SchemaNinja Plugin Review: Rich Snippet Made Easy

SchemaNinja is one of the most powerful conversion-based WordPress plugins for review and recommendation. The reviews which are given are SEO friendly, thus making your website rank higher among your competitors. Consequently, it converts the visitors of your website into the valuable customers.

SchemaNinja helps you in boosting up your conversion, ranking, and traffic which would result in the increase of earning potentiality of your site. Wholly, it is the best WordPress plugin that is available on the web for creating impressive reviews and recommendation on your blog.

This article is to look into the features and other related aspects about SchemaNinja that every blogger should know.

SchemaNinja Plugin Review

Before I review this wonderful WordPress plugin, we need to know one basic idea for better understanding regarding functions and features of this plugin. Everyone might have used Google for searching various informative stuff.

When you perform a Google search, you might able to see certain websites with star ratings. This star rating is also known as schema ratings which would definitely attract the users as if a trustworthy site. These ratings are much more important for getting high rankings in the search engines like Google and much more engines.

After reading the above, you could have understood about the basics of rank and reviews. Now, you might have started thinking that what is SchemaNinja’s work in this crucial rating system. Yes, it is a wonderful plugin for making this thing happen in a simpler way.

It is a review plugin that helps you in building traffic by showing ratings according to the calculations of the votes of the current traffic scenario. In other words, it is a rich Snippets plugin.

What is a rich snippet?

It is nothing but a term for describing a structured data markup that can be added to the site by the site operators. This snippet allows search engines to understand better about your site and consequently the rank of your website could get higher within the SERP.

This plugin could make ratings on your site without any technical knowledge. It could be used for any users from beginners to a professional.

Important Features of SchemaNinja

There are two main and impressive features that this plugin is having. They are Recommendation and Button features. An individual explanation could make a better understanding regarding the features.

Recommendation feature

It is one of the key features that SchemaNinja has to help you in creating clean and professional reviews for the products. Another facility of this feature is the Pros and Cons list. You can list out the plus and negative points about a product that you mention on your web page. This feature could help your visitors to take the fact in an easier way. This feature would gain the trusts of the visitors.

Recommendation features in SchemaNinja

  • Review recommendation
  • Content recommendation
  • Hellobar recommendation
  • Popup recommendation
  • Sidebar recommendation
  • Top 10 recommendation
  • Footer recommendation
  • Compare recommendation
  • Coupon recommendation
  • Expert recommendation
  • Offer recommendation
  • Analytic Dashboard

Button feature

This feature can be used for adding buttons with affiliation link for the product’s purchase which you have reviewed. It can be added anywhere on the page of the product review. This feature is one of the effective ways of getting revenues. Affiliation link could bring money if your visitors purchase the product through that link.

Uniqueness of SchemaNinja

When compared with other review and affiliate plugins, the review output exhibited by SchemaNinja is found to be differently mannered. This plugin has around three tabs namely Summary, Review, and Specifications. These tabs could show out all the essential details about the product that you are reviewing.

Key things which are showcased through plugin include rating circle with a different color, short review, product price, pros & cons list, specifications, try now affiliate link and Total rating.


The shortcodes in this plugin are finely helpful in inserting recommendations on any place on the website. It does not have a constant template which might annoy many users. Thus, it is one of the key components that is available with this plugin for easy access.


Three differently priced products are available in both monthly and yearly packages. They are Ultimate, Pro, and Basic packages.

Ultimate ($39 per month | $229 per year)

  • Unlimited site license
  • All features included
  • Lifetime update
  • Premium support

Pro ($19 per month | $129 per year)

  • Five site license
  • All features included
  • Lifetime update
  • Free email support

Basic ($9 per month | $19 per year)

  • Single site license
  • All feature included
  • Lifetime Update
  • Free email support

Team behind SchemaNinja

Jitendra Vaswani is the person who is the founder of SchemaNinja. He is an internet entrepreneur, top blogger, and affiliate marketer. Jitendra is a well-known digital marketer and also the founder of popular online marketing blog “” and digital marketing agency DigiExe.

Aman Yadav is the developer of SchemaNinja who is a blogger and professional web developer. Aman is the founder of liveurlifehere and Smarthostingprice.

For whom it is best?

SchemaNinja is the best-suited WordPress review and recommendation plugin for those people who are working with e-commerce businesses, blogger, affiliate marketer, and even a beginner. This plugin can be utilised, and we can quickly experience the growth than the actual traffic and monetization. So, it is absolutely best for those who want to earn money and fame through online jobs.

Where can you get this plugin?

This plugin can be directly downloaded from the official site of SchemaNinja; you can check things like pricing, features, and much more benefits of it. You can also get a special coupon for getting certain percent offer by just referring a friend. They also have guaranteed a 100% risk-free money back option.


After reading this article, one could have got a clear, structured idea about SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin. Currently, there are more than 100 active installs of this plugin. The latest version of this plugin is 2.2.0, and it is tested till 4.7.3 version of WordPress. This plugin is also rated above four stars. Wholly, it is a fine option for getting high conversion rate.

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SchemaNinja Plugin Review: Rich Snippet Made Easy
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