10 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2018

Rich Snippets can make your article stand out in the Google search results, it improves the visibility of your post to a great extent and increases the click through rate.

If you review products on your blog regularly, Google rich snippets can be effective in bringing you extra traffic to those blog posts.

What is a Rich Snippet?

Rich snippet provides some extra information about the post making the user aware of the content type find out if that piece of content has the relevance to their search query or not.

Also, it makes the post stand out visually with incorporated markups which help to increase the click through rate for those posts.

Now, have a look at the following search results for SourceWP. The following articles make use of the rich snippets functionality quite effectively and show the star rating in the search results which looks quite attractive.

Rich Snippet Google

Rich Snippet Solution for WordPress

If your site is on WordPress platform, there are some quality plugins to add rich snippets to your blog articles. You can install these plugin and get started with easily; these plugins will insert the necessary markups to show rich results in search engines

Please Note: These plugins will insert the necessary markups to show rich snippets in the search results, but they don't guarantee if your post will show rich snippets because final call is taken by Google if they want to show it or not

Schema Ninja

The rich snippet feature can undoubtedly increase the click through rate for your site, and the plugin like Schema Ninja will help you to get that done easily. You don't have to be a technical expert to show the star rating for your blog posts in Google results; this plugin will help you to get that done.

In fact, Schema Ninja is a lot more than just a simple rich snippet; it can help you can increase the engagement on your site along with the click-through rate. It offers you a number of different options to show recommended content while the visitor is on your site.

From normal content to discount coupons, you can recommend your users with valuable offers on your site so that they can avail the benefit and you earn some revenue. You will find all the possible recommended options here.

As far as the rich snippet feature is concerned; it will add the required structured data markup for your site so that your post stand out the Google search result.

Most of the pro bloggers make thousands of dollar every month by doing product reviews on their blog; why should you stay behind. You can choose any of the affiliate product that can help you to make some money and write a detailed review and Schema Ninja plugin will take care of the rest by helping you to show start rating for your blog post.

Schema Ninja plugin is quick and easy to get started with; it comes with detailed documentation and great support in case you need any help.

Schema Ninja

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All In One Schema Rich Snippets

A top quality free WordPress plugin to add rich snippets to your blog. More than 30k downloads tell the success story of this plugin. If you are looking for a quality free option for your blog, you can give this plugin a try.

This plugin will provide all the important & precise information to display in search result snippets; it includes all the common schema like photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. This plugin will help your blog to increase the click through rate and rank higher in search results.

Once you install this plugin, you will get a new option in the admin area called Rich Snippets where you can customize the plugin for further use.

You can configure each post while editing to insert more information for the search engines. As you start editing your page, you get the below editor screen where you can select if the post is about some product review or something else from the available drop down options

Rich Snippet Details

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

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Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

It's a premium WordPress plugin which comes for $11, and it looks and sounds quite interesting. With this plugin, you can set up your rich snippets code or just edit the pre-installed ones.

Supported snippets by this plugin are

  • Reviews and Ratings
  • People
  • Products
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

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WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is a nice option to create a product review site. This plugin is comprehensive and offers you some options regarding design as well as features. It is super flexible and comes with its powerful settings options panel to help you get started quickly.

This is one of the most widely used premium review plugins that works perfectly with any WordPress theme, and in case you come across any issue the MyThemeShop is very quick in responding to your queries and make sure that your site functions quickly.

The rich snippet option is perfectly set to help you stand out in the Google search results. It comes with multiple rating and review system such as start rating, percentage, bar etc. So you can select the design that perfectly complements your product and your site.

You can also customize the look and feel of the review widget to make sure that it looks like a part of your site and blends perfectly with the color of your brand. Not only product review, it offers you user comment review option as well.

The plugin is very quick and fully responsive so that your review site looks great on all devices. You can use the widget or place it anywhere by using the shortcode provided by the plugin.


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Rich Contact Widget

This is another free WordPress plugin to add rich snippets related to your contact details for search engines; it comes with microdata & microformats markup so that search engines can use it in their search results.

This is a great plugin for location-specific online business, it will provide your users an easy option to find out the address details in search results, and it shows details on the Google map page.

Rich Contact Widget

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kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is one of the best and widely used star rating plugins for WordPress, and it shows beautiful star rating in the Google search results that makes your blog post stand out.

It also provides you a widget that you can place in your sidebar to show your popular posts which are top rated on your site.

KK Star Rating Plugin

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Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets

Another powerful and user-friendly rich snippet WordPress plugins, it offers you some snippets be it an event, music or normal reviews. It's a highly effective and comprehensive WordPress plugin that will help you to get better ranking for your blog posts.

The snippets by this plugin will increase the click through rate of your blog posts that will eventually increase the revenue for your site.

Google SEO Pressor for Rich snippets

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WP Product Review

A comprehensive product review plugin for WordPress with rich snippet support. As an admin, you can make any post tag as a review post and insert the review related details and data that will make the blog post complete.

It's a highly customizable plugin that can be changed as per your requirement; you can edit the colors, enable or disable the affiliate button, change icons go on the plugin options page.

WP Product Review Lite

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Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials Showcase is a modern WordPress plugin to add testimonials to your WordPress site. If you are running an eCommerce site on WordPress or you have any website to offer any service, the testimonial of your customer becomes very important.

This plugin brings in some useful features to help your users submit testimonial with ease; it comes with a front-end submission form which can be used to submit testimonials. It also offers you star rating system for your testimonials with Google rich snippet compatibility.

Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

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Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is a great looking very powerful WordPress review and rating plugin that is created to add modern review system to your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can easily add review and rating system to your WordPress posts, pages as well as custom post types.

This is a highly customizable WordPress plugin that can be modified to change fonts, image, colors, style to match your theme. It offers you 500+ Google font options, Typography options, Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata and lot more.

Taqyeem Review Plugin

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Recipe Box

Do you manage a food blog? If yes, this plugin will be very useful for you because it offers you some useful features that can take your food recipe site to the next level. Now, think of making a Google search for some recipe and your article stand out with the beautiful rich snippet, it will increase the click through rate.

This recipe plugin adds some important meta boxes which are very useful for any food blog such as the Recipe Description, Recipe Image, Recipe Instruction, Ingredients and a few more.


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Though there are some plugins for rich snippets, you need to be very selective because if any of the markups is not incorporated properly, you will not get the benefit.

Once everything is set properly, you can check in the Google's testing tool if everything is working perfectly here Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

10 Best Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins for 2018
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  • WP Product review is good

  • Sweet explanation – very impressed – I am looking for a very light plugin that keeps things very simple – any specific suggestions?

  • I would suggest you to try KK Star Rating

  • Hey Dhiraj Nice post about Schema Plugins and I have also worked on my Plugin Schemaninja and i hope I get featured here with my plugin :)

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    Mate you are not using any of the plugins mentioned above. You are just using KK star rating which is not mentioned in the article.
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  • I guess, you haven’t gone through the article properly. I have mentioned KK Star Rating, and it’s a great plugin no doubt about that.

    I have used different plugins at different time, or tested those on my blog network.

  • Hi Dhiraj

    Great roundup indeed. I am using schemaninja on my blog and it gets those review stars very easily and with 100% assurance that I will be able to see these stars once the post in indexed. This is awesome.

    Thanks for telling about this plugin. Works great.

  • My stars are coming out vertically | Please Help

  • Many plugin offers design options, you need to check the plugin settings

  • Thanks for this list. I’m using KK Star rating like you but it uses admin-ajax.php and seems to be causing overload. Are you on shared hosting or dedicated server?

  • I am on a comparatively strong server, it’s a customized VPS

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  • nice list.
    I have used KK star plugin on my wordpress website in the past.

  • I prefer adding rich snippets manually instead of using a plugin. My experience with these plugins hasn’t been great. Google Structured Data Testing tool gives warnings for missing properties for most of the plugins you mentioned above.