OneSocial: A Minimalist BuddyPress Theme

Minimalist design is trending. And it’s picking up with the WordPress community too. More and more WordPress site owners are now actively moving away from jazzy WordPress and BuddyPress themes and choosing minimal themes that put the focus on content.

Today I’m reviewing OneSocial — a gorgeous minimalist BuddyPress theme that comes from the makers of Boss 2.0 (one of the best-selling BuddyPress themes in the market – I’ve posted its detailed review here).

OneSocial is a great theme for all those of you who’re looking to create community sites.

Let's look at some of its features and see what makes it an ideal theme for all kinds of social communities built with BuddyPress.

OneSocial: A minimalist BuddyPress Theme

What I found the most refreshing about OneSocial is its design. OneSocial sports a very minimal and elegant look and can be configured quickly.

It's fully responsive and looks great across devices of all screen sizes.

OneSocial - Responsive BuddyPress Theme

While the theme comes with a ton of features, for me, it's OneSocial’s design that’s the most impressive. It focuses on content. Even its typography is great and easily readable.

Brilliant Layouts

Every page of the OneSocial theme keeps the spotlight on the page’s content — be it the theme’s blog layout or the pages it uses to showcase members and groups. Everything is kept simple and appealing.

Heres’ how OneSocial displays groups and members:

OneSocial - Groups page

OneSocial Members Page

OneSocial’s blog layout also looks great:

OneSocial - Blog Layout

Social Login, so you can get more signups

Users often balk at the thought of having to create yet another account.

Who knows how many of your site visitors don't sign up because it looks tiring to have to create an account.

If you have been facing the issue of low signups on your BuddyPress site, OneSocial might just solve that as it comes powered by the leading WordPress social login plugin, WordPress Social Login. Thereby allowing your users to sign up and log in using any of their accounts on more than 26 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

OneSocial - Social Login

Translation-Ready — Helping Build Communities in Local Languages

Often site owners feel boxed in a theme that doesn’t support different languages, and they end up creating a community site that their users aren’t so comfortable participating in.

But as OneSocial is translation-ready, you can use it to build a community in your native language.

OneSocial - Multilingual feature

WooCommerce Support — Start Selling by Adding a Store

OneSocial supports WooCommerce, so you can add a store to your theme anytime that you want.

The OneSocial-WooCommerce integration works right-out-of-the-box.

Like all its other pages, even the store’s layout naturally draws your attention to the products.

OneSocial Store layout

Easily Customizable

While you will love how OneSocial looks, if you still need to personalize it by adding your logo or maybe by changing the font, you can do so easily with OneSocial’s intuitive backend.

OneSocial Settings Panel

Almost all the elements can be customized.

A Stunning Homepage Slider

Sliders can really set the tone of a site but all premium themes don’t come with an inbuilt slider. And so they often require you to spend additional money and invest in a slider plugin.

But OneSocial comes with a minimal full-width slider on the homepage page. You can choose to turn it off if you like.

OneSocial Homepage Slider

Live Notifications

Live notifications play an important feature for any community site. They help build engagement. With OneSocial, every time a member receives a friend request, a message, or a post comment, he or she is alerted in real-time.

Global Search

One of the top things that people enjoy doing in a community site is to connect with their peers. That often starts by looking up for them.

OneSocial offers a sitewide search. As a user starts typing the search phrase, OneSocial starts suggesting all the matching results across all your BuddyPress site elements (like members, groups, messages, posts…).

So these were some of the top features of the OneSocial theme. You can read the full list of features here.

Wrapping up…

Most WordPress themes that “work” with BuddyPress can never really create a great community site experience. Such themes treat BuddyPress as yet another plugin.

However, themes like OneSocial (or even Boss 2.0) that are designed especially for BuddyPress take another approach to development. Basically, such themes are built BuddyPress-first. All the important BuddyPress community features are baked right into them.

For creating a custom theme like OneSocial, you might have to hire a  developer who charges about $100/hour. It could cost you thousands of dollars. But OneSocial really comes across as a budget-friendly theme that has all your community site needs to be covered.

If you’re not happy with the theme, you can claim your money back. OneSocial gives a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can make a confident purchase.

OneSocial Pricing Plans

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OneSocial: A Minimalist BuddyPress Theme
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