Top 5 Free Lazy Load Image Plugins for 2018

Slow loading speed is often a problem for sites that have a lot of images, and few things in this world are more frustrating than a page that takes forever to load. If a visitor is forced to wait more than a few seconds, they'll probably just leave your site and move on to something else.

Lazy loading is an effective way to increase your loading speed and reduce your bounce rate. With lazy loading, instead of loading everything on a page when the page is opened, only the images above the fold are loaded. The visitor only has to wait for the content that is visible on their browser.

In today's post, we'll show you the best free lazy load plugins available for your WordPress site.

Best Free Lazy Load Plugins 2018

a3 Lazy Load

This is the perfect plugin for a site that has lots of content on it. The more content your site will have, the better the plugin will work. With this plugin, you can not only make your images load faster but can make it work on your videos too. It is also a great option for people who want the lazy load on their Woocommerce websites.

This plugin works brilliantly with other advanced plugins and is responsive to mobile sites too. It supports video embeds including Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML5 video etc.

a3 also has built-in support for WordPress AMP plugins. You can also easily use Advanced Custom Fields plugins with this amazing resource.

a3 Lazy load, lazy load

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Lazy Load WP Rocket

This is yet another fantastic plugin that will make your images visible to the users only when it is just above the fold. By using this plugin, you can reduce the loading time of your speed because it reduces the number of HTTP request that your site sends to the server. It not only works on your images to speed up your site but also takes care of your thumbnails, avatars, smiles and everything else that reduces the loading speed.

This plugin is regularly updated to keep up its features to match the other advanced plugins of its type. You can use it on the latest versions of your WordPress site and use other modern plugins along with it.

Lazy Load

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Speed Up – Lazy Load

Just like the name suggests, this plugin fastens up your site's speed by stoping the picture from being downloaded until it is not in the screen frame. This will help you improve the speed of the website and also saves the bandwidth.

This is one of the simplest plugins you can use on your website as it needs no configuration at all. All you need to do is to install it on your site and the rest will be taken care of. With a 5.9 star ratings, this plugin is a great one when it comes to offering great lazy loading features.

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BJ Lazy Load

Save bandwidth and increase your loading speed by using this brilliant WordPress plugin. This plugin diligent works on the post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images, and content iframes and makes it load only when it reaches the browser window.

Like other advanced plugins of this sort, this one too supports videos embedded from Youtube, Vimeo etc. You can try it out and see how it fastens up your site in no time.


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Zedna WP Lazy Load

This is yet another lightweight, responsive and cross-browser compatible plugin that deserves to be mentioned. From iframes to images and videos, this plugin works on every element that might affect your site's loading speed. It's a wonderful plugin that reduces up to 90% of the site's speed and makes your site super light.

It also lets you make your animations fade as the user scrolls down. Besides you can also make it skip working on some elements with some class.

free lazy load plugins

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Top 5 Free Lazy Load Image Plugins for 2018
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