QAEngine Review: A Question and Answer WordPress Theme

QAEngine Theme from EngineThemes is one of the top quality questions and answer forum theme for WordPress. Neat and clean design and professional layout make this design stand out from the competition.

EngineThemes team is known for creating niche WordPress designs with comprehensive features. If you look at any other their themes, you will understand the depth of their design and how they emphasis on every small feature in a theme.

QAEngine Theme is no exception, it's a great looking, feature packed WordPress design which you must consider giving a look before you finalize your WordPress forum theme.

Now, when we discuss the question and answer niche, the sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora are extremely popular and attract millions of traffic every month. So, if you want to create similar kind of a site, you will need a minimal, professional design with all latest features.

Let's check how QAEngine theme can work in this regard.

QAEngine Theme Review

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QAEngine Theme Overview

This is not just another theme because it is created to do a specific task and all the features and options to targeted towards that. When we think of a question and answer site, few things which we look forward to being a good user-friendly design, easy interface to submit question and answers, social integration and an engaging interface.

QAEngine Theme takes care of all the requirements quite effectively, the full-width layout of the theme is really beautiful and it provides a lot of space to your content.

Login and Registration

Before any contributes to the site they will have to register or login to the site. And as expected social log feature is enabled for this theme so that user can use their social profiles to login quickly and get engaged.

QAEngine theme Registration

Coming back to the core forum features, it gives a very easy option to the user to post their questions or answer to other's queries from the front-end of the site.

The ask a question button is clearly visible to every user of the site, when a user clicks on that button the ask question window will open up where you can post your question and before you submit don't forget to select proper category.

Users can also contribute to the community by voting up, voting down, discussing or sharing the available content.


The single page of the theme looks beautiful and provides a clean interface to read all the content nicely. It also shows the vote-up and vote-down feature which can be used by every member of the site to let people know that a particular answer is useful or not.

Point and Badge system

This is another very interesting feature of QAEngine theme, generally, we have seen that forum sites reward their users with different point system depending on their activity on the site.

The site admin have full control over the point system of this theme and he can configure all these points, badges & privilege settings in the theme back-end according to requirement.

It's a really exciting feature which will definitely increase the engagement level of your site, the extensive point & badge system clearly indicates if a user is new to the site or if he is a premium member.

With specific actions, users can gain or lose some points, and when reaching enough points, they have more privileges and get a badge representing their roles.

QAEngine Point System

QAEngine Theme Display Features

It's a fully responsive design, that means your question and answer forum will look great in all kind of devices. We all know that most of the traffic comes through the small screen devices these days and mobile friendly design is a part of Google's algorithm.

So, if your site is not mobile-friendly your content will never get a good position in search engine results.

QAEngine Theme Responsive

Introduction Page

QAEngine Theme comes with a beautiful introduction page which you can setup for your site as a splash page with your own image related to your niche which will be really attracting feature to get more users to your site by providing them a clear indication of what the site is all about with the background image and introductory message.

This feature is especially important because it enables you to create a member only private forum to cut down spam to a huge extent.

QAE theme splash page

User Profile Page

As expected, this theme comes with a beautiful user profile interface where they can control everything related to their profile and their activity on the site.

When you click on your profile icon at the top right corner it will take you to the detailed profile page where you can further customize all the profile related details and your activities.

QAEngine Theme Profile Page

Live Notification

This is another useful feature for the users, they will be notified every important action happens on the site to catch up with what’s happening on the site as well as with their activities.

This feature will help to catch users attention back to the site which is a great feature to increase user engagement on the site.


We all look forward to creating a unique site with our own color scheme and design elements, QAEngine theme will not disappoint you in this regard as it gives you full control over the color selection and layout elements right in the dashboard.

You don't need to have any coding skills to customize this theme and make it all yours.

QAEngine Style


You can buy this amazing question and answer theme for $49, which I think is fairly priced looking at the kind of product you get. Also, you get a lifetime license for the theme with this price and one-year updates and support.


QAEngine is one of my personal favorite WordPress themes, I really like the design and clean interface of the theme. It is undoubtedly one of the best questions and answers WordPress themes available right now and it is way ahead of any custom forum themes which looks messy.

One feature which I would like to have in this theme is the submit URL option, currently user can submit only text content and they can link to any URL like a normal WordPress post. It would be great to have a feature wherein if a user posts a link it fetches content from that URL something like the Facebook updates.

Nevertheless, it's a great WordPress theme which worth your money.

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QAEngine Review: A Question and Answer WordPress Theme
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