Qards Review: A Quality Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

Qards is a relatively new but promising page builder plugin for WordPress. If you don't have any knowledge of coding still you want to create an unique design for your website, Qards is the tool you need.

Qards provides you easy option to drag and edit every part and element of your site in the front-end, you will never have to write any code to chnage the layout or to change any part of the site like the traditional WordPress way.

Qards page builder plugin comes with ready to use cards which you can simply drag and start modifying it right away.

Qards Page builder plugin

As this is a drag and drop page builder, you can add as many sections you like on your site as you want. If you are creating a single page website to promote your service or showcase your product, Qards can play a very important role in creating your site.

Your landing pages created with Qards page builder plugin will be attractive, colorful and fully responsive. However, it doesn't mean that Qards is only for creating landing pages, you can create a complete website page by page with this amazing plugin.

One thing which we need to keep in mist is that Qards is a WordPress plugin, so it will work perfectly alongside any WordPress theme of your choice.

In a simple explanation, Qards is a pack of cards which you can use to create anything you want. Just arrange the cards as per your requirement, save it and start editing to give it the perfect look.

Getting Started with Qards Page Builder

The Qards page builder plugin is quite simple to get started with, download the plugin file from your Designmodo account and upload the file in the add new plugin section. Once the plugin is activated you have to enter the API key so that the plugin works perfectly and you to get update and support

Qards Installation

Now, create a new page, start visual editor and open the Qards menu from the left hand side bar. The menu contains 8 options to select from which you can use to create your page. The component of the Qards menu are Cover, Image, Text, Feature, Grid, Menu, Footer and Subscribe.

Each of the component offers you multiple options to choose from to make your site unique. Qards page builder provides you option to select multiple options and arrange those as per your requirement. You can also come back and change the layer if you want to make any change in the existing structure.

Qards create page

Once your final structure is ready and you get the desired layout, you can start editing the page to fill your own content.

Now, best part is Qards makes it really easy for any user to put their own content just by highlighting the content where the changes needs to be done.

You can change the text, the color of text, the spacing between line just by changing the parameters in the front end itself.

Qards editor


Customizing Custom Blocks

Once your foundation is ready and you have placed all the required content blocks on your page, you can start customizing the design and fine tune each block as per your requirement.

You can change color of each element, change the text and move the blocks up and down. You can play around with the design to make sure the final structure which is liked by your users.

Another best part is that you can duplicate any custom block with just a click that saves a lot of your time and effort because you can have the same structure instantly and you can use that with a little modifications.

Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are really popular these days especially with the commercial sites and business portfolio sites because that helps your user to provide a quick glimpse of your business and it looks spectacular.

With Qards, you can add any video from YouTube as full width background that will make your site look extremely professional.

Check this video about how to use Qards effectively

Qards for eCommerce site

Another amazing feature of Qards page builder plugin is that it works perfectly with WooCommerce plugin and help you create great looking landing pages, case studies and product analysis on your site which can attract your visitors quite easily.

The video below perfectly displays the power of Qards in terms of creating amazing product showcase page for your online stores.


Though you can change almost everything without touching a single line of code, you can add or modify the HTML and CSS of of site if you want to.

Once you start editing the CSS, the visual editor will go away and it will be back once you reset the system.

Pricing of Qards

Qards page builder is available in two plans, the difference is the number of website where you can use Qards.

  • Single site license: $99
  • Five site license: $199

Qards Pricing


A great product without any doubt, though there are number of drag and drop page builder for WordPress in the market, Qards definitely stands out in many aspects. Qards is not just another drag and drop page builder but a website builder in true sense.

The inline editor of Qards makes it different from the rest of the page builder. The inline editor of Qards is very powerful which enables you to take control of not only the text but color of the test, spacing and lot of other thing.

Don't matter if you are a newbie of a seasoned developer, Qards can save a lot of time for you. You can create an attractive, modern and fully responsive website within a couple of minutes.

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Qards Review: A Quality Page Builder Plugin for WordPress
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