SEO Plus Tool for WordPress: To Get Better with Google Search

SEO Plus for WordPress is a tool that can help any blogger to get better ranking in search engines. This tool has every possible option in-built for the users which they could think of while trying to practice the Search Engine Optimization techniques for their blogs.

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SEO Plus Tool for WordPress: What is the need?

As we all are aware that the millions of domains are available on the internet with the single of goal of pulling maximum traffic from the Google search engine and hence the reputation with money. Now, the SEO techniques are actually steps to towards this goal and SEO Plus tool for WordPress helps you to perform these techniques with ease. Here below are its details:

On-Page SEO Optimization

With SEO broadly divided into two sub categories, that is On-Page and Off-Page, this SEO Plus tool for WordPress takes care of the former by allowing you do perform many of its techniques which are as follows:

  • It can change meta tags in mass number for the posts available on a single page.
  • SEO Plus tool checks for the W3C validation regularly to get you know about the HTML errors.
  • Track for 404 errors links on your website for better user engagement.
  • This tool has the ability to create drag and drop sitemap builder with one click submission feature too.
  • Sends you details on how you can improve load speed of your website and specific pages.

SEO Plus Tool for WordPress

Off-Page SEO

Once you’ve optimized your content as per the Google norms, it’s required to make that content available at the relevant places and that requires a bit of Off-Page SEO and the SEO Plus tool has those features listed below:

  • It automatically generates high PageRank backlinks and hyperlinks the important phrases.
  • The new directory submission features enables you to submit your website to nearly 50 search engines with just a single click.
  • Offers easy 301 redirection to avoid the confusion.

Stats and Reports

There are a few features available to help you with the performance of your website and potential errors with this SEO Plus tool for WordPress and here is the list:

  • You can easily get social media statistics from the networks you’re using.
  • Generated SEO reports with the help of the modified SEO snake.
  • Offers additional statistics for every individual page along with the whole website.
  • Let you find the source of your visitors.

What else I can get?

Now that the regular features which you find in every tool available for the SEO, this tool has something more for you in the box and here are those things:

  • SEO Plus tool for WordPress is completely compatible with the Woo-Coomerce.
  • Its Accurank tool promises to offer better PageRank estimation.
  • And, it comes at fit-to-pocket price of just USD $39.


The Search Engine Optimization is definitely something every blogger must focus on these days, as search engines like Google have set the result in rankings and traffic based on the algorithms. Now, there would be many options for you, but to get better with it, I would highly recommend this SEO tool for WordPress so that you can get better results with smart work and not just end up doing hard work.

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SEO Plus Tool for WordPress: To Get Better with Google Search
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