Thrive Content Builder Review: A Super Powerful Site Builder

We all know how powerful and dynamic WordPress is. But there is one thing that most WordPress users have complaint time and again. Yes, it's the tiresome need to switch between the edit and the preview mode every time, even the slightest of change is made.

No matter how good you are at designing or coding, this gap between the edit and the preview mode acts as a major hindrance to your creation.

The Renowned developer, Shane Melaugh contemplated on the matter intently and came up with the brilliant Thrive Content Builder, that can very conveniently knit the gap between your WP edit and preview mode.

So now, with Thrive, you can edit and create to your heart's content without having to frivolously switch between your tabs. This plugin has brought about a huge transformation in the way you can work with the WordPress Visual editor.

In this article, we will review this popular front-end editor plugin called the Thrive Content Builder. We will try to give you a detailed in-depth about What this plugin is, How it works and How you can set it up on your WordPress site to easily manage your site's content and looks.

Before we move forward, let's have a look at what the Thrive Content Builder is.

Thrive Content Builder Overview

What is Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder Plugin is a front-end editor that allows you to see exactly how your content will look like as you are editing.

The developers have concentrated  on assembling the best resources to give you an ultimate plugin that focuses on conversion in a quick and easy manner.  It is an ultimate plugin to help you create stylish and elegant sites with minimal effort and no coding at all.

Thrive is essentially an integration of three major plugins that comes with functionalities like Drag and Drop Page Builder with Landing Page Creation and Lead Generation.

With this incredible plugin, you no more need HTML and CSS codes to create complex page layouts. It helps you create fancy web pages in a swift and rapid manner while liberating you from all tediousness of having to refresh or switch between tabs.

You can pre-load the pages as your visitors will see it and write directly on it. In short Thrive Content Builder is the perfect epitome of a ‘WYSIWYG'  editor in WordPress that you will always fancy using.

You can see the difference between a simple WordPress editor vs the Thrive Content Builder in the images below.

WordPress Editor

WordPress Post

Thrive Content Builder Editor

Thrive Post

Why Thrive Content Builder

Thrive has been the most recommended front-end editor plugin in recent times. The developers of Thrive invested a lot of time and effort to come up with this brilliant product.

With this awesome plugin, editing and creating pages becomes a much simpler task. You can create all your posts and pages with just a few clicks and of course a little typing.

It removes all complexities of the default WordPress Editor and initiates an effectively user-friendly experience. It's like working in a real time editor and experiencing a striking What You See Is What You Get feel as you create your content.

Installing Thrive Content Builder in WordPress

Installing Thrive is quite easy. If you have installed any plugin in your WordPress site before, installing Thrive should not be any difficult.

To start with you first need to download the Thrive folder. Once that is done and saved on your desktop go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Click on Plugins and select the Add New button. Now choose your file location, open the file and click Install. Wait till it is done and then click on Activate Plugin option.

Then go to Settings on your Dashboard and select Thrive Content Builder. A pop-up box will appear asking for your email address and your license key.

Fill in these two fields and click on Activate License. There you go. You are all set to start experiencing the difference by working with Thrive.

Thrive License

Creating Posts with Thrive

In this section, I will tell you how to use Thrive Content Builder upon your WordPress site. So from now on, get ready to face a completely different experience when it comes to creating your pages and posts in WordPress.

Generally, when we work with WordPress the conventional practice is to draft our content at the back-end of our page and then save the draft. If you want to see how your content will look like once it is published you need to click on the Preview button on your Dashboard. This will open a new tab where you can see how the actual content will look like.

This complicated process of going back and forth from one page to another repeats every time you do the slightest of editing.

Thrive Content Builder, however is entirely different. Let's get started with Thrive by first creating a brand New Post. Here you will see the option ‘Edit with Thrive Content Builder' right below your Post title box. Click on this option.

This will open a new tab with a visual representation of what you are creating. So what you have here is what your page would look like once you are done editing.

Thrive Content Builder Interface

You will see an additional panel on the right side of your page. This panel will display all the editing options. On the top of this panel,  you will have important options like Save, Preview, Undo, Redo and HTML, Templates and of course the Thrive Landing Pages.

It also contains a list of Drag and Drop options like WordPress Content, images, buttons, credit card options etc that you might want to use while you create your page.

At the bottom, there is an option called the ‘Style Family'. With this option, you can choose from the three styling options offered. Flat, Classy and Minimalistic. With these, you can select a fancy theme for your page and style them accordingly.

You can flip this panel to your left if you think that can be more convenient to you.

Now, if you look just above your text area, you will find the editing menu, offering you all the basic styling elements like Bold, Italic, Underline, Alignment options and so on. This box will appear only when are typing in your content area.

So when you start entering your content in the text area you can simply drag an option and drop the elements from the panel on your right based on what you want your page to have.

For example, if you want your texts in a column you can simply click on the Column layout option available and drag and drop it in the text area. Now you can continue typing back in the text area where the column layout will be displayed.

Thrive Builder

Once all the typing is completed you can go ahead and play with your creative abilities. Just click on the column and select the color, font, and size you want. You can even add other essential elements like images, buttons and so on by simply dragging them from the panel on your right.

You also have the liberty to position your cursor anywhere and edit anything you want to on your text area.

You can even duplicate the entire column and paste it in a new location. Once you are done typing and adding your images and other elements, you need to just click on the Save Changes option.

Now go and refresh your page and see the difference. Looks exactly the same? Of course, it does. Are you using Thrive remember?

Thrive Elements at a glimpse

The Thrive Content Builder comes jam-packed with an extensive list of easy to use content elements. This section has four essential sections. Simple Content Elements, Multi-styling Elements, the Advanced Elements and the Thrive Theme Elements (only for Thrive Theme users).

Each of these sections offers you multiple options for your posts and page. Let's see what it has to offer.

  1. Simple Content Elements: This section contains the basic elements that can help you create the core features of your content. Under this section, we have the following components
  • Text paragraph and Image Element button
  • Buttons with 6 different styles
  • Credit card icons
  • Custom HTML and CSS
  • Content Container and Content reveal
  • Star ratings

2. Multi-styling Elements: This section contains the advanced styling element. These elements help you to enhance the readability of your content without any shortcodes.  In this section, you have the following options.

  • Content Templates
  • Column Layout
  • Content Box
  • Symbol Box
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Styled List and Dividers Elements
  • Testimonials with 9 styles
  • Call to action
  • Guarantee Box

3. Advanced Elements: These elements will give you the all in one option. Generally, you use separate plugins for different functionalities. But with Thrive being a smart plugin brings to you multiple functionalities with just one plugin. These plugins give the finishing touch to your content making it the perfect one on the web. The elements under this section are as follows.

  • Widgets
  • Pricing tables
  • Tabbed Content
  • Featured Grid
  • Content Toggle
  • Table
  • Google Maps integration
  • Countdown Timer
  • Responsive Videos
  • Table of Contents
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Grid
  • Thrive Lead Forms

4. Thrive Theme Elements : The thrive theme elements are available only if you use a theme from Thrive. The elements in this section are s follows.

  • Borderless Content
  • Page Section
  • Thrive optin
  • Thrive Post List
  • Thrive Custom Menu
  • Thrive Click to call

Adding Thrive Elements to your Page

All the Thrive Content Elements can be used with great flexibility and ease. You can use them to create highly advanced layouts for your pages and posts.

You can easily drag any element and drop it in the content area according to your needs. Once that is done your elements can be easily duplicated by clicking on the duplicate icon. You can then customize and edit it to give it an appealing look.

Thrive also gives you great control over the margins and padding of your content. You can also match up your site with a classy color from the color picker to give your site a vibrant touch.

Thrive Color Options

It also has an amazing feature call the Revision Manager that allows you to revise your content before publishing. With this feature, you can fix all your errors even after you have saved your content.

You can also launch Light Boxes and create its contents through the Event Manager to add beautiful animation to images or another call to action buttons and when a user hover on those elements they see the detail in a Lightbox.

You can even save each of these elements as a Template and re-use it in the future for your other posts. This helps save a lot of time creating the same layout all over again. Once the layout is made you can add your own contents.

Creating Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive allows you to create striking Landing Pages with a professional look. It offers you over 30 landing page templates to choose from, using which you can have your Landing Page in seconds.

To choose a Landing Page, you first have to select the Thrive Landing Page Option available at the in-page editor of Thrive. This will open up a window. You will be able to see a Template Library here. Now choose from one of these existing templates and click on Load Landing Page.

You can even edit each of these Templates using the Builder Tool. These Templates can be filtered according to the attributes.

Once that is done, your editing page will be transformed to the template you have chosen.

Sometimes you may want to create a full-width Landing Page with no sidebars. For that make sure you use a full-width template.

Landing Page

Adding Opt-In Form

Thrive is known for creating conversion focused WordPress products. Their products can help you to increase the revenue of your site by engaging your visitors and leading them to buy your products or to subscribe to your email form so that you can promote your services.

We have already discussed the Thrive Leads plugin in detail here, which is one of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress. This lead generation plugin can set your email list on fire and help you improve conversion dramatically.

The Thrive Content Builder offers you an extremely easy option to have a lead generation form in any of the post or pages. You can improve the conversion and make most of your visitor your permanent subscriber by offering them specific deals in pages.

You can also fully customize the look and feel of the subscription form and play around with the placement of the form to make the most out of it.

Lead generation

Publishing your Post with Thrive

Even though Thrive is a front-end editor, it allows you to preview your post before you publish it for your viewers.

This option is available on the builder panel of your Thrive Content Builder. If you click on this button, you will be able to view your post without the builder menus as it will be visible to your readers.

Now if you are satisfied with how your post looks, you can save your content and click on the publish button. And there you are, the page or post is ready for public views.

Documentation and Support

The Thrive Content Builder team provides extensive documentation for its users. You can access to these documentations which are covered in videos, online tutorials and support forums.

It covers most of its features in its video walkthrough. These are short videos that will help you understand, install and use thrive in your posts and pages.

There is also a Detailed FAQ section on its official website. You can go through these to have an overall understanding of the plugin before you plan to purchase it.

The Thrive team is excellent when it comes to its Support system. You can avail its unlimited support for an entire year for both single and unlimited site license.


Depending upon your need and use you can avail Thrive Content Builder at three different affordable prices.

Single site license: $67.

Unlimited sites: $97.

Agency License: $49./Per Month

Thrive Content Builder Price

Under each license, Thrive offers you unlimited support for one year and free updates for a lifetime.  So with just a one-time payment you get all the advanced functionalities packed in this one plugin.


We all know that a custom made page can make a huge different in terms of conversion. A unique sales page can bring in a lot of sales as compared to a simple WordPress page, so why not use this page builder plugin which is created to make our life a lot easier.

There are a number of page builder these days which offers the drag and drop interface to create pages, but there very few which are as detailed as Thrive Content Builder is. This tool is extremely comprehensive and it has all the elements to increase the revenue of your site.

The products of Thrive like Thrive Leads, the Landing page plugins are available separately which you can purchase and use it on your site. But, if you buy this Content Builder plugin, you get all these other tools built-in together.

So, if you are looking for a quality website builder plugin, I highly recommend you to have a look at the Thrive Content Builder before you make a decision.

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Thrive Content Builder Review: A Super Powerful Site Builder
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