SEO Optimization Expert Shares 5 Ways to Increase SEO Rankings with Jupiter WP Theme

At this point, you’re probably not a stranger to the term “SEO Optimization” and for good reason. Here at Artbees Themes, we know that cultivating high-quality content and optimizing your website can be the difference between little to no web traffic to strategically placing yourself in the crossfires of your customer’s searches.

Essentially what you want to keep in mind while deciding what content to have on your page is that it clearly depicts what solutions or services you offer and how to obtain them. In other words, consider what information would best serve prospective customers and how you can make finding and navigating through that content easy and intuitive for them.

Once you’ve made your objectives clear, you may wonder what additional steps you can take with your website to make it more SEO-friendly. Likewise, the Artbees Themes team has tried to brainstorm the ins and outs of all of these important considerations to make our themes increasingly SEO-friendly.

After the Jupiter V5 was released, we wanted to see exactly how it measured up to leading SEO industry standards so we were happy to sit down with one of our users, Adam Binder, founder of one of the leading digital marketing agencies on the U.S. East Coast, in order to shed some more light on how to Increase SEO Rankings with Jupiter WP and also give us a 360 review of our themes.

With several awards and recognitions for helping small to big businesses dramatically increase their presence in the market, Adam shared with us his company’s experience with Jupiter and his team’s 5 sure fire ways to boost your site’s web traffic and increase those conversions!

SEO Rankings Before & After Jupiter WP Theme

It’s no wonder that Creative Click Media stands as the top-ranking New Jersey-based digital marketing agency given the results-driven success they’ve had in completely transforming the market presence of their clients.

During our interview, Adam was kind enough to share examples of Creative Click Media’s greatest triumphs to emphasize the impact Jupiter WP Theme had in complementing their expertise in organic SEO Optimization.

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5 Ways to Increase Organic SEO Optimization with Jupiter WP Theme by Creative Click Media

1) Don’t underestimate the power of heading tags

One thing you want to remember is that Google ranks your website based on user engagement meaning that if visitors to your site see something on the landing page that makes them stay, Google will take that as a signal that the content you provided was relevant and useful to the user.

Alternatively, if the user quickly leaves the site, your content will in a sense be demoted in rankings. Given that your H1 is usually the first element a visitor sees when entering your site, you want to make sure it incorporates keywords that clearly state the intentions of your enterprise.

Now as far as the Jupiter is concerned, one really unique thing we love about Jupiter is the Fancy Title element it has because it allows us to create H tags in any font and in any size.

“One really unique thing we love about Jupiter is the Fancy Title element it has because it allows us to create H tags in any font and in any size.”

2) Increase page-loading speed

Website visitors on the prowl for a specific service are not the most patient of individuals. In fact, most visitors to your website will most likely leave if the content doesn’t load within 3-4 seconds! As you may know, the higher the bounce rates affiliated with your site, the less likely you are to get a high ranking in Google.

That’s why getting rid of any non-essentials that are weighing down your website’s loading time will drastically increase not only your page speed but your conversions. The Jupiter theme allows you to disable any custom post-types, not only allowing a higher range of customizability but also a speedier loading time.

Jupiter also allows you to minify CSS and Javascript resulting in less requests and quicker download times for your visitors.

3) Include Google Maps for Local SEO

After spending so much time and effort piecing together eye-catching images and relevant content, it only makes sense that you would also include where and how to find you, right? Especially because one of the processes Google takes in evaluating your website is it makes a profile of your business by sifting through all of your citations across the web to make sure the information provided on your website is accurate.

A great way to help verify the accuracy of your content and help search engines and visitors find you is by having Google Maps embedded in your site.

What Jupiter offers in this regard is that it allows you to embed Google Maps easily in your site, provides different formats to pick from and even gives you the option to include multiple pins in case you have multiple locations.

4) Embed YouTube videos on your site

You may or may not know this but YouTube is now actually owned by Google, making it the second largest search engine, even bigger than Bing and Yahoo!.

What that means in terms of your SEO Optimization process is that by putting YouTube videos on your website, you’re going to make your website more visible and even get your videos to rank as well! This is also a great opportunity to add to your user experience with personal interviews, informational video tutorials or case studies that are more inviting and visually attractive to users.

With Jupiter, making this happen is seamless—you just insert the URL for your YouTube video into the Page Builder and the video appears on your page.

“With Jupiter, making this happen is seamless—you just insert the URL for your YouTube video into the Page Builder and the video appears on your page.”

5) Start to blog!

What you have to keep in mind is that nowadays, people rely on Google as their go-to, all-knowing friend to get advice on which doctor to go to, which restaurant has the best tacos within a square mile of their house or how to take down that hideous wallpaper by themselves. On top of that, more and more people are now using voice-search to make more complex queries.

What that means for you is that you have a great opportunity to answer all of the questions your prospective visitors may have not only on your page content but in your blogs! My advice to anyone starting out who hasn’t blogged yet is, simply put, to start!

Take some time and think about the objective of the solutions or services you provide and what your customer’s FAQs may be and use your expertise to write helpful and rich content that answers those queries. This is a great way to optimize for long-tail keywords.

Join forces with Jupiter WP Theme to get that primetime spot with SEO

So admittedly it may seem like a never-ending process trying to optimize your SEO and, truth be told, there are few get-rich-quick schemes to increasing your rankings. Don’t despair though; you may have noticed one important underlying message in the advice that Adam gave us that drives the need to enhance so many technical aspects of your website.

That is, to simply keep your focus on expressing the intentions of your services and solutions as clearly and concisely as possible and to empower your audience with information on how to obtain those solutions in an intuitive and interactive manner.

With Jupiter WordPress Theme, you’ll have the SEO-friendly tools and guidance to take those steps towards obtaining top-rankings in the search results to share your story with a wider audience.


SEO Optimization Expert Shares 5 Ways to Increase SEO Rankings with Jupiter WP Theme
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