Thrive Leads Review: Grow Your Email List Faster

A detailed review of Thrive Leads email list building plugin for WordPress that comes with all the modern features and options which are required to grow your email list fast.

We have already listed the best mailing list building WordPress plugins which you can use to create and grow your email list to promote your product and services.

Building an email list is one of the most important steps for any online business, no matter you run a fully featured online business to sell your product or you are just a blogger, an email list will always help you to receive targeted traffic.

Your email list can send you traffic on demand and help you to grow your revenue to a huge extent because the users who subscribe to your email newsletter are those who are interested in your business.

Though many WordPress themes offer you email optin form these days, they are not as comprehensive as they should be and they are limited to a few email service providers.

So, you must use a comprehensive email list building the plugin that offers you all the features required to maximize the conversion rate.

In this post, we will discuss a plugin called Thrive Leads which is a comprehensive email list building a plugin that offers you tons of features and has a proven track record.

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Overview of Thrive Leads

Setting up an opt-in email form is the very first thing you should consider when you create a new blog because targeted traffic is of paramount importance for the growth of your blog and the no traffic is more targeted than your email list.

So, it's always a good idea to invest some amount towards your email list as that is a huge source of revenue in the long run. There are some tools and plugins for WordPress platform that claims to help you in growing your online business, but you must invest smartly.

Thrive Leads email option plugin is one such tool that deserves your attention and will discuss how it can impact your online business in this post. Thrive Leads option plugin is a very easy to use WordPress mailing list building a plugin that can help you to grow your email list really fast.

The team at Thrive is known for creating some of the best conversion focused WordPress products which can take your business to the next level. Their themes and plugins are best for the marketers because they create the products which can help you to increase your revenue.

Other than the Lead Generation Plugin, the Thrive team is also known for their amazing Thrive Content Builder Plugin and the stunning Landing Page Plugin which you can use for your site to grow your business.

With this plugin, you can place engaging email opt-in forms at the most prominent places of your blog that will help you to grow the list quickly. Thrive Leads provides you full control over the optin form, you can design the form as per your requirement and place it according to your need.

Thrive Leads Optin Types

Thrive Leads is an all in one WordPress plugin for creating a mailing list, and it provides you different optin type so that the user can select as per their requirement or select multiple options to maximize the benefit.

Popup Lightbox

Popup Lightbox is a popular way to collect emails from users. You can have full control over how your popup should look and when it needs to be triggered.

You can trigger the popup after a specific time; you can set it to a certain percentage of scroll or depending on exit intent. This tool is smart enough to understand the activity of your users and show the popup accordingly.

Thrive Leads Popup

Sticky Ribbon

Sticky ribbons in the header are best for conversion because all your visitors will see the header section of your site, so the possibility of conversion is a lot more.

Thrive Leads ribbon

In-Line Forms

Bottom of your post is another prominent position to place the optin form, and if a visitor likes your content, it provides an easy option to subscribe instantly.

Thrive Leads in-line


The slide-in optin forms are another attention-grabbing way to show the form, you can set the slide-in form to show from one corner of your site which will attract users attention instantly.

Thrive Leads Slide-in

Opt-In Widget

The widgets provide you a lot of flexibility in terms of placement. Thrive Leads comes with its widget too so that you can place the form in any of the widgetized section of your site.

Thrive Leads Widget


Many users would like to place the email list building some custom places to increase the conversion rate or create a unique landing page only for the email subscription. The shortcode option will help you to place the form at any places of your choice.

Beautiful Optin Templates

Thrive Leads comes with a number of great looking optin templates which you can use for your blog. It also offers you a very easy option to create or customize templates with drag and drop interface.

You don't have to be an expert to create beautiful looking email form templates; any newbie can use the interface easily to create forms. All the designs are fully responsive, so the form will behave according to the device used by the user.

Optin Templates

Increase Conversion With Split Testing

A/B split testing is very important for an email optin plugin because you need to understand what your users like and what they don't.

Thrive Leads offers you the powerful testing functionality that will help you to increase the conversion dramatically. You can do your split testing depending on many factors, from design to color combination you can test everything to make sure what works the best for you.

You can carry on split testing for

  • Test Different Designs & Content
  • Test Triggers
  • Test Different Form Types
  • Test Entirely Different Offers

Thrive Leads Split Testing

Testing on Autopilot

This is an amazing feature of Thrive Leads plugin, you can test between two or more variations of your forms in just minutes, and then you can use the automatic winner feature to let the plugin do the rest.

When you set the testing, Thrive Leads will automatically monitor the performance of each variation and once a statistically proven winner has been found and it will hide all the other variations.

Advanced Targeting

Thrive Leads can skyrocket your revenue by allowing you to show targeted and highly relevant offers to your visitors based on posts, categories, tags and more.

This kind of specified offers are proven to be the best and highly converting method and Thrive the process extremely easy to achieve that with its super flexible opt-in types.

Smart Analytics

Thrive Leads will always keep you updated about all the testing done by the plugin so that you can use the best combination which can yield best results for your site.

It offers you detailed reporting dashboard that can be used to view all the reports and results to analyze the best combinations.

Thrive Leads Statistics

Integrate With Email Marketing Service

Thrive Leads plugin supports all the prominent email marketing service and integrates seamlessly with those providers. This plugin comes with direct API integrations for the most popular email services. Also, you can use this plugin with any system that supports HTML making it available to thousands of possible integrations.

Email Marketing Service

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads plugin comes with a variety of different licenses depending on the number of sites you can use in and the duration of support you get.

Another best part is that you get 30 days risk-free refund option, that means in case you don't like the way the plugin works or you are not satisfied with the kind of return this plugin brings you, you can go ahead and ask for a refund within 30 days.

Thrive Leads Price

Final Verdict

Thrive Leads is undoubtedly one of the best mailing list WordPress plugins that offer you all the features that you may need to create high-quality optin forms on your blog.

It is a very comprehensive newbie friendly plugin; any WordPress user can use the plugin with ease. You have the option to select from some great looking optin form templates which are highly customizable.

And you will always have a team to support you whenever you need any support to create your forms or come across any issue with your plugin setup.

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Thrive Leads Review: Grow Your Email List Faster
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