Gonzales Plugin Review: Speed Up WordPress Site, 30% Off

We all know that loading speed of a website is extremely important to retain visitors and to optimize the site for search engines, because if your site takes time to load your user will move to the next option also your site will never get high rank on search engine like Google.

Loading speed of a site is one of the most important google ranking algorithm factor which will determine the placement of your blog post in search results. So, we must do everything that is required to speed up our websites.

Now, when we talk about the loading time of a site, we will have to look at number of factors because all these factors have cumulative effect on the speed of a site.

Some of the important factors which can influence the loading time of a site are the quality of hosting that you use for your site, the quality of theme you use, number of plugins, the quality of code used by your theme and plugins, number of requests that your sever needs to handle etc.

You can use tools like Pingdom Tool, GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights to check the current speed of your site and get some idea about how to fix the issues from the suggestion made by those sites.

One common issue which will come across to you is about the CSS and JavaScript files affecting your site’s loading time and they will suggest you to get rid of all unnecessary files.

We have already an article about the best plugins that can help you to improve loading speed of WordPress site and also about few steps that you can take to increase page speed which you can implement for your WordPress site.

In this post we will discuss about a plugin called Gonzales in detail that can help you to improve the loading time of your WordPress site.

Gonzales is a premium WordPress plugin which you can use as a standalone performance improvement plugin or in association with cache plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Getting Started With Gonzales Plugin

You can get started with Gonzales like any other normal plugin, you can download the plugin from here and upload it in the new plugin section of your WordPress admin.

Once the plugin is activated you will see the option called Gonzales in the top admin menu, when you hover on the menu item you will see corresponding JavaScript and CSS files and in the left side in green color you will see the file type if it is CSS or JS.

The main goal of this plugin is to disable the unwanted scripts so that they doesn’t affect the loading speed of your site.

Gonzales Plugin

Speed Up WordPress With Gonzales Plugin

Coming to the main point, how can Gonzales plugin speed up WordPress site?

Answer is very simple, this plugin helps you to disable the CSS and JavaScript where they are not required. For example the files related to contact form should only load in the contact us page, but in reality they load on every page adding extra time to overall loading time of the site.

Gonzales plugin makes the process simple, as already mentioned above you will see the Gonzales menu option in the header admin bar where you can see and take action on every CSS and JS file as per your requirement.

For testing purpose, I have installed this plugin in a new demo site with the minimum default WordPress content and I have installed contact form 7 plugin just to check the changes.

When you hover over any item in the menu, it will show you the complete path of the item which will help you to identify the files you are looking for if you many files on your site.

Gonzales plugin Settings

Once you sure about the file you want to work on, you will get four options to choose from.

  • Enable everywhere
  • Disable here
  • Disable everywhere
  • Enable here​

If you want to disable the content form files on your about us page, go to about us page and select the file which represents the contact form and select disable here option and refresh the page.

In this example, the file that represents the contact form is the contact form 7 JS file which I have disabled. And after refreshing the page the file for contact form will become red from green, similarly you can disable the CSS file as well.

Disable File

Gonzales Plugin’s Effect on Speed

To test the effect on speed of a WordPress installation, I have used this plugin in new demo site with very little content (default WordPress content). I think if you use the plugin in a content heavy site with number of plugins you will see huge difference.

For now let see, how our test goes with the plugin on Pingdom speed testing tool.

Test 1: Loading time of demo site with default WordPress content + Contact form 7 plugin + Shared hosting server.

The site loaded within 976 ms

Pingdom test of Gonzales Plugin

Test 1: Loading time of demo site with default WordPress content + Contact form 7 plugin + Shared hosting server + Gonzales plugin + Disabled Contact form files for homepage

The site loaded within 495 ms

Gonzales Plugin Speed Test

So, there is a dramatic change in the loading time of the site with similar data but with the Gonzales plugin functions enabled.

WordPress Performance

No only Gonzales plugin, but the developer of this plugin offers you overall performance improvement service for your WordPress site.

They offer you services like making your site mobile friendly which is extremely important because Google has recently announced that mobile friendliness is an important part of their algorithm now and if your site if not mobile friendly you can’t expect good ranking on search results.

They also offers you page speed service, Google will consider the speed of your site as per their speed test tool and with some additional amount you can get your page speed score improved.


The developer offers you free support when you purchase any plugin or take any service. Whenever you need any kind of help the team will be there to handhold you.

Final Word

We keep on adding new plugins because we want number of features in our site and we use modern themes which comes with multiple options, add-ons which eventually increases load on our server and makes our site slow.

It is always recommended to keep control on the number of plugin you use for your WordPress site because every additional site brings in the effect on loading time.

But if you still need those plugin just make sure that you use one additional plugin Gonzales which is discussed in this post, that will help you to use those plugins in a very smart way.

We have seem nay CSS minification plugins in the past, which tends to compress the files and eventually breaks the site.

But Gonzales plugin works in a smart way, it doesn’t minify the files but it gives you an option to disable the files where they are not required to speed up your WordPress site.

We have installed the plugin and checked, and it works perfectly.

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Download Gonzales Plugin Here

Gonzales Plugin Review: Speed Up WordPress Site, 30% Off
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  • Gary

    Hello and thanks for this great article. I’m interested in purchasing this plugin, but first I would like to know if it could fits my need. My website seems slow due to useless css loading (https://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/cRN4ua/www.biocoiff.com). Do you think this plugin can be helpful in order to reduce time load and improve UX ?

    Thanks again for your review.

  • I am sure this plugin can help. However, get in touch with the developer and have a discussion if possible

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