Rankie Keyword and Rank Tracker – A WordPress Gem

Every blogger in the virtual world has the very clear and the single goal of improving rankings of the keywords and maximizing the traffic. Today, to give the full analytical report of the website to its user, there are many plugins and tools available in the market.

But among all of them, I found the Rankie Rank Tracker plugin for WordPress most effective and useful.

Rankie Rank Tracker plugin Details

This Rankie plugin has every element in it to generate the best report of the keywords, ranks, competitive analyses and other stuff you require building up your strategy for better results. Here below are some features of this Rankie Rank Tracker plugin to make you understand its full importance.

Rankie Rank Tracker

Tracking Keyword Ranking and Generating Reports

While blogging, there certainly is the need to keep the track of all the efforts made by you and this Rankie Rank Tracker Plugin just does that so easily. It tracks the rankings of all the keywords mentioned by you from the Google SERPs to give you the real time idea of where you stand and generates reports for you in PDFs for the further discussion.

The reports can be generated every month, year or all time; depending on your need and requirement.

Rankie Rank Tracker Reports

Keyword Search and Ideas

The plugin also gets you the ample number of highly valuable keyword that are trending on the Google and matches with what exactly your keyword is. For example, if your keyword is ‘new WordPress themes’, then you will get many results matching with the keyword like ‘latest WordPress themes’ or ‘best WordPress themes’ etc.

Also, if Google directs a person on your website, then the keyword which he has entered will automatically be added to your list, if it’s not already there. Now, this is something very useful of this Rankie Rank Tracker tool! Isn’t it?

Daily Report and Individual Ranking Graph

The Rankie plugin also sends you the daily report of the website analytics along with the ranking graph of the each and every keyword you’re targeting to get you the best idea for your record.

Latest Keyword Evolution Techniques

This tool uses the best methods for tracking the rankings of your keyword which are as follows:

  • Searching of Google’s top 100 results for rankings.
  • Using top 300 results from ‘whatsmyserp.com’ for rankings.
  • Takes help from ‘ezmlm.org’ to get your keywords into top 100.
  • Fetches the top 64 results officially from Google Ajax Api to check the standings.

Apart from the above, there are some more features that this Rankie Rank Tracker tool uses to get you the full value of your money invested, that is just US $ 15.

  • It uses the proxies as well for the Google search being a WP Google rank tracker plugin.
  • The filtration feature of this tool is extremely helpful in sorting out the results.
  • It also keeps the track record of every action done by you over the time.

I think now there isn’t point left in the description of this Rankie Rank Tracker tool to not count it as one of the best and required plugins for WP to get an edge over your competitors.

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Rankie Keyword and Rank Tracker – A WordPress Gem
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