Themify Drag and Drop Page Builder Review

Themify Drag and Drop page builder has evolved as one of the best plugins available in the market to let the users build a page of their choice.

It has now become very much trendy to put personal touches while building a website or a page even to make the visitors feel personal and special.

However, Themify Builder isn’t the only option, but not many are able to cope with the features and supple customization options it offers.

One can build backend and frontend with this plugin, and there are options available to see the changes before going live.

The customization features are tailor made to bring your imagination live on the web. Here below we are discussing the Themify Drag and Drop Builder in detail, do have a look.

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Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Many of the new generation blogger wish to see the changes before they go live on website so that every subtle thing is taken care off.

With this Builder plugin, they have the options to makes the changes at front end by simply drag and drop the components from with the touch of their fingers.

It’s very effective to see real time changes and helps in thinking from visitor’s perspective as well. Using this tool, not only the rows and columns but widgets, addons, social buttons, etc. can be placed according to the requirements.

For those who prefer it make their page at the back, Builder plugin is as good as any other option. Using the same drag and drop technique, any feature, button or component could be placed swiftly.

Both front and back end interface are very intuitive and simple to use that a rookie could also master the art of page making in very short time. The ease of use is the USP of this tool.

The Layouts and Demos


There are times when going live is on the top of priority list not the customized design, and for those situations, Themify Builder offers over 40 pre-define or designed layouts to go live immediately with the content.

With these pre-loaded options, one simply needs to change the images & text, and that’s all! It only takes a few minutes to necessary changes and present you before the world.

The demos available are fit for any tech, sport, magazine, music, fashion, news, and other blog ideas along with many more.

Talking about layouts, Themify Builder’s layout parts are re-useable and that means that you don’t have to make changes to every page while modifying a particular layout as it would be updated automatically. Now that’s something both time and tech savvy! Isn’t it?

Animation and Styling

Animation and Styling

While giving some personal touches to a website or a page, animation plays an important role as define the priority of information you want readers to read first.

There are 60+ animation effects available with the plugin that helps you to bring the content or component on your page. Some of the popular effects are Bounce, Flash, Light Speed In, TADA, Flip, Hinge, and many more!

While deciding the overall appearance of your website or page, Themify Builder offers you innumerable options to customize the design. You can modify color, background, font, spacing, border, background, and anything else you could think about.

Rows and Columns

Rows and Columns

Modification of Rows and Columns is one of the important aspects of this page builder tool and believe me, there are more options than your imagination! While making the page, you can arrange or re-arrange any layout grid in whatsoever format you wish.

Each of these rows and columns could be sub-divided further and each of these sub nested particle too could be responsive.

This provides to too much ease when you have many sub-categories to list under one topic and as looks can be decided for each one of them, the overall elegance just gets better.

Hands on Compatibility


The plugin is compatible with most of the modern day tools which provides you an extra edge while targeting user base of making some market strategy.

Some of the most common names which are compatible with Builder plugin are Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Yoast, JetPack, Disqus and Event Calendar.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, it’s friendly with many more tools to help you with user engagement, SEO, social media, mass communication and others. Well, I bet not many page builders offer this much luxury to you! Do they?

General Features and Customizations

General Features and Customization

After discussing all the possible things that Themify Builder offers you, there’s still a chunk of details left. Here we’re trying to sum up most of them:

  • All customizations work with both post and pages.
  • Parallax scrolling for background images.
  • Import and export option for layouts between websites using the page builder.
  • Completely responsive design.
  • CSS customization module available.
  • Videos can be used at background.
  • Widgets from other plugins can be used.
  • Special options for Archive and Homepage.

Budget Friendly Price

Now after letting you know all the features, possibilities and effectiveness of this Themify Builder, it’s important to talk about the price you have to pay. Well, keeping the market competition in mind, the developers have kept it available at US $39.

However, if you’re buying a Themify theme then it comes as a frill with theme which costs you US $49. And, if you can spare US $79 from your budget, then you get not only a single theme with Builder plugin, but access to all Themify themes by entering into membership club.


It’s evident from the features available and written above that Themify Builder plugin is one of the vast options available in market with lots of features for customizations, layouts, appearance, and looks. The price too is very competitive along with the best-in-class customer support which is available 24 x 7 to solve each query of yours.

However, I agree that reviews could vary from user to user and a few of you might not be happy with it. If this is the case, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Themify Drag and Drop Page Builder Review
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