed post formats, header images and other options in it.
  • There are over 20 websites, which will automatically show up in icon form just after linking to it. The list surely contains most popular names like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube and others.
  • It also has the sticky post option with a featured image for your Homepage.

Final Word

Finally, after a short tour that we had above about Default Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme, I’d like to sum this up as one of the best and reliable options available in the market and that too for free!

Now, things cannot get better than this or this is the case for me, at least. We’d also like to know about your thoughts over this which you can share in the comment section below.

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Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme: The Default Theme 2015
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