10 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Did you notice testimonials on the blogs? Oh! yes. But, do you know the reason behind it? Well, if you're providing service or reviewing a product then you can point out buyers opinion to gain trust by testimonial. You can utilize testimonials to show customer's response about your service or product.

Your customer's response matters a lot, especially when it comes to generate new leads and increase your market reputation.

I've compiled a list of best WordPress plugins for testimonials including free and premium both which you can display on a sidebar, footer or within the page and post. I'm sure these WordPress plugins will help you to take your business to the next level.

WordPress Plugins for Testimonials

Easy Testimonials  

Easy Testimonials is a simple but effective plugin which includes several features. Clearly, it's quite famous, and that's why I'm giving it top rank. You can insert ET on sidebar, post or pages by different shortcodes.

Also, you can make custom shortcodes from the settings menu. You won't need to learn CSS for customizing as it has 30 different styles to select but if you know CSS then you can edit more with the display.

If you've any problem, then you can follow attached document guide for a solution. It offers a Pro version too if you require, but I think the free version is okay for displaying testimonials on your blog. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it now.

Testimonials Plugin

Download Easy Testimonials

Testimonials Widget

No doubt that Testimonial widget is an outstanding plugin for sure. It has comprised some handsome/remarkable features to help you with testimonials display.

Because it's not limited to testimonial; you can use it to show your portfolio as well. Also, you can insert videos, pictures, text, categories, tags and review schema. You can operate by shortcodes, widgets or themes section.  I'll recommend this plugin for designer, developer or freelancer.

It has a premium version which provides new features and direct support from the developer. Please note that you'll not receive any support on free version.

Testimonials Widget

Download Testimonials Widget

Testimonials  Basics

Testimonial Basics is an easy to use plugin with straightforward settings. It includes nine separate font style for your selection. You may exploit this plugin if you don't wanna spend time to edit code.

It holds five star ratings system and Gravatars. Therefore it catches your associated emails automatically with Gravatar. You can insert forms by shortcodes and widgets. Besides, it's available in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Testimonial Basics

Download Testimonial Basics

HMS Testimonials

HMS Testimonials is an ordinary  plugin I mean it hasn't built with any style. You need to have knowledge of CSS for making it stylish for your testimonials.

But it has drag-a-drop option for customizing your display. Plus, you can put in additional fields along with your forms. It's an ideal plugin for those coders who don't wanna crate a new but like to edit. Developer is very supportive to the users.

HMS Testimonials

Download HMS Testimonials

AB Testimonials Plugin

It's another highly rated testimonial plugin from the Codecanyon marketplace. It's pretty same with Testimonials Widget's features. You have an option to show testimonials by widget or shortcodes otherwise you can customize and it's fully responsive.

 You can slot in a form for your customers direct submission on your site.

AB Testimonial plugin

Download AB Testimonial

Responsive Grid Quote Testimonial

Another WP testimonial plugin which helps you to add a responsive grid gallery with subview to your posts or page. It’s so easy to use and customize it to a team member, customer testimonial or amazing like word of the day gallery.

Don't forget the live preview at the back end always assist you to update the contents easily and quickly without torching a code.

This plugins also have some other features like small screen, multiple grid quote, slideshow and customer testimonials etc.

Grid Quote & Testimonial

Download Grid Quote & Testimonial


I've compiled both free and premium in this list of best WordPress testimonial plugins. I'm sure that now you can show testimonial at ease, it will help your online business to get more customer and improve your brand value.

What is your desired plugin from above list and if you're going to purchase a premium then what is your pick?

10 Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress
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