Solopreneur: An Elegant and Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

There is no shortage of great blogging themes for WordPress, and almost every other day, some new theme comes out. A good number of such blogging themes are amazing and really worth the money and effort.

However, of late, there has been a trend in the world of WordPress themes for bloggers. Many such themes come bloated and overloaded with features, and they can be used not just for blogging, but also help you setup two eCommerce stores, a forum, probably a corporate homepage, and finally help you out with your dishes.

If you are tired of such bloatware being handed to you when all you seek is a decent blogging theme for your WordPress site, you have come to the right place. Meet Solopreneur by Fancy Themes, a fully responsive WordPress theme meant especially for bloggers.


Solopreneur is a simple, minimal, clean, and responsive blogging theme that can suit the needs and requirements of any type of WordPress blog. As already stated, Solopreneur is not your average run of the mill WordPress theme that comes with rudimentary features and is bloated to the neck. Instead, it comes with one specific goal in mind: to help your blog grow at a faster pace, and to help you do more with your WordPress blog.

For that effect, Solopreneur also comes with two special landing pages to increase your conversion rate. You can use the landing pages to showcase your products, or build a loyal readership with ease.

Let us now spend a moment and see what Solopreneur brings to the table.

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Solopreneur Overview and Main Features

Terrific Design

Minimalism at its finest, Solopreneur offers a clean and nimble design. Eager to establish your identity on the web? Why not customize this theme with the help of custom logo, favicons and add links to your social media profiles? Yes, Solopreneur offers all of that.

Landing Pages

As mentioned above, Solopreneur comes with two custom landing pages that can genuinely enhance your conversion rate. You can use these landing pages to showcase your content, promote your products and services, as well as target your visitors so as to convert them into loyal followers and readers of your blog.

Solopreneur Landing Pages


Solopreneur is fully responsive, and that means your website or blog will look amazing no matter which device the user is on — be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone, your blog will perform well.

Of course, it goes without saying that Solopreneur is compatible with and supports every major web browser out there, such as Firefox, Chrome, IE Opera and Safari, and many others. No matter what device or browser the visitor is on, your blog will render perfectly well.

Good For SEO

Solopreneur has not forgotten Search Engine Optimization either. After all, a good WordPress theme should by all means help your blog get noticed, and SEO is a key factor.

Solopreneur follows the latest SEO guidelines and adheres to them to the core, so your blog comes with in-built SEO best practices. Plus, the theme is extremely lightweight and quick to load, and it is common knowledge that a website which loads faster does well in Google.

Widgetized Sidebar

Wish to showcase your recent posts, add a search bar, or some other custom arbitrary text to your sidebar? Solopreneur supports native WordPress widgets in its sidebar.
The footer too comes with a call to action button that you can use to drive further traffic to your website’s specific page or regions.


Solopreneur is fully localized and translation ready. So if you wish to use it in your own language, you can get started with translation anytime you want.

Updates and Support

Solopreneur receives regular updates and bug fixes, so your website will stay updated in terms of security threats or performance issues. And if you ever run into a problem, just know that help is at hand, since this theme is backed by premium support.

Solopreneur in Action

Uploading and installing this theme is fairly simple: you can do it much like you would with any other WordPress theme.

Once activated, Solopreneur will recommend you to install Optin Forms. This is a totally free plugin available in the repository that lets you create beautiful optin forms within minutes and add them to your site.
If you intend to add landing pages or optin forms to your blog, by all means, install the plugin. If not, you can choose to dismiss the notice and continue with customization of your new theme.


All of the action happens in the Theme Customizer, so that is where we will head to.

There are a lot many options that you can choose to tweak and edit in order to customize and setup your website. The first two sections, Site Identity, and Theme Colors let you add site title and logo as well as change the default colors, respectively.

The Theme Settings section is rather interesting. You can choose a layout for your site (basically, show or hide the sidebar, and go with a full width or fixed width layout), as well as hide post metadata such as tags and author’s name, etc.

Solopreneur relies on Jetpack’s social sharing module, so be sure to install and activate that plugin. You can also choose to tweak the footer copyright text if you so desire.

Solopreneur allows you to choose any of the Google Fonts for your blog, including different ones to serve as a base and heading fonts.

You can also edit the Footer Callout section from the Customizer itself. You can choose to add a background image, and then offer callout text as well as add two call to action buttons.


Solopreneur also lets you add social media URLs to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ profiles. This theme supports one menu, and as is obvious, lets you add widgets to your sidebar and footer.


Solopreneur is priced at $59 for a single site license.


For what it’s worth, Solopreneur is a great value for money WordPress theme. At just $59, you can get your blog a new look modern theme with a versatile design. Furthermore, since it offers custom landing pages, you can add those for no extra price.

Furthermore, Solopreneur’s clean and minimal design is absolute eye candy, and this surely is something that will impress your blog’s visitors beyond doubt.

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Solopreneur: An Elegant and Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme
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