MailOptin Review: An Email Marketing Tool for Every Blogger

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can help you with all your popups, email opt-in forms and newsletter needs, MailOptin should be your first choice. With a rating of 5 stars, MailOptin is the ultimate customer acquisition and email marketing plugin.

Everything, starting with lead generation to client acquisition, has been smartly covered by MailOptin team, into one powerful plugin.

With MailOptin integration to your WordPress site, you can generate relevant leads, grow your email list, send attractive emails and display strong targeted messages on your site with timely popups. MailOptin does not limit your client acquisition to email marketing.

It allows you to add sidebars and widgets as well as subscription forms before and after the published post, to strategically convert random website visitors into subscribers and potential customers.

MailOptin Features

MailOptin is overloaded with amazing features to help you grab potential customization and get better business deals. This WordPress plugin is unbelievably easy to use and install. Therefore, you will not need any technical knowledge to use the plugin.

With MailOptin, you not only add subscription forms and send emails, but you can design attractive opt-in forms and email newsletters. The unmatchable form and newsletter designs guarantee the highest rate of conversion, as compared to other opt-in form and newsletter plugins available.

You may get thousands of email opt-in, email subscription, lead building, and newsletter designing plugins online, but these plugins are too expensive, difficult to use and non-reliable. I recommend MailOptin for business development and branding tasks, because of its unique features like:

  1. It provides you essential metrics, which provides you with factual data for planning your lead-generation strategy and gaining more revenue.
  2. MailOptin gives you the option to remove its branding from the email templates and opt-in forms. Therefore, the form or the email looks personalized. This way your emails will not seem like a part of a bulk mail, and your opt-in forms will look original and specially designed for your visitors.
  3. MailOptin advanced customisation feature let you optimize your opt-in forms, campaigns and email templates with different CSS styles.
  4. Are you tired of those traditional CSS3 animations you get with almost every WordPress plugin? It’s time to give your customers something new. With 30+ unique and attractive inbuilt CSS3 animation effects, you can easily drag your site visitor’s attention and add custom information to your onsite opt-in forms.
  5. You can transform this little magical plugin into your data storehouse anytime. MailOptin is great at storing generated leads and other crucial data about subscribers which are impossible to pass on to ESP. With crucial data, here I mean anything and everything related to your website and business including rate, place and time of conversion, and referrer.

With MailOptin, you will not have to be burdened with too many software and plugins for lead generation, email marketing, email designing and subscription form designing. MailOptin is your one-stop-shop for all business development needs.

MailOptin Plugin

Different Types of Opt-in Forms

With MailOptin, you can create the following types of opt-in forms.

Lightbox Popup Opt-in Form

A combination of correct timing and right use of words can transform any random visitor into a valuable subscriber or customer. MailOptin lightbox popup will appear in front of your visitor, at the right moment when your visitor is most likely to get converted. This popup form is fully customizable, which allows you to choose and fill eye-catching form header and body content to get maximum viewer attention.

Most of the popup opt-in forms appear as soon as a visitor comes to the site and even before the user feels connected to the content. As the popup does not gives time to the user to connect to your site, mostly users cancel the popup window and continue reading. By the time your user feels connected, there is nothing on your site that reminds the individual to subscribe.

MailOptin plugin has the power of tracking visitors click behavior, which helps the system understand when the user is about to leave the page. The popup window tracks the movement and triggers in exactly on time, resulting in high conversion rate.

Too clumsy or non-professionally designed popups can distract your viewers and force them to leave the site. MailOptin offers you fully professional yet creative templates, which you can easily twist and turn as per your requirements.

Popups are best to convert smartphone users into subscribers and clients, as they perfectly fit the mobile screen and covers it to grab visitor attention. MailOptin is fully responsive so that it can fit any screen regardless a tablet, mobile, laptop or desktop.

The best part of using MailOptin lightbox popup opt-in form is its integration to all top-rated email marketers including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Sendy, Campaign Monitor and much more.


Notification Bar Opt-in Form

The notification bar opt-in form is a smart way of attracting subscribers, as they stick themselves to the top or bottom of your website. These sticky bars are also known as floating bars. As the name suggests, while your user is busy navigating your site, these bars appear on the top or bottom of the screen, just like a shell floating over the sea.

There are certain situations where placing popup options can put a negative impact on your website and business. However, most of the plugin developer will not inform you about the shortcomings of a popup opt-in form. The competent team of MailOptin believes in transparency and complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, they provide you with multiple opt-in form options.


These notification bars are highly flexible. They scroll with the movement of the user on the screen, increasing the visibility rate. Over here, I would like to praise the level of customization this plugin acquires. This slim notification bar opt-in form is integrated with multiple beautiful templates for personalisation. Also, to stay away from Google’s penalty on intrusive mobile popups, use the navigation bar opt-in form.

Other than the two basic types of opt-in forms MailOptin offers many other styles of subscription forms like the Slide-In which looks less intrusive but much attractive, the Widget which can be placed in any widget-ready space on your site and After/Before Post opt-in form which increases subscription list without interrupting user experience.


I find the before/after signup form very interesting and highly productive. Instead of being a static form, it is quite attractive and grabs your user’s attention instantly and at the right moment. This way the users don’t feel interrupted and get an immense amount of time to get connected to your site.


Newsletter and Automation Features

If you are too tired of manually handling all the email campaigns and communication, MailOptin can be your helping hand. Anything and everything you need to run a successful email campaign are available with MailOptin.

Some of the best features of MailOptin newsletter and automation are cost-effectiveness, time-effectiveness, high conversion rate, automated email campaigns, automated newsletters, newsletter schedule, 100% responsive templates and unlimited designer email templates.

Other than the above features, this smart plugin gives you another good news. You can automatically send your new blog posts to the subscribers on your list, which means freedom from manually nurturing and engaging your subscribers.

As mentioned above, the MailOptin team believes in complete transparency. Therefore, they not only give you demo for every feature but offers you a free version to try and later buy, only if you are satisfied.

MailOptin Pricing

The free version of MailOptin is known as the LITE version of the full featured. This LITE version includes the best three opt-in form designs, the lightbox popup, before/after post and sidebar/widget.

The LITE version is as fast as the premium paid version and equally high converting. You can also use the new automated post notification feature of the newsletter in the LITE version. You can download the free version here. You will get the email and automation demos, as well as the opt-in forms demo.

For unlimited usage, you can buy the premium version which is available in three packages. The Standard Package starts at $99 per year and gives you Lightbox Popups, Unlimited Sites, Premium Themes & Templates, Unlimited Opt-in Forms, Slide-in Boxes, Page Level Targeting, User based targeting, Sidebar Forms, Before / After Post Forms, New Post Email Notification, Notification bar, Unlimited Email Campaigns and Branding Removal.

The Pro Package is available at $199 per year. This package includes everything from the standard package, plus Time on Site Opt-in Trigger, Scroll Opt-in Trigger, Exit Intent Opt-in Trigger, Lead Bank, Pageviews Opt-in Trigger, Advance Opt-in Analytics, Opt-in Referrer Detection, Opt-in Campaign Scheduling, Opt-in AdBlock Detection, Opt-in Custom CSS, Display Effect, Email Digest and Multisite Compatible.

The Agency Package includes everything from Standard and Pro, and in addition to that, it offers Priority Customer Support, EDD Integrations, WooCommerce Integrations and Third-party app integrations.


MailOptin is a recommend email marketing and subscription builder tool. I tried and tested it on my blog and it turned out to be awesome. Do share your experiences with MailOptin.

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MailOptin Review: An Email Marketing Tool for Every Blogger
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