Social Stream Plugin: All Social Activities at One Place

As the social engagement of the people over every internet content is increasing rapidly, the out-of-the box thinker are finding it very lethal tool to expand their blogging sphere.

Now, this Social Stream plugin for WordPress is a tool which allows you to monitor all the social activities on your website in one place, so that you can make the future decision correctly about the use of these social networking websites.

Social Stream Plugin

Social Stream Plugin: A Brief Description

This Social Stream tool is very simple in terms of architecture, interface and very light to put on any heavy load on your website to interrupt the workings. It basically gathers all the information from the social buttons you're using to let you know the real-time statistics and stream them in one place for ease. Here below are the detailed information about its features, you might like to bank upon:

Admin Panel and Responsiveness

Any tool can be used properly and efficiently, only if the controls are easy to handle, and the admin panel of this Social Stream plugin is way too easy to work upon. It gives you full access over the menu and other customization options to let you decide what you want to see and what not.

The plugin is also very responsive to the themes and design layouts of your website, which in turn helps in improving the user experience along with their engagement on your pages.


Social Networks and Feed Options

There are around 15 social networks available, namely FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr and many others, and this Social Stream plugin just include every tiny detail from these to generate a complete stream of data for you.

It also helps you to see feed from your social buttons as well, like latest tweets, new video uploads, search tags, latest photos, new wall posts and much more.

Widgets and Wall Compatibility

The information about your website’s social activities gets displayed randomly on your wall from the different social networks without slowing down the speed of your web pages. The Social Share plugin also generates the short codes for the widgets to make them work without putting a heavy load on the blog.

I Need More Reasons, Before Using It!

Well, I agree that one must definitely have more reasons before using this Social Stream plugin, and here are a few more of them:

  • It modifies the looks and feel of plug-in as per your need.

  • It's able to take care of multiple users from both, social networks and feeds.

  • It also allows you to see or disable the retweets, FB page gallery, comments along with profile avatar and much more.

  • There is also a feature available for the inline video player for the Tubmlr video posts.

Final Conclusion

The social networking is a must in today's competition, but the number of these sites is too large to handle and, I guess you do need a single platform where you can easily track the records of all the social buttons used on your website. And, the Social Stream plugin just does that very effortlessly for you with much-needed ease and customization options.

Social Stream Plugin: All Social Activities at One Place
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