Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes for 2018

We all have a desire to travel. Curiosity, thirst for new discoveries, eagerness to experience the world and its wonders and desire to be fully present in every moment of our lives. However, people often compromise their desire to travel with everyday life and cast implementation of their traveling plans aside.

Moreover, the aim of every travelling website is to stimulate every person to make a step toward implementation of their dreams and depart on a journey of a lifetime. These Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes 2017 of Your Dream will not just follow your dreams, but also make them true.

If you’re running a travel agency website, your main task is to ignite the travelling urge of your website guests. Therefore, your task is to convince them that once-in-a-lifetime adventures expect them round the corner, or, to be precise, on your website. To successfully complete this task, you need a modern website with top-notch design and functionality. It’s up to you how to get a website launched. Of course, you may go for a costly custom website design. Thus, a smarter choice would be building your website with a pre-designed theme that incorporates all the modern technological advances.

Why is a template a smarter choice than a custom design?

  • It’s already there. When getting a custom design, you need to spend time to work out the concept of the page and you wait for it to be done. Then you change something and wait again. But you can have it at you hand right away. Is there really a need to loose on your sales?
  • It is up to 10 times less expensive.
  • What you get is unique. Each template provides multiple options for customization. So, after a bit of adjusting, you get a unique product of desired quality.
  • It’s simple to install. No special knowledge required. Just a couple of clicks to download and install it. If you still have any problems, a devoted support team will help you out 24/7.
  • You get a license for all the images in your theme pack. This means that you can later reuse them for any other design projects you have.

In this post, I share with you Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes 2017 of Your Dream that all reflect on web design trends of 2017. The skillful team of TemplateMonster created them for you. For instance, if you want to check out more of their traveling templates, review their full collection of travel WordPress themes.

There is no need to put off a journey to the website of your expectations. Take a look at these diverse themes that present travelling experience from different perspectives and make a step towards giving your enterprise a new dimension of power!

Bon Voyage: Original Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Bon Voyage WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you need a sustainable all-in-one solution for a traveling agency website, go for this responsive template among Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes 2017 of Your Dream with tempting circular image previews. All the imagery of the theme is Retina-ready, providing for an awesome display on devices with high pixel density screens. T

Theme’s majestic homepage slider immediately captures site guests’ attention and motivates them to depart on a journey of their dreams. Specialists crafted the top navigation of the theme in an unconventional way.

Its representation is a vertical menu bar with a hamburger menu button on it that unfolds to the right, uncovering simple and sleek website navigation. Bon Voyage template is WPML-ready. This means that you can translate your website to different languages and place a language switcher in website header. Just use WPML plugin that is the most popular translation plugin for WordPress.

HotelBliss: Hotel & Resort Facilities Responsive WordPress Template

 HotelBliss - Spa & Resort Hotel WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This flexible modern hotel template has a set of valuable features and powerful plugins. Its homepage opens with a slider that is followed by a fully-functional booking form. One of its advantages is Hotel Booking plugin. To showcase your rooms and suites, you can make use of a number of inbuilt filterable galleries. The template has rich customization options. It comes with 7 pre-built header layouts and multiple main page layouts that are stored at Power Builder library. With Power Builder visual editor you can manage website content with simple drag-n-drop.

With the template you get an ultimate pack of Cherry plugins that provides for extended functionality of such website pages/blocks as Team Members, Testimonials, Gallery, sidebars, search, etc. The template also includes a well-thought menu plugin, Restaurant Menu that lets you provide all the information about the dishes clients may inquire. It has the display of each dish with the name, description, price, nutritional data, ingredients and characteristics, such as weight and size. The plugin, as well as the overall template design, has the optimization for mobile viewing with Bootstrap 3 Framework. So, HotelBliss is one of the best matches on the market, offering effortless installation, advanced customization tools and luxurious responsive design.

Yachting & Voyage Charter

 Yachting & Voyage Charter WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This clean, sea-inspired template is filled with neat nautical elements and features that boost UX on a yachting website. With Cherry Team plugin you have a great opportunity to represent your team. Meanwhile,  Cherry Projects ensure the best possible presentation of your unforgettable cruises. Lightweight Cherry Sidebars plugin offers you extended sidebar customization options. You can add sidebars to different layouts in one click and fill them with handy widgets of your choice, such as social media widgets, Simple slider, post Carousel, etc.

The ease of the template customization is ensured thanks to Power Builder and Live Customizer visual editors. For instance, the former accounts for working with layout and contents. It also has a drag-n-drop interface. The latter provides you with multiple handy options. So, you can tweak and see the results without saving and reloading the page. In fact, the template has clean, valid and well-structured code and meets SEO-guidelines of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Dalton: Hotel WordPress Site Design

Dalton - Modern Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

Comfort at Dalton is a feature-rich WordPress theme that is ideal both for small motels and large hotel corporations. Your informative home page features a clear-cut booking section that comes after the website slider and invites to book a room right after your site guests land on your website. Moreover, the template comes equipped with an easy-to-use menu plugin. With Restaurant Menu plugin, you can include menus to the main body of your pages (e.g. to the home page), to the sidebars and posts, as well as create separate pages dedicated to the menu presentation.

You feel comfort at Dalton template with Power Builder, a drag-n-drop page editor that offers you 25+ modules, a library of presets and an advanced set of configuration options. With it, you can even power an online store on your website with the help of Ecwid, a popular and simple e-commerce engine with a number of useful features. The theme is fully responsive and adapts to all the viewports from a smartphone screen to a desktop PC.


Bookit - Small Hotel WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you’re searching for a template with stunning, luxurious design, you’ve hit the right spot. This modern, SEO-friendly hotel template’s got all you need for an exceptional hotel website. It has a set with a huge number of plugins that either boost UX on your website or provide of ease of template customization. You can offer your rooms for booking, accept payments, display room details and sell extras right on your website.

Booking form is handily situated on top of your website’s home page. So that site guests don’t have to look for it. The theme also includes a Restaurant Menu plugin, with the help of which you can skillfully present delectable dishes you offer in your hotel’s restaurant and highlight their unique qualities. Moreover, for those of you, interested in e-commerce, the theme is Ecwid-ready. This means that you can power an online-shop on pages of your website with the help of comprehensive Ecwid engine for WordPress. Finally, you should never doubt the quality of the template. It’s well-tested, bug-free and boasts of clean, valid and well-structured code.

Woods Hotel

Woods Hotel - Hotel & Resort WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

NiceHotel WordPress theme is a well-thought template that has all the functionality for a perfect hotel, resort or spa-services website. The core of the template consists of the powerful, secure and SEO-optimized CherryFramework5 that arms you with advanced functionality and customization options. On top of it, you have modern and sleek design of the template, video backgrounds and bold, creative typography.

Users will be excited by usability of your website. With NiceHotel template site guests will be able to book your rooms and order some nice extras, learn about what you offer at your restaurant and book a table there. Therefore, readers can learn more about your hospitable place on plugin-powered About Us, Our Team and Testimonials pages. Thus, thanks to powerful Bootstrap grid, your website automatically rebuilds on smaller screens and is equally appealing, no matter what the size of the view port is. This one of Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes 2017 of Your Dream template is also cross-browser compatible. No matter what modern browser your site guests use, your has the structure in a consistent way.


Travelop - Traveling Blog WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This breathtaking travel blog template has the distribution under GPLv3 license. You can use it on an unlimited number of domains and power as many websites with it as you wish. When customizing the theme, you can preview changes without reloading the page thanks to WordPress Live Customizer, an extended template editor with advanced functionality. Built with Bootstrap3 (a grid system for responsive websites), the template ensures you website’s compatibility with all modern screen resolutions and browsers, both desktop and mobile.

In addition, the theme provides you with rich social media integration options. The informative template’s home page renders your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and lets you showcase your avid social life and get more followers in popular social networks. Wonders of the World template comes with an advanced sidebar. It also allows displaying your posts by categories, reading posts from archive and viewing them by date or by tag.


TripTastic - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

Fantastic Trip is a bright travel website template that allows you to power as many travel blogs as you wish, as it’s distributed under GPLv3 license. Flat, monochromatic blocks and circular buttons account for fun, upbeat feel of the theme. The theme allows you to experiment with your website layouts, modifying them with the help of widgets and choosing one of the several header, footer and sidebar styles. With Fantastic Trip, you can captivatingly present your website content, choosing one of the 8 custom post formats and going for one of the modern fonts from the extensive Google Fonts collection. Additionally, social buttons are above the fold, ensuring that they are easily discoverable by website guests. The template is SEO-optimized, responsive and cross-browser compatible. With it, your traveling blog is bound to make it to the top.

Down River

Down River - Rafting & Kayaking WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

For a rafting, canoeing or kayaking devoted website, you need an active, filled-with-motion template that showcases great imagery of this extreme water sports. The theme gives you an advanced toolkit for presenting your professional team and services. You’ll also find such functionally robust plugins as Cherry Team Members, Cherry Testimonials, Cherry Sidebars, Cherry Services and Cherry Projects. MotoPress Timetable is the plugin that allows you to display a timetable of you rafting days and lets all the people see what expects them.

Ease of creative customization of the template is exact thanks to WYSIWYG Power Builder editor and Ajax-based Live Customizer. The theme comes with a number of pre-built layouts, headers, footers, sidebars and content modules that are all stored in the library of Power Builder drag-n-drop editor. With Down the River template, you can also add an Ecwid-powered online store that sells rafting supplies to your website in a matter of minutes.

NiceInn: Small Hotel WordPress Theme

NiceInn - Small Hotel Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

NiceInn hotel template has a well-thought and clean layout and boasts of rich functionality that is a must for a fore-handed modern hotel website. Site guests may book a room right on your website and proceed with the payment and booking confirmation. TM Gallery plugin lets you showcase your rooms of different types, restaurant and sport complex in a neat gallery with extended filtering options and a variety of layouts. Restaurant Menu plugin that comes with the theme includes all the information about the dishes you serve at your restaurant, as well as the prices.

This is extremely convenient for site guests, as many people are often reluctant to make a reservation at a hotel. For instance, if they plan to dine theme, but cannot preview the dishes available and prices for them. The theme is fully responsive and adapts to all the viewports from a smartphone screen to a desktop PC. NiceInn theme is cross-browser compatible. No matter what browser or device your site guests prefer, they will see you website just the same way you see it in your browser window.


SabBatico - Hostel & Bed & Breakfast Hotel WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

Lodging in a hostel or a bed & breakfast hotel doesn’t mean that you’re left without hospitality, comfort and friendly services that are staples of hotel industry. Best B&B is the theme that breathes with comfort of your clean, neat and modern facility. This theme lets you establish an awesome online presence and be easily discoverable by search engines. The theme is SEO-friendly and built in compliance with latest requirements of modern search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It’s crafted using clean and valid code that makes your website invulnerable to the attacks of malicious users and ensures seamless, streamlined performance of all the website functionality. At the same time, you’ll never have to work with website coding directly. As you can customize all the options in the website admin panel, and the template pages can be rebuilt with the help of drag-n-drop Bower Builder editor. The functionality of this editor lets you customize template layouts and use the ones stored in the builder library, add content modules of different types to the body of your website pages and greatly experiment with website header, footer and sidebar areas of your site.


NavyBlue - Scuba Diving Club Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you want to create a super catchy website for a scuba diving club, you just can’t cast aside a classic blue color scheme. However, how much advanced and visually appealing the template is matters a lot. This theme is underpinned by rich video backgrounds that capture and hold attention of your website guests and Parallax effect that perfectly imitates the immersive depth of the sea. With the template, you can create striking diving albums that reflect upon all the beauty of the sea world.

With Appointment Booking plugin you can give you visitors a great opportunity to book a diving time slot that fits them best right on your website. You’ll find such plugins as Cherry Services, Cherry Team Members, Cherry Testimonials, etc. With them, you’ll be able to presents your services and instructors in the most appealing way and further convince the guests to go for your services with exited testimonials of your clients. So, use ScubaGo template to promote your diving services as a pro and head toward success with it!

Hiking & Camping Tours

Hiking & Camping Tours WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This WordPress theme, built for outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, camping and others, is built to capture visitors imagination and present your services in the best way possible. The template has a fully responsive design It accommodates for the needs of those visitors who want to find their perfect hiking tour on the go. The theme is also cross-browser compatible, meaning that you’re fully ready to embrace the diversity of browser choices of your site guests.

To customize this beautiful website template, you don’t have to be an expert of web design and web development. With an inbuilt Live Customizer, you can adjust all the options in one single place, adjust them and preview changes without reloading the page. Moreover, the template comes with a thick pack of custom widgets, such as Simple Slider, Post Carousel, Post Categories, Calendar and social media widgets. It allows you to display different types of website content and makes browsing your insightful blog posts simpler. Moreover, thanks to Google Web Fonts integration, your posts will always be readable, well-structured and visually appealing.

Extreme Sports Club

Extreme Sports Club WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This extreme sports template breathes with the gist of adventures, full of adrenaline and unforgettable moments. It motivates to go for extreme sports with its bright colors and tempting imagery. It opens with a captivating fullscreen image that pictures untamed waves and surfers conquering them and provides for forming positive first impressions that is known to be accountable for decreasing website’s bounce rate. The top part of the website’s home page is uncluttered, as the theme’s menu has the representation in form of a hamburger menu button, after clicking on which the menu unfolds.

Visual appeal of the theme is further advanced by Parallax backgrounds and card design of Blog section of the homepage. Thanks to fluid, proportion-based Bootstrap grid, website layout and all its content adapt to different screen resolutions and provide for perfect browsing experience on a wide range of devices. Surf the World theme comes with an auto-updater: as soon as its update is released, the template will be automatically updated to give you even more useful functionality for creating a website that beats the competition.


WildRide - Sports Bicycle WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

CrazyRide is a top-notch template the color palette of which combines white, blue and steel colors and presents you as a devoted blogger and bicycle-reviewer. The template is offered under the terms of GPL license, meaning that you can create unlimited number of websites with this template, use it on an unrestricted number of domains and modify the source code of it up to your wish, sharing it on the web. So, if you need some more freedom with your theme, CrazyRide is an optimal choice.

Default template layout has an advanced sidebar. It is loaded with a number of useful widgets that display your feeds in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it has an offer to subscribe to your newsletter, read more about you and your team or explore your posts by categories or tags. The theme has SEO-optimization to let you fit Google guidelines for websites and improve your position in search engine search results. It’s also well-documented and its PSD files are included to the package.

To learn more about the theme, check out its detailed video-presentation:

Hotel WordPress Theme

Hotel WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This responsive hotel template approaches hotel website design more creatively than the majority of websites in the area. Its header bar that presents logo and menu is followed by a full-width MotoPress slider with handwritten captions and bright CTAs. On mobile screens, the menu bar transforms into a single hamburger menu button. It allows saving space that’s so valuable on small screens. Template’s home page design has Parallax backgrounds that add 3D depth to your website.

The theme also uses MegaMenu instead of commonplace menu dropdowns. Such a menu displays a panel with elements of different types that you add there. Your site guests will be able to navigate not only to your website pages, but also to categories and even to single posts. The theme is also translation ready. Use WPML plugin, WordPress translation plugin number 1 in the world, and translate all the elements of you website to as many languages as needed. Launching your hotel website won’t take much time as the theme installs in 2 steps and you can customize it in the matter of minutes.

Hang Gliding WordPress Theme

Hang Gliding WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This hand gliding template is filled with beautiful eerie imagery and circular elements and buttons with rounded angles. It contains the Parallax effect for a more immersive effect. The template is built based on a powerful Monstroid framework that provides for in-depth template adjustment. First of all, it allows you to install the theme in a couple of clicks thanks to innovative Monstroid Installation Wizard. Moreover, it freely modifies its layouts thanks to advanced layout manager that allows to set up pages’ display for large, medium and small screen resolutions separately.
The theme is fully responsive and adapts to all the viewports from a smartphone screen to a desktop PC.

Moreover, all the template images are Retina-ready, ensuring a stunning appearance on Retina devices. Soar in the Air theme offers you a great shortcut to adding content of different types to your website with Shortcodes buttons that resides on top of visual content area in WordPress admin panel. This template is equipped with all the tools, needed for creation of a successful modern website, devoted to extreme sports. So, don’t hesitate to take your business up a notch with it!

Travel Guide

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you are looking for an informative travel guide/travel blog template, spot this new theme with a refreshing color scheme. The theme opens with a fullscreen Parallax-powered background image, on top of which reside main website captions and tabbed content, such as ‘News & Events’, ‘What we offer’ and ‘Hot tours’. As users scroll down the page, they learn about the categories of services you offer on the right and can handily narrow down their search to what they need. Then you website home page does a great job presenting your latest ‘Blog’ posts and features your partners on top of the informative website footer that plays part of a roadmap to your website.

In your website footer, users will find different categories of content, social buttons and contact information including your phone number and e-mail address and Google Map. Such footer facilitates easy navigation of your website and boosts UX on it. Roadmap to Great Travels template is fully editable, 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible. It lets you add content of custom post types and formats and work with 80+ shortcodes. The template offers you multiple color options So you can change the color palette of your website, whenever you feel like doing this.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

Appeal to all website guests, who want to break out of the routine cycle, with this creative travel agency WordPress template. The template opens with a catchy fullscreen slider that instigates users’ desire to depart on a journey of their dreams. This is a very smart move, as it ensures a good first impression that you will get within 5 seconds after landing on your website’s homepage. Below, users will uncover your best offers presented on encompassing Parallax backgrounds and a snapshot of your gallery with diamond-shaped image previews.

The template is fully editable in WordPress admin panel. So you’ll never have to edit a single line of code directly. The theme is WPML-ready. WPML is currently the most popular multilingual plugin for WordPress that lets you translate all the elements of your website: posts, pages, taxonomy, menus and main template text. Therefor, you can create a language switcher that you can place either in header or in footer of your website.

Rocky Hotel: Hotel Responsive WordPress Theme

Rocky Hotel WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

You can load this skillfully designed template with eye-pleasing color scheme and well-thought layout with pro functionality and advanced features. The theme has a sticky drop down menu that keeps displaying on top of your website while users scroll down your website’s pages. Website content has the structure in accordance to Bootstrap grid. It also rebuilds itself automatically to fit the screens size of a device used by this or that site guest.

Rocky Hotel theme is built based on sound Cherry Framework. It gives you an array of indispensable tools for managing you website. With it, you can install the theme in WordPress admin panel in a couple of clicks, perform extended template customization and make use of plugins that come pre-packed with it. The template automatically updates and offers you rich backup options. So that you can never spoil a thing on your website. All the coding of the template is truly faultless. It’s clean, valid and well-structured. Search engines will definitely appreciate this!

Professional Travel Guide: Hotel Responsive WordPress Theme

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This template is optimal for a professional travel guide, who is an expert in delivering best travelling experience possible. The theme opens with a top bar. So you’ll find not only the habitual logo and top website navigation, but also a Search button. It has a full-width parallax image that tunes up your website guests for positive interaction and motivates them to opt for your services. Below, you can present yourself or your agency in best way possible. Moreover, you can use not only textual contents, but also animated counters that speak about you in numbers.

Testimonials section is handy to boost your credibility and establish you as one of the top travel guides in the area. Above the footer users will find a section with your social icons. So you will definitely reach massive following in popular social network, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The theme’s responsiveness is flawless with every template’s element ability to adapt to the peculiarities of small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screens. Professional Travel Guide template is also faultlessly cross-browser compatible. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Mozilla Firefox – your website will appear in its full blossom in all these modern browsers.

Explore: Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Template

Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

Explore is a tempting WordPress theme with rich visuals that powers creating an up-to-date, visually rich travelling website. The template opens with a captivating fullscreen slider that is to play images automatically by default. Therefore, there is a menu bar that sticks to the top when users scroll down the page. This WordPress template has a storytelling home page that tells website guests who you are, what services you offer and features a gallery of your best tours.

The template’s HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code is valid and well-structured. So that you never fear malicious hacker attacks. Moreover, your website will load in a matter of seconds with LazyLoad effect that delays loading images and loads them as site guests scroll down the page. This effect also makes presentation of your homepage sections more entertaining as they appear with captivating animated effects. The template is responsive and cross-browser compatible, ensuring a stunning display and performance across a wide range of devices and browsers.

Tour Operator Services

Tour Operator Services WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you strive to effectively promote your tour operator services on the global scale, go for this atmospheric travel WordPress template. You’ll boost UX on your website thanks to comprehensive navigation, well-thought content arrangement, in-depth Categories widgets and readable typography, powered by the library of Google Fonts. Your website will be user-friendly even for those, who want to choose the tour on the go using their mobile device, as Pristine Destinations template is fully responsive and adapts to different screen resolutions on the fly.

The template is underpinned but well-tested and feature-rich Cherry Framework that features more than 80 short codes that let you quickly video-files to your posts and create content of different types. The theme comes with an inbuilt online chat, so that your clients can rich you out on your website and get detailed answers to their question and assistance. Being Ecwid-ready, the theme allows you to power an online store on the pages of your website, so that you can sell tours and traveling equipment online.


Surfing Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

If you search for a perfect surfing, kite-surfing or barefoot skiing theme, this one would please you with its clear-cut, content-centered design, rich imagery that employs Parallax effect and all-encompassing set of features. Its color scheme is split-complimentary: the main template colors are light blue, orange and warm pink. Together they provide for upbeat feel of the website and noticeability of your CTAs. The theme incorporates all the necessary trust signals, such as contact details, Google maps. Moreover, testimonials of people who succeeded in surfing with you, About us section, etc.

You will amaze your site guests once they arrive to the Gallery page of your website. It presents photos of your clients surfing and surfers’ social life. Users will see an appealing animated effect. Once  you click the image, a large image in a lightbox will appear. The template is 100% translation ready. Use WPML, one of the best translation plugins that exist for WordPress. In addition, you can just add a language switcher to your website and to translate every single string of text there.

Dream Vacation: Travel Guide WordPress Site Design

Travel Guide Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This powerful premium WordPress theme is built for rich and developed travelling companies that bring quality service to their clients. Complimentary color palette of the template supports strong imagery of beautiful sunsets on pristine beaches . So it ensures perfect readability of white-colored text on colored backgrounds. Your site guests will appreciate the modern look and feel of your website. Thanks to such elements as Parallax backgrounds, circle image previews and buttons, and bold, decisive Google Fonts.

Thanks to advanced theme options, you can easily customize color scheme of the theme. Choose the fonts you like, set different visual effects and add logo and other signs of corporal identity to your theme. The theme allows adding content of different types and using different post formats, such as Aside, Blurb, Tabs, Accordion, etc. This Cherry Framework powered template is responsive and cross-browser compatible. Its fluid grid rebuilds to fit the demands of different screen resolutions. It also delivers a perfect browser experience to all website users.

6th Continent

6th Continent WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This is just a wow template for advanced travel blogger. Thus, it gets to the most remote and secret corners of our world. Its homepage features well-thought Parallax-animated images, card design of page’s main content. Moreover, framed transparent buttons and informative footer that contains your contact information and social links. The theme is up-to-date inside-out. Its layout and content are 100% responsive, cross-browser compatible and SEO-optimized. Specialists built this template in accordance with latest demands of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. It can let your website get to the first page а search engine search results.

The theme comes with a number of prebuilt pages, such as Blog, Photos/Videos and Contacts. Thus, it let you create a website on the fly. Ease of content management is boosted by Shortcodes button of post’s/page’s visual editor. It allows you add one of the 80+ shortcodes that are available in this template. The theme has an online chat feature include. So if you need this functionality, there is no need to worry about choosing and installing a third-party plugin. Sixth Continent theme is WPML- and Ecwid-ready. Power an online shop with it and go multilingual.

TravelIt: Travel Agency/Blog Responsive WordPress Template

Travel Responsive WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This template would completely satisfy all your needs and meet all your expectations. The template has all the elements needed for a successful travel agency website. It incorporates an extended portfolio section, features latest posts from your blog. It also invites users to share your page in popular social networks. Template’s home page has fun loading effect added to its blocks thanks to LazyLoad.

At the same time, LazyLoad boost your website’s loading speed. As  you are not able to load all the page content immediately. It gets loaded later on as users scroll down the page. The template is fully editable. You can adjust its olor scheme. You can also go for the fonts of your liking from the huge Google Fonts collection. Therefore, you can customize website layout and add informative widgets to website sidebars, header and footer, etc. The template is ultimately search engine friendly and will please you with extended SEO-optimization options. Moreover, with the theme you can power an e-store in a matter of minutes. Use Ecwid to add store functionality to your website and enjoy increased revenues that come from your business.

Travel Guide

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This template allows you to present your traveling services in full blossom and tell the stories behind your dream destinations. Therefore, blue-and-white color palette decreases eye strain and ensures perfect readability of your website content. Website header features social buttons and a search field, as well as main website navigation and site logo. Left homepage sidebar is a perfect guide to the destinations, trips to which are available on your website.

Use the template extended functionality to add posts of different types and formats. Moreover, among them you’ll find such post formats as Aside, Gallery, Link, Image, Video, Audio, Quote and others. Moreover, Unforgettable Memories theme comes with a number of custom widgets. It boosts your online presence and offer you multiple additional ways of content presentation. It also offers rich media integration options. You can embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, add audio podcasts and images of different formats including .gif animations.

Hiking and Camping Club

Travel Guide WordPress Theme

Demo ThemeDownload ThemeInstall and Setup Theme For Me (Powered by Maintaingo)

This hiking and camping theme submerses your website guests in the world of outdoor adventures and communication with nature. It opens with a fullscreen image, on top of which reside a catching caption, website logo and menu bar. The theme comes with LazyLoad and Parallax visual effects, custom widgets for social sharing, comments, etc. You can easily set up your website identity and customize its color scheme and diverse display options.

The theme is multilingual-ready. It means that you can translate it with the help of popular WPML plugin. It allows you easily power your website on as many languages as needed. You’ll never fear losing your customization progress. You’ll always have a fresh backup and you can upload it right in your WordPress admin panel. The template has the basics on Bootstrap grid system. It also displays equally well across all range of possible screen resolutions and devices.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some information about all these awesome traveling websites. They are built to let you reach new heights in travel industry. I hope that with one of them you create a travelling website of your dreams!

I’m happy to tell you, that all these themes come with round-the-clock chat and phone support. A team friendly technical support operators will provide you with a custom step-by-step guidance. You will definitely make sure that they will resolve the issue. If you want to go above the standard template customization and order some additional web design services. Don’t hesitate to contact TemplateMonster Service Center.

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Top 30 Travel WordPress Themes for 2018
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