PageSpeed Theme Review: Is This Theme By SwiftThemes Really That Swift?

When it comes to website success, speed is considered to be one of the most important factors that has an impact on its search rankings and user experience. No matter what niche you may be working in; having a website with fast loading time and quick navigation is an asset that can help you attract customers as well as search engines to your website.

Though there are many factors that impact the overall speed of your website, your website theme is quite simply the most important factor. And a theme should ideally have a website loading speed of less than 3 seconds and a 90+ Google PageSpeed Score to have an edge over the competition.

When we searched for the best WordPress themes to optimize the page speed of a website, we came across PageSpeed by SwiftThemes which is a lite yet powerful WordPress theme that comes with a really competitive website loading speed of less than two seconds.

Well, that did sound quite amazing at the first instance and intrigued; we decided to delve a little deeper to find out if the theme actually delivers what it promises!

Read on to know the reasons why you should or should not go for PageSpeed by SwiftThemes


First Look

PageSpeed comes with an elegant design and powerful features that left us more than a little surprised. Thus, the first thought we had while going through its features was, ‘why is this theme being offered for free?

Yes, we are going to stick our neck out and say this right at the beginning; it is that good!

The theme can be seamlessly integrated with all major WordPress plug-ins including WooCommerce, ACF, bbPress, and BuddyPress. Talking about its responsiveness, we tried opening the theme on different devices and we found that the live preview of the theme worked perfectly on all kinds of devices. The developers of the theme have used every possible aspect of speed optimization with niche features like moving ad management to lite weight plug-ins for use only on those websites that require them.



Along with powerful features, PageSpeed is quite spot-on with its design elements too. We analyzed the design of the theme and the customizations it offers truly impressed us. The theme comes with multiple layout options and header styles giving you several combinations to put your main content at the forefront of your website. PageSpeed also offers design customizations such as multiple sidebars, 2 Post display styles and drag and drop meta information for posts.

This is how PageSpeed’s design looks like on a website. Quite elegant, we’d say!

PageSpeed’s integration with PageBuilder plug-in further makes it easier to create smart and powerful websites with its numerous pre-built layouts. In addition to that, you won’t need to put in any extra efforts or any plug-in to make your website look great on phones as well as tabs because of the theme’s responsiveness to different devices.

Talking about the font and color options, PageSpeed is the only theme that comes with smart color schemes built with SCSS. And, users won’t have to worry about the font options as the theme comes with Google fonts integration. All in all, the design options and the level of customization that PageSpeed offers are truly competitive.


Speed Optimization

But with all these features and design choices, we were a little wary of the speed optimization of PageSpeed. Generally speaking, each added feature adds up to the loading time of a website. So, we checked the speed and SEO friendliness of PageSpeed and here’s what we found:

As rightly claimed by SwiftThemes, PageSpeed shows a commendable load time of less than 1 second in every attempt. Quite true to its name, the theme loads the content as well as ads within the blink of an eye. We thought of going deeper into understanding what makes PageSpeed such a fast WordPress theme even after offering so many useful features; and here are a few observations that we came up with:

  1. PageSpeed is coded to the highest standards for speed and security. The theme is highly developer friendly and its rich quality coding is the prime reason for its super fast speed.
  2. The theme uses less than 50 KB of JS and CSS footprint, which is further brought down to under 20 KB when minified and gzipped.
  3. The theme uses absolutely ZERO images and the elegant design is facilitated by smart color schemes.

And with respect to our initial wariness, we found that even after having plenty of features, speed is something that this theme excels at. Swift, indeed!


100/100 Page Speed score

Talking about the numbers, we analyzed the PageSpeed theme on Google PageSpeed Insights and a score of 100/100 came up as the result. Well, even while you should not obsess with the perfect page speed score, PageSpeed theme can get you there.


Final Words

In the recent past, Google and other search engines have been putting a lot of emphasis on a website’s page speed and SEO. With Google’s RankBrain, user experience has become the most prominent factor for ranking websites.

Well, let us put this simply; the number of features that PageSpeed offers is equivalent to a premium WordPress theme and that in itself was a revelation. Our experience with PageSpeed was really delightful. With all the features and design customizations it offers, PageSpeed is one of the fastest loading WordPress themes.

It is an ideal theme for you if you are a blogger and want to enhance the user experience of your visitors. The theme is a perfect fit for WooCommerce and Business Websites as well because of its fast loading time that never compromises with design and customizations.

SwiftThemes is soon coming up with video tutorials and pre-built layouts which may be a part of premium version of the theme. Further, this developer friendly theme will also come with easy to develop child themes and a free child theme boilerplate is expected to be released soon.

To sum up, PageSpeed comes with a page loading time of less than 2 seconds and excellent device responsiveness. We think that it will be liked equally by visitors as well as search engines and recommend it for websites that want to focus on user experience.

You can download the theme for free from WordPress as well as the official website of SwiftThemes, which has been built using PageSpeed theme.

PageSpeed Theme Review: Is This Theme By SwiftThemes Really That Swift?
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