20 Trendy WordPress Themes Built in Flat Design

Flat UI style has been dominating the web for quite a while already. Since it gained great popularity in 2014, the trend is still in big demand among web developers worldwide. That is why, in order to help you keep up with the latest web tendencies and design your website or blog with style, we are sharing this compilation of the 20 flat WordPress themes.

Why is it recommended to use a flat style in web design? Well, the answer is simple. Flat style makes layouts free from the unnecessary distractions. When visiting such a web resource, a web surfer is not distracted by the heavy design elements. Instead, all his/her attention is focused on your site content, the products, and services of your company, etc.

Websites built in flat style are easy to navigate. Such designs lack drop shadows, gradients or glow. Everything is straightforward and used to fulfill a certain role on the site. Flat style puts more focus on the site content, making it more readable from both desktops and mobile devices.

The following compilation includes 20 awesome WordPress templates, all of which were designed in flat style. Responsive, retina ready and cross-browser compatible, all of them are intended to provide web surfers with seamless browsing experience, no matter how they’ve reached your web resource.

Another feature that all the 20 themes have in common is the latest version of Cherry Framework. Well-known for its ease of use by developers of all skills levels, the platform allows you to modify the layout of the theme that you choose in many ways. Providing access to a variety of advanced options, modules, and tools, the Framework gives you free access to several premium extensions.

We will discuss each of the aforementioned aspects below in this post. So, make sure that you read the descriptions carefully and don’t forget to enjoy the refined look of the theme’s demos. Try how each product runs and feels on your own.

Dinosaur Park WordPress Theme

Designed with the best traditions of flat style in mind, this WordPress template also features breathtaking parallax scrolling backgrounds. Dinosaur Park makes heavy use of images, that is why the layout looks clean and minimalist.

White space was added to make your site content look more outstanding and draw visitors' attention to the things that might be of interest to them. In addition, the visual appeal of the theme is enhanced with beautiful animation effects that appear on hovering banners, icons, menu items, etc.

The theme runs on Cherry Framework 4.0, which brings a number of cool add-ons to its owners. For example, in addition to the fully responsive layout, SEO-friendliness, and cross-browser compatibility, the pack includes MotoPress Editor that provides for quicker and easier editing of the layout structure. To use it, you do not need to have any coding skills. Create the unique page structure by simply dragging and dropping different elements.

Dinosaur Park WordPress Theme

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P3D Side WordPress Theme

3D Side was developed to spice up a print shop website. The black and red color scheme look elegant and stylish. The header and backgrounds feature trendy polygon shapes. The main navigation bar was made sticky. Placed below the full-width header slider, it guides users through the key pages of the site in an easy-to-follow manner. To enhance the site's navigation, advanced search bar was provided as well.

Among the most stunning features that the template provides, we can highlight Cherry Framework 4.0, MotoPress Slider, and MotoPress Editor, both of which are known for their ease of use. The template comes with the support of Retina-ready images, so you may be sure that all visuals will look sharp on any screen resolution.

3D Side WordPress Theme

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Diagnostic Laboratory WordPress Theme

The flat design of this medical WordPress theme features bold elements of metro style. Thanks to the implementation of bright colors and cheerful images, the layout looks joyous and positive. The content organization is clear and well-balanced. Separating different content block by means of visuals, flat colors, icons and sub-titles, the theme was made easy to navigate.

The theme was made content heavy, however owing to the thought-out structure it doesn't look cluttered. The header features contact details together with the company logo and sticky menu bar.

Instead of the traditional full-width slider, here you will find a neat carousel slider that occupies half or the page and leaves plenty of rooms to showcase banners with the company services. If you wish, you can change the layout structure via the powerful dashboard. Cherry Framework 4 functionality will be at your disposal.

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

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Plumbing Co. WordPress Theme

The plain and straightforward design of Plumbing Co. makes it a perfect fit for industrial and maintenance services websites. Neutral color palette is ideal for creating a trustworthy and reliable company image.

Although the main page features lots of content, it is super easy to differentiate them from one another. The theme supports advanced functionality that will be enjoyed by the most picky customers. For example, the main page has enough room for showcasing statistics, audio, and video content, written and visual data.

In terms of the site navigation, it was developed with the user in mind. The header features a fixed MegaMenu, which included both links to the rest of the site pages as well as banners, images, etc. Advanced search bar also remains in a fixed position at the top of the page.

The footer was made highly informative. At the very bottom of the page, there is a full-width Google map with tooltips support. Right above this you can find contact details, social sharing options and a variety of other useful links.

Plumbing Co WordPress Theme

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Human Rights WordPress Theme

Human Rights is a professionally designed WordPress theme. Running on the fully responsive framework, it will display all site content beautifully across various handheld and desktop devices. The chosen neutral color scheme works perfectly for presenting business websites on the web. The smart use of white space makes the layout user-friendly, bringing the data that values the most to the forefront.

Thanks to the valid, semantic code, the theme lets you create a powerful web resource. The trustworthy look of the theme is powered by the advanced theme options. Being all accessible via the dashboard, they provide for seamless modification and installation.

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

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Transportation WordPress Template

Just like any other business, transportation companies need to have a rock-solid web presentation. The more informative and appealing it looks, the more people will be eager to deal with you. Here is a nice template that will work for the purpose.

When landing on your page, users’ attention will be captured by the stunning full-width carousel slider that showcases your vehicles and services. In order to make it easier for your site visitors find the desired content, the theme was equipped with the usable MegaMenu. Advanced search bar was also integrated into the design, allowing web users come across the necessary transportation services by entering a keyword.

The visual appeal of the theme is enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect. Ghost elements placed on top of the slider and across the layout add a more elegant and refined look to the interface. Opposed to the fair background, vivid orange elements look so catching.

Transportation Private Company WordPress Theme

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 WordPress Theme

Frutti Bar features a large hero image in the header of the main page, which serves as a great visual trigger for the audience. Intended for presenting food and drink related businesses on the web, the theme looks very appetizing. In addition to the retina ready images showcasing mouthwatering products, the layout features yellow design elements that are known as strong appetizers.

The front page of this responsive WordPress template resembles an infographic that tells the company story in an appealing and captivating manner. Thanks to the use of different sizes and shapes, the designer added some hierarchy to the layout, bringing the most important content to the forefront.

Frutti Bar

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Tune Station WordPress Theme

Software development companies can make use of Tune Station. If you have developed an app and want to showcase it to the world, then this theme will be the right choice for you. The header features a large hero image with a couple of calls-to-action, inviting web users to learn more about the product or download it right away.

In order to trigger curiosity and grab users’ attention, the layout was enhanced with soft yellow elements.

For a better content organization, the theme makes use of grids and tiles. If you want to modify the layout somehow you can always do it via the powerful dashboard. The template runs on Cherry Framework 4, and this means that the pack is enhanced with such awesome add-ons as MotoPress Content Editor and MotoPress Slider. Both of the plugins make the theme’s customization a breeze.

Tune Station WordPress Theme

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Smartex WP Theme

Smartex is an impressive WordPress theme that is intended for business, software and insurance websites. Featuring a fully responsive layout, the template ensures that all your site content will be properly displayed across various devices. No matter if users accessed your site from a handheld device or a desktop PC, the layout will smoothly adapt to any screen size and resolution. Retina-ready visuals will look even sharper on the last-generation gadgets.

The template comes integrated with an intuitive MotoPress drag and drop content editor. WPML ready, the template can be translated into an array of languages, making your site accessible for international users. High ranking in the popular search engines is guaranteed thanks to the SEO optimization of the template.

martex WordPress Theme

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Video Records WordPress Theme

Video Records is a photo and video oriented WordPress template. Making heavy use of visuals, the theme is lightweight and ensures fast loading speeds. The layout doesn’t look cluttered thanks to the clever use of white space and a well-balanced content positioning. Grids and tiles allow placing loads of data on one page.

The header features a usable MegaMenu. Right above the main navigation panel, there is an advanced search bar that provides quick access to the desired content in a matter of clicks. The categories are presented with the bold banners on the main page of the theme, each featuring a stunning hover effect on the mouse over. HTML plus LS animation enhanced the appeal of the theme to a great extent. See it for yourself while watching a live demo.

Video Records WordPress Theme

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Essperto WordPress Theme

Essperto is a business WordPress template that was designed with the focus on usability. The main menu is represented in the form of hamburger menu that reveals all menu items with a click. The full-width header slider comes with a couple of call-to-action button that invite users for a deeper investigation of the subject. The theme was built in the light blue color scheme, which is known as the perfect option for business related web resources.

In order to make it easier for the web audience to get focused on content, the latter was placed on the pure white background. Readable fonts and elegant icons make the design more user-friendly and the content easy-to-perceive.

Business Expert WordPress Theme

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Handyman WordPress Theme

If you are running an interior or exterior design business, then you will need a template that will showcase your creativity at its best. Handyman was specially designed to make your future clients get interested in you. Every element of the theme was handpicked to serve a certain function. Images from the photo gallery feature stunning animation effects that reveal more information about each project on the mouse over.

In order to make it easier for the users to differentiate content blocks, the latter was opposed to various backgrounds. Though the theme’s visuals do not feature the parallax scrolling effect, it doesn’t mar the positive impression bout the design.

Handyman WordPress Theme

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Taste WP Template

Built in a flat style, this catering services WordPress template looks simple yet appealing. The layout charms with its straightforward look. With every element being thoroughly selected to represent your company services in the most favorable light, the template allows to clearly communicate your message to the audience.

Quality, retina ready images only enhance the theme’s appeal. The layout makes use of the full-width photo backgrounds to separate different content blocks. Filterable galleries can be manipulated via the powerful dashboard any way you wish.

The pack comes loaded with several slider options, all of which can be effortlessly integrated into the design. On top of it, the theme included MotoPress Slider that is known for its intuitive interface and the abundance of beautiful animation effects.

Taste Monstroid child theme

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Fishing Club WordPress Theme

The flat style of this Fishing Club WordPress Theme is enhanced with stunning parallax scrolling animation on the theme’s backgrounds. Images combined with background videos and bold colors make the theme an eye-candy. The layout features tile-based content organization, which lets users navigate through the page in an interactive, easy way.

For a more functional view, banners were integrated with the hover effect. When putting a mouse over any thumbnail image, users are introduced to additional information about a product/service. While being captured by any piece of content, viewers get motivated to investigate more while browsing the rest of the site pages. By the way, the main navigation panel is presented with a sticky horizontal bar.

Also, you get this themes and more than 30 other themes with a single theme purchase called Monstroid, all these themes comes as child themes with the super powerful Monstroid theme.

Fishing Club Monstroid Theme

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Textile WordPress Template

Textile can become a rock-solid starting point of industrial websites. The dark gray palette adds special charm to the layout, making it look so elegant and stylish. Bright images, when opposed to such a background, look even more outstanding. In order to highlight different types of content and add hierarchy to the layout, the designer played with the font size and color.

If you need to bring changes to any of the design element, the admin panel provides a number of smart modification solutions.

The theme was built with valid coding, which will make your site more competitive on the market. What is more, it was powered by Cherry Framework 4, a universal solution that provides web developers with the ease of use and installation of WordPress products. Post editing will be hassle-free owing to plenty of shortcode variations.

On top of it, shortcode template editor allows you to create and edit shortcodes on your own.

Textile WordPress Theme

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Hockey WordPress Theme

Sports blogs and news portals can benefit from this professionally crafted theme. Visitors will get immersed into the atmosphere of adventure when browsing your site. The layout was made with the focus on visuals. A large hero area and photo backgrounds are all enhanced with the parallax scrolling effect, that has already become a web design classic. Since the page is heavy in visuals, lazy loading effect comes just in handy.

Cherry Framework 4 lies in the core of the template. Enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, it makes the design fully adaptive to any device. The dashboard is simple yet powerful, providing you with quick access to a vast variety of advanced theme options. Most of the functionality is stored on the cloud, so you will not need to waste your PC storage.

Sports Blog Monstroid Theme

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Rodeo WordPress Theme

Rodeo is a motivating sports template. The beauty and elegance of its layout with attract accidental visitors and make them stay on site for longer. In order to welcome people to participate in hot discussions in social media and just follow your updates, the header features a list of social sharing icons.

At the very top of the page, the designer has added contact details. A large hero area reveals the message of the sports club, welcoming every visitor for a deeper investigation. The navigation bar was placed below. However, as you scroll down the page, it remains in a fixed position at the top of the page.

The layout represents a perfect balance of texts and visuals, soft and bright colors. Playing with contrast, the theme’s developers try to make the page browsing more entertaining. And, to be honest, they manage to achieve this effect.

Rodeo Arena WordPress Theme

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Brewery WP Theme

The theme was built in the best traditions of flat style. Without overwhelming the layout with heavy design elements, it puts the focus on data that values the most. Visuals help to deliver the company message to the target audience and evoke a strong desire to come for a drink. Smart and modern, the template is intended to help breweries and other food-related companies to promote their brand online, look more trustworthy and competitive.

In order to achieve positive results, a theme should be powerful from the inside. This is exactly what we can say about this design. Developed with attention to details, the theme comes loaded with detailed documentation, sliced PSD, several premium extensions that its owners will get for free, and so much more.

Brewery Monstroid child Theme

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Furniture Company WordPress Theme

The clean yet elegant layout of this WordPress theme looks so inspiring. The classic combination of black and white colors in the theme’s palette lets viewers concentrate on the site content mainly.

In order to make web users get interested in your offering once they land on your site, the header was enhanced with a stunning hero image. Parallax scrolling effect makes it look even more appealing. Adding depth to the layout, it makes the web audience feel the atmosphere of your company. The white brick texture in the background makes the effect much stronger.

Social sharing options are indispensable for interior and furniture websites. That is why they were given a special place in the layout. Located above the footer, each icon looks neat and eye-catching.

Furniture Company

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Gulliver Cafe WP Theme

The last, but not the least on this list of beautiful flat WordPress themes is Gulliver Cafe. Intended for building cafe and restaurant websites, the layout resembles a menu. Texts are accompanied by the retina ready images of delicious food, which cannot leave gourmets indifferent.

For the user convenience, the main drop-down navigation bar remains at the top of the page. In that way, every time you need to access a different menu item, you can do it easily, without the need to waste time on scrolling up the page.

In terms of animation, the theme makes use of HTML plus JS practices. The parallax scrolling effect was also integrated to impress the viewers. MotoPress Slider plugin allows you to create stunning responsive photo sliders with smooth transitions and captions support.

Gulliver wordpress theme

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20 Trendy WordPress Themes Built in Flat Design
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