Making Manageable WP Dashboard is No Big Deal

No client would actually love to call the support team all the time for every little thing. Though as a developer you need to develop more client oriented things rather than just nattering on about yourself.

In short, whatever you are building an eCommerce solution or a just a blog it needs to be highly presentable and along with that it needs to be highly functional.

How to prove your mettle as a developer?

In order to prove your mettle as a developer, you need to develop a dashboard which do not work according to your wish but as per clients. Every person do not have a technical inclination so apart from making it highly functional you need to make sure that it is easily operated by the developers.

Thus, you need to make your Dashboards descriptive enough so that your clients can easily understand and work on it as per their convenience.

There are times when the developers obfuscate the dashboard with the technical jargons in order to show that they are more experienced, wherein this creates a pernicious effect on them as they fail to impress their clients. When clients are unable to work easily on the dashboard then they get irked therefore leaving them in a fix is not a good idea at all.

Thus, you need to develop a dashboard which accords to the best WordPress trends and maintains it so that this can be very easy for the users. In this blog, we will discuss some important tips which can help you to develop easy and accessible dashboards.

Do not deliver a Scavenger Hunt

Do not just make a project for the heck of it? In order to reach the zenith of success, you must do it in an organized manner. Before delivering your project to your customer you need to make sure that you have organized the Dashboard as per the needs of your clients.

Moreover, it will easy for you in the short run to just handover the project and let them play a scavenger hunt while working on the Dashboard. But this will consume your time when they will run to you for help.

Moreover, you can hide those tools which are not required and do not fail to mention them in a handy user menu so that they can take its help whenever required. Along with developing a handy Dashboard you must also ensure to provide them an engaging one.

Know the user!

Before developing a tool for someone, it is your responsibility to know the expertise, preferences and technical aspects of your website. You need to know who is going to administer the Dashboard of your WordPress account and then accordingly keeping in mind the expertise of the end user you.

Do not clutter you Dashboard just simply provide them the essentials.

You must always tell your clients about the alterations you are making with the Dashboard. This is necessary because leaving them in a state of oblivion may end up creating a lot of confusion. There are a lot of plugins which can be used to add different functionalities to your clients. Make your clients familiar to them.

Training your clients saves your time

Before handling the project to your client you need to first conduct a formal training session in which you need to impart knowledge of the complete project.

Though, no one can deny the fact that WordPress is quite a very handy and user-friendly tool in itself, but as a responsible developer you must share everything with the users. It might appear that you need to devote your time for imparting a comprehensive training to the developers, but this will reap you benefits in the coming future.

Make them aware of all the features and functionality which they can use for their benefits. Plus, inform them more about the widgets and plugins that they can use so as to increase the extendibility

of their Dashboard.

Dashboard help is a good friend!

Moreover, if you think that apart from training your clients you need to make them aware about the Contextual Help feature. This is a curated list of all the features and options which one can use when they are stuck somewhere. Tell them that using this feature you can save a lot of your time, energy, and resources in going to the developers and asking for help. Using this feature, you can instantly solve your issues without having to wait for someone.

Final Thoughts!

Your credibility as a developer is contingent upon how easy you make it for the users to operate the website you developed. Provide them a solution, not problems.

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Making Manageable WP Dashboard is No Big Deal
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