30 Monstroid Child Themes: And Whopping 33% Discount Coupon

Most of you may have already heard about Monstroid, the biggest WordPress theme created by TemplateMonster.

Free 24/7 support, lifetime updates, a set of user and developer-oriented features, premium plugins and an unlimited access to the child theme set.

All these things have made Monstroid outstanding in comparison with other multipurpose themes in the web design market. Monstroid is constantly updated, the number of child themes grows and the community is becoming more extensive. More and more people are trying out the new WordPress theme, and many of those who have already experimented with it, return.

Understanding that many of the customers who come to TemplateMonster, face creating a website for the first time, this company launched a separate project designed to help beginners.

So, if you are new to web design and have no idea what to start with when creating a website or you feel desperate because of the huge amount of information available on the Web, you will find help here.

You can also get answers to your questions 24/7 via live chat as the TemplateMonster team members are out there to help you. Secondly, you will find comprehensive guides regarding website creation. Regardless of the stage of website making, you are at, youíll be well supported.

Apart from that, there is a special section with startup business tips for those who have just started their business.

When you are all set and are aware which steps to take in web design, it's time to choose a theme, and one of the options is Monstroid.

Right now we are going to show you where it stands in the current stage of its WordPress-theme development. 2 months ago there were 5 child themes, now there are 30 of them. Imagine how many of them there will be in a year! You get all these themes as a part of Monstroid Theme for free.

So, let's check the child themes for Monstroid theme which you can use for your site. There are child themes which are created to fit in a different niche business, buy Monsteroid today and get access to this ever increasing list of amazing child themes.

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Fishing Club WordPress Theme

A tribute to square shapes and powerful imagery, this template can serve perfectly well those who need to create a sports club or a business company website. Large hero area and video on the background will make your website look as engaging as possible. Besides, as the colors used in the theme are the colors usually used in fishing gear, this will be a great association bridge between your website and a viewerís perception.

Fishing Club Monstroid Theme

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Frutti Bar WordPress Theme

If you need a website that would look playful, pay attention to the ëFrutty Barí theme. It flirts with a viewer with its joyful colors and sparkling splashes across the website. With nothing superfluous, this easy-to-view design will have potential customers thirsting for any new product you offer.

Frutti Bar

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Smartex WordPress Theme

Strict. Steel-like. Smart. These are the first words which might come to mind when you see ëSmartexí, a responsive theme which can become a great foundation for any serious business. Sleek image slider, round shapes, almost no angles – everything is created to give a customer a flawless view of the website.

Smartex Monstroid child theme

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Tune Station WordPress Theme

A perfect option for those who are tuned into getting essential website information at first glance. The theme combines the business and the personal. It will be a satisfactory solution for those who need to move their business online in an engaging way.

Tune Station

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Video Records WordPress Theme

A cartoon-like theme with a nice image slider will definitely catch your eye. Not typical of most WordPress themes, almost all of the theme ësurfaceí is covered with images. If you need to create a website, which represents a huge number of visuals, this theme may be the one.

Video Records

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Business Expert WordPress Theme

Experience is rarely a trait of the young but tends to come with age, which is why we tend to associate this concept with seriousness, boldness, and simplicity. These are the traits this Monstroid child theme has. Check it out for yourself.

Business Expert

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Taste WordPress Theme

We've already mentioned the combination of serious business and an engaging personality. This is one more example, where business is not just business, but also something personal. Pay attention to the changes in design while scrolling the theme down.

It starts with a nothing-superfluous image-slider, then the information-providing section appears, and then the most personal part comes delicious imagery, a lot of delicious imagery! The climax of the viewerís interest growing towards the bottom of the website is guaranteed.

Taste Monstroid child theme

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Textile WordPress Theme

Fragile elegant design of this template may be applied to different projects, both business and personal. The high aesthetic value of the theme is enhanced by dark colors. Dark is classic, classic is always in fashion.

Textile Monstroid child theme

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Circus Tent WordPress Theme

If you have to make a website for a circus, you must have faced the problem of design specifics for such a type of business. Look no further – this theme looks like a welcome framework for a circus website. The joyful font and beautiful layout will help attract more and more visitors.

Circus tent

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Sports Blog WordPress Theme

Hockey as a sport occupies a special place in the hearts of many of us. Take a look at this theme. What is the first thing you notice? For most people it's a slope angle separating logical parts of the theme. It resembles the angle hockey-players make when turning on the ice, doesn't it? Besides, it can also be a nice way of attracting a visitorís eye to the image placed in there. It looks like a crack in a fence – enticing our natural curiosity to look into it.

Sports Blog Monstroid Theme

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Brewery WordPress Theme

If you are one of those lucky guys who needs to create a brewery website, take a look at this Monstroid child theme. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be used for this specific project, but in a male web designer's dreams, he makes only websites for beer and. let's say, only for beer. Parallax effect and full-width imagery will be the main factors responsible for the liveliness of the website.

Brewery Monstroid child Theme

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Furniture Company WordPress Theme

Furniture needs to be stout and reliable, so does a website offering furniture. This is a beautiful theme, which will become a great furniture website. Have a look at it yourself and understand why. Strict lines and almost no negative space give an impression of reliability and high quality.

Furniture Company

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Obrus WordPress Theme

If there is any web design which requires even more of a ëreliabilityí impression for the project than that of a furniture agency, it is a construction business website design, which incorporates Parallax effect, lazy load, ghost buttons, full-width images and many more features. They will all make the website look trustworthy.

Obrus Monstroid child theme

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Gourmet Cuisine WordPress Theme

This could probably be one of the best-looking WordPress themes for a cafe. Remember what the main character of the Kate & Leo movie said? ..without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. Not only is food art, but web design and the presenting of food properly is as well. Look at the unusual image placement on the theme home page. Apart from that, one of the key features the theme has is Parallax effect. Enjoy the theme!

Gourmet Cuisine

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Country Sunset WordPress Theme

If you need a cozy website, which would view well on all devices, this theme is for you. Combine imagery and text easily and inform your customers about your service both through visuals and text. This theme also includes Parallax effect, as do many of the other Monstroid child themes. Imagine how your content would look in this theme. Would it look nice? Then maybe this template is for you!

Country Sunset

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Senior Home Care WordPress Theme

A trustworthy color combination, Parallax effect, dropdown menu and transparent menu bar ñ all of these features make this theme suitable for many types of projects. The design of the template implies putting all the necessary information in a way that wonít be overlooked, its layout being intuitively understandable. Social buttons will help your visitors share your content with others.

Senior Home Care

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Pasta and Ravioli Company WordPress Theme

This is one more food-related WordPress theme which wonít leave even most capricious gourmets indifferent. Light colors and beautifully cut lines will inspire you to culinary masterpieces. A big part of customer engagement lies in the curly handwritten font. Moderation and grace are embroidered throughout the theme. If your project implies a theme like this, consider using this one – it will cope with the subject's flavour perfectly well.

Pasta and Ravioli

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Hypnosis WordPress Theme

If there is anything that gets us to turn the page over, it's a folded corner of the page. This is a design trick used in this template: the viewer wonít be able to refrain from clicking on the text boxes. Attract new customers with a clean design!

Hypnosis Monstroid child theme

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Limousine WordPress Theme

Red is a color of confidence and passion. You'll appreciate this theme if you have a passion for cars and you need to create a project related to them. Hover effect, lazy load, Parallax effect, minimalist color combination, sleek layout and emphasized buttons on the images will contribute greatly to the website's success.

Limousine Monstroid child theme

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Sky-High WordPress Theme

A full-width image is very often the first thing to grab a viewerís attention. Hover effects replacing images with text encourage customers to read, and a combination of 2 fonts moderates the seriousness of the theme and adds a degree of ease to the perception.

Sky-High Monstroid Child Theme

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HR Recruiting WordPress Theme

Public relations are all about engagement, and this template includes all features that are necessary for getting people engaged. Its design is not complicated – one will be able to create a nice, clean and informative website with this Monstroid child theme.

HR Recruiting

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PixelArt WordPress Theme

If you are a fan of the rigid design, you will most likely like this template. Check out the small images with a hover effect. Itís a great way not to overload a design with text. However, when a viewer needs to learn more, he can click on the image and find the needed information. Just as in many other Monstroid child themes, this one has a Parallax effect to make the visual perception of the website deeper.

PixelArt Monstroid Child Theme

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School District WordPress Theme

Joyful – this is definitely the word for this template, which is expressed in bright colors and big content boxes. The square shape is not used in web design too often which makes this theme look outstanding. Again, as many of the previous Monstroid child themes, it has Parallax effect, hover effect, lazy load and full-width images.

School District

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Energetic Cheerleaders WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme will be a great option for those who need their business story to go visual. Remember those websites which tell, in infographics, when they were founded and how many employees they hired every year?

Usually, those stories embed themselves in our memory so well that we can actually remember the portraits of those who joined the company team 4 years ago. Use this feature in creating your website and see how much it boosts visits!

Energetic Cheerleaders Monstroid child theme

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Sunrise WordPress Theme

At first sight it seems that business WordPress themes tend to look similar to each other. However, perfection is in the details. If you pay careful attention to the differences, youíll note how different the design is.

For example, this theme has ghost buttons with hover effect, which other business templates donít have, or consider the unusual placement of social buttons, which are on the same level as the menu. People see them from the first second on the website and are more likely to share the content they see.

Sunrise Monstroid Child Theme

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Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

A photographer portfolio is something that needs to be visually appealing and veiled with secrecy at the same time, otherwise, no-one will be interested in the service. The first stage of generating interest in a viewer is about a hidden secret.

A full-screen image with ghost buttons on the home page only implies a huge amount of visual content inside. Then itís about discovery. The viewer starts scrolling and clicking, wishing to see more of the work. This scheme might seem to be simple, yet it has become a trend in photography web design.

Photographer Portfolio

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North West WordPress Theme

There is something very attractive about blurred images in the background in web design. And, which is more, itís not used that often, so this may be one of those design features which distinguishes your website from others. Keep in mind, that this template, as all the other Monstroid child themes, is responsive and will view well on any device.

North West Monstroid child theme

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Gitex WordPress Theme

When it comes to creating a trustworthy website, one shouldnít overload one with design features. Everything should be intuitively understandable, beautifully colored and engaging. This is when a template like Financial Advisor comes into play. Check it out and see if it could work for your project.

Gitex Monstroid Child Theme

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Stone WordPress Theme

This is a theme which has its own charming details. Take a look at the Contact form at the bottom of the theme, where no delineation creates an impression of a notebook page. Filling out a form like this is a pleasure. And if you look at the top of the theme, youíll see there sleek Parallax and a careful image slider in the center of the home page.

Stone Monstroid Child Theme

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Final Word

These were 30 of the Monstroid child themes and, hopefully, you like them! Two months ago there were only 5 of them and now there are more than 30.
There have never been so many beautiful themes so carefully made in one big theme. TemplateMonster team does its best to make your web design experience easier than ever. Remember, you can contact them 24/7 via live chat.

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30 Monstroid Child Themes: And Whopping 33% Discount Coupon
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