MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal: $19 For Any Theme or Plugin

MyThemeShop is one of my favorite WordPress product stores because their products are of high quality, modern, quick and SEO friendly.

In this post today, we will discuss MyThemeShop and their products in detail to understand why you should use their products. They have 85 spectacular WordPress themes and some extremely useful plugins to offer you.

If you are starting a new website or want to change the design of your existing site I strongly recommend you to go for a premium theme because they are well-coded, modern, feature packed and you get regular support as well as updates.

Now, when you decide to go for a quality premium WordPress theme you need to look at a few details before you make your decision. You need to check if the developer updates the themes frequently, the features of the theme, the kind of support provided by the developer, the cost of the theme etc.

MyThemeShop products undoubtedly stand out in many aspects and they are way better than their competitors, I have used their products for many of websites including Sourcewp and the experience is great so far.

Some of the key highlights of MyThemeShop Products:

  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly layout
  • Attractive modern design
  • Very quick loading time
  • SEO friendly design
  • Well commented clean code
  • Optimized ad placements
  • One-click installation and easy setup
  • Great Support & Video tutorials
  • Lifetime license and updates

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MyThemeShop: Any Product $19

Why MyThemeShop?

From a broad perspective, MyThemeShop creates WordPress themes for bloggers, businesses, and eCommerce sites. All their themes are ad ready and optimized for Google AdSense so that bloggers can easily monetize their site by placing ad code.

HTML5 and CSS3 Markup

All the themes are created with latest HTML5 and CSS3 markup standards. That means your website will be future proof and it will get a better search engine visibility compared to other sites.

It creates a refined version to help you run your site across all devices  as well as operating systems without any issue.

Clean and Clearly Commented Code

The quality of code is extremely important which makes a WordPress theme different from other in terms of quality in a real sense because all other external features can be added with plugins or other tools but if the code is not clean and up-to-date the site is not going to work well for your business.

When we talk about clean code WordPress themes, the Genesis framework based child themes, but the themes from MyThemeShop are equally good and they are well coded to give your site the boost it needs.

Modern Design

I'm sure that you will like the designs from this amazing WordPress store because they produce great looking themes and they have an option for everyone.

They provide you a cost effective way to get a stunning design for your site, as they have more than 80 themes you get a number of design options to choose form and all are of high quality.

SEO Friendly Design

Though most of the SEO elements of a WordPress site is handled by SEO plugins, it is extremely important for you to make sure that your theme is also SEO friendly.

If your site is not optimized for search engines properly all your hard work will be wasted because no matter how well you write your content if your web design lacks in quality then it will not get the exposure it deserves.

Now, the SEO friendliness of a theme is a subjective matter to a certain expect and you need to look at a lot of parameters to define that starting from the quality of code to the availability of breadcrumbs, all these small elements will add to make a theme SEO friendly.

The themes from MyThemeShop has a track record of being SEO friendly because they have a well-set base design which has worked for many, I'm sure it will work for you too.

Shortcodes Included

Shortcodes are really effective in inserting amazing new features and components within posts or page instantly without any coding. The themes from MyThemeShop comes with an amazing set of shortcodes which helps you to insert tabs, call-to-action buttons, and other elements within the post with the click of a button.

Ultra Quick Loading Time

One of the most important factors which differentiate a great site from just another site is the loading time of the website because your user will not wait for even 10 seconds before they move to another site if your site doesn't load instantly.

MyThemeShop provides a lot of importance to the loading time of their themes and they are really quick. Almost all the MyThemeShop themes loads within 1 second (Subject to your hosting server)

MyThemeShop Loading Time

MyThemeShop Design Elements

Mobil Responsive Design

Google has already made it clear that mobile friendly behavior of a site is a key part of their search result algorithm, so if you site is not mobile friendly than your site will not be ranked well in search results.

You can use the Google friendly testing tool to check if your site is good enough for mobile devices as per their parameter. And if is not, you must change your design to a responsive WordPress theme without wasting any more time.

All the themes from MyThemeShop are ultra responsive and it will take your site to a new level altogether in terms of how it behaves in different devices.

MyThemeShop Responsive


Unlimited Color Options

All the themes from MyThemeShop offer you unlimited color options and you can have a special color for your site which will represent your brand.

It provides you an extremely easy option to customize the color of your site with just a few clicks. And you can change the color of each and every component of the site.

MyThemeShop Color Option

Comprehensive Theme Option Panel

MyThemeShop offers you a detailed theme options panel where you can setup your homepage, logo, favicon, styling, typography, and all other elements of the theme quite easily.

All the themes also come with dummy data which will make your site look like the demo within a minute which you can take forward by posting your own content. And everything can be handled from the powerful theme options panel.

MyThemeShop Option Panel

Unlimited Background Options

All MyThemeShop themes provide you unlimited theme background option which can be changed in the theme options panel to customize the look and feel of your site. If you want to have a custom color for your background, you can have that too with click of button

Unlimited Background Options

Pre-built Designs

A number of the themes comes with amazing pre-built configurations for the homepage and other pages making it really easy for you to select any of those and get started with your site.

So, a single WordPress theme serves you a number of options which you can use for the different site and you don't need to buy any other theme.

MyThemeShop Designs

Built-In Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing buttons are extremely important these days for any website because social sites can drive a lot of traffic to your site also social signals can help you to get high ranking in search engine like Google.

Themes from MyThemeShop comes with built in option to show beautiful looking social sharing buttons which you can switch on or off from the theme options panel. If you want to use any external plugin, we have already published a list of best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Built In Social Sharing Buttons MyThemeShop

Integrated Contact Forms

Another best part is the integrated content form with every theme, so you don't have to use any external content form plugin.

In fact, MyThemeShop comes with a number of built-in features which reduces the requirement of any external plugin, and keeping control over the number of plugins helps you to speed up your site.

Contact Forms MyThemeShop

Author Bio

Author bio is extremely important if you want to create a quality blog because no one will relate to your content if they are not aware of the author. It is also important to have the author metadata from the SEO perspective, the best part is that all the themes from MyThemeShop come with built in author bio box feature.

So, you don't need to use any external WordPress author bio plugins

Free Themes and Other Details

Along with super quality premium products, MyThemeShop also published some of the top quality free WordPress themes which are certainly way ahead of any other free themes because even the free themes from this store are feature packed and highly customizable.

All the WordPress themes on MyThemeShop are well optimized for Google AdSense so that user can monetize their site instantly.

Another notable point is the regular release of new themes, this store releases at least one theme per month. So, there are tons of choices.


All the products from MyThemeShop are very well documented which covers all the section of the products in detail. Other than that they also offer you video tutorial to help you understand the product easily.

If you still have any issue, they have a very active support forum section where you can get an answer to all your questions.

MyThemeShop: Top Themes & Plugins


We are currently using this magazine theme for SourceWP, it's a very beautiful, highly optimized design for WordPress. Along with all the other features mentioned above in the MyThemeShop review, it provides a nice flexible design which you can use to create a perfect layout as per your requirement.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme

Magazine MyThemeShop Theme


Yosemite is a clean, minimal WordPress theme which is inspired by Apple's Yosemite OSX design. This theme is well as being optimized for AdSense, page views, and readability.

The simple layout of the theme puts all the focus on your content and provides your users a distraction free reading experience. It's a highly optimized SEO friendly WordPress theme to help you create a successful site on WordPress.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



Schema theme is known as one of the quickest WordPress theme available out there, and this theme was specially created to offer you a minimal, SEO friendly, super quick WordPress design.

This theme comes with a nice clean design which makes your content do all the talking with beautiful typography and optimized readability.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



If you are looking for a modern and attractive news magazine theme, MagXP is probably the theme you need. It offers you number of readily available designs to choose from as it comes with ten different pre-built designs which you can use for your site.

So, this single theme is good enough to make a perfect fit for number of your different niche sites. Needless to say that this is a well optimized design for search engine which will help you to get extra exposure in search engine results.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme


Best Theme

Best is another beautiful magazine style design which is perfect for any news magazine site as well as a personal blogging website.

It's a highly customizable design so you can easily create a number of a different layout for your page as per your requirement. This can also be a perfect theme for any product review site because the MyThemeShop review system works out of the box with this amazing design.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme

SEO friendly WordPress theme


Viral content sites are becoming extremely popular these days because they get tons of social traffic as the viral content are shared more often than any other kind of articles.

Now, if you want to create a similar kind of viral content site you will need an engaging design which will keep on offering new content to your users.

This theme was specially created for viral content sites, though this SEO friendly design is an amazing option for any kind of blogs.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



Pinstagram is another very popular theme from MyThemeShop store, it's a Pinterest inspired design which is completely modern and elegant. I have used this theme in the past for one of my sites and I was amazed at the loading speed of this theme.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



If you are an app developer or you run a site to showcase new apps for different platforms, then this is a great theme option for you because it is specially created for app related websites.

It offers you the perfect layout to showcase your app and drive ton so of traffic which will help you to increase your revenue.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme



It's a custom made WordPress theme for video sites, and it is undoubtedly one of the best modern video theme available for WordPress right now.

It includes all the best practices of MyThemeShop, it offers you a nice engaging layout and a very attractive design to maximize the reach of your video.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme


WordPress Subscribe Pro

It's an email optin plugin for WordPress and it is way better than many optin plugins available out there. It provides you number of amazing features and option to capture new customers for your products.

It offers different placement option for the subscribe form, you can create a nice looking popup which will be triggered as per exit intent or the time you set, you can have in the form below each article as well as in the sidebar widget section or you can have all these work simultaneously for your site.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme


WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is one of the best review plugins available for WordPress. It offers you powerful custom options panel to customize the load and feel of your review widget to match your theme.

This plugin offers you the of rich snippets functionality so that your review information shows up in the search engine results and make it standout.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme


WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu is one of the best WordPress mega menu plugins which provides a number of amazing features to set up a modern and user-friendly menu for your site.

We are using this mega menu plugin currently and it works perfectly with any WordPress theme. So, it's not restricted to a theme from MyThemeShop because it's an independent product from the store.

With this plugin you can create nice animated menu for your site.

Demo ThemeDownload Theme

WP Mega Menu


Don't miss this amazing opportunity to grab your favorite MyThemeShop product for just $19. I'm sure the products of MyThemeShop can take your site to the next level by making sure that it is SEO friendly & quick loading.


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MyThemeShop Black Friday Deal: $19 For Any Theme or Plugin
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  • Michael Cobb

    I love MyThemeShop and have purchased 12 of their themes in the past two years or so. I am starting a blog later this month and will be using one of their themes. (Schema or Magazine) AWESOME STUFF!

  • Thanks for your comment Michael, even I’m using their theme for this blog :)