Taggr Image Builder: Image Your Imaginations Here

The Taggr image builder tool is for those who think that they can do better with images while using them on their WordPress blog, if a little help is there. This imaging tool offers a wide variety of options for editing and customization of images with a few more.

Taggr Image Builder

Taggr Image Builder: What makes it Unique?

I agree that there certainly are many more tools out there in the market, but the ease of image cropping, cutting them in desired shapes, placing elements and much more which this Taggr image builder, which offers all these functionality with minimal coding.

Let's get into the details of this amazing tool

Tagging an Image

Taggr image builder tool is very accurate and widely optimized for your every need and you add do what so ever you want with the image you’ve selected and here a few simple steps you need to follow:

  • Choose and upload an image.
  • Select a tag from the options available.
  • Put that tag on the image you’ve uploaded.
  • Now, add modified elements to DivBox.
  • And just save your work to get what you needed.

Available Tags and Elements

The tag which you can select in this Taggr image builder tool includes square, circle, triangle, polygon and others with the ease of using your own predefined pin as well. The elements which you can add to DivBox using this tool are images, videos, text, social buttons, maps and HTML codes. Now, this is turning out be a good deal! What do you say?

Taggr Image Editing

What more is here?

The above mentioned features are for the price you’ll pay for any of the tool, but with Taggr image builder tool has more to offer. And, below are those extra features:

  • You do not require any sort of coding or programming knowledge to use this tool.
  • Easy drag and drop selector is here to make it easier.
  • It’s already compatible with the WordPress 4.x.x version.
  • Also, responsive enough for every platform.
  • Color customization.
  • Cost effective with US $ 18 price tag.


I found many tools for the image modification on a daily basis, but Taggr image builder is the one which I find most completed in all of them. The features, customization options, less price, ease of use and every other feature is here to make it a preferable choice over other options. I would definitely recommend this for the rookies as well.

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Taggr Image Builder: Image Your Imaginations Here
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