How to Promote old Posts in WordPress?

Publishing new content regularly is important to keep the visitors interested in your website. However, in the struggle of updating the blogs daily, we often overlook the opportunity to promote older posts, consequently, driving less traffic on those posts.

Oftentimes we write a content, share it, your visitors enjoy it and find it useful and move on to other posts as it dies back in your archives. Unfortunately, as these posts take a back seat, visitors also start navigating away.

We often forget that this type of content is what keeps your website alive and it is important to share it with your new visitors and followers to drive constant traffic.

However, a majority of bloggers and webmasters don't know how to constantly share older posts on the website, which is why we have pulled together 6 tried and proven methods to promote old posts in WordPress.

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1. Use the power of social media platforms

You probably have hundreds and thousands of followers on your social media networks. However, a majority of followers have only seen a fraction of your updates. This is usually because of the different time zones.

Therefore, it is always recommended to schedule your posts on social media and publish the post when most of your followers are online. But juggling new and old posts can be a hectic and time-consuming task for many.

Fortunately, running a WordPress website have some benefits. You can automatically share your old post with your followers with the help of a “Revive Old Post” plugin. It shares your older posts to increase their exposure and drive more traffic.


2. Internal linking

If you've been blogging for a while now, you'd probably know how important it is to have internal links in your website. This is one of the best ways to link your one post to another and hit two targets with one arrow.

You can make the most of the internal linking by linking your older posts with the new posts having relevant subject matter. This way whenever and wherever you share your new posts, your older posts will be promoted automatically.

Internal linking also helps you to reduce bounce rate on your website. You can also use a plugin called “SEO smart link” to make the task of linking easier and convenient for you.

3. Display Related Posts

You probably have heard that showing related posts can drastically reduce bounce rate on your website and improve conversion rate. But did you know you can also promote your older posts by displaying related posts?

You can start displaying your most popular blogs below your newest blog with a few clicks of a mouse. Visitors visiting your website are more likely to read blogs that are easily accessible and doesn't require a lot of navigating.

In addition, people tend to read what others are reading. You can either manually display related post by adding a few lines of code or use a plugin such as “Related Post Plugin” to automatically add related post feature in your website.


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4. Custom Archive Page

Creating a custom archive page is a great way to bring your older posts to notice. You can use certain space on your website to show most popular posts, recent posts, most commented posts, most visited posts and much more.

In addition, you can also display a search form, post categories/tags and compact archives. This way you can introduce your visitors to different posts on your website without making them navigate to a different page.

5. Use comments to display older posts

Yes, you heard it right. Comments are a great way of interacting with your users. You may find visitors asking for more information regarding another topic in the comments.

Instead of directly providing a lengthy answer to their questions, you can provide a link to one of your older posts. This also builds trusts and reduces bounce rate. It's a win-win situation for both you and your visitors.

6. Provide a Response Post

There are times when an old post content needs to be updated with the latest facts and information. This is where providing a response post can bring up better results and increases page views. You can write a new post while introducing your old post in the introduction and revive the whole body content.

When it comes to blogging, you cannot afford to let your old post die in blog archives. Instead, make the most of it by resharing it among your visitors and followers. There can be different ways of promoting your old post provided you know how and where.

How to Promote old Posts in WordPress?
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