LifterLMS Review: A Solid Learning Management System

WordPress has evolved over the years and from a simple blogging platform it has become the most widely used content management system for all kinds of online business.

Thanks to plugin and other supporting resources, you can create any kind website using WordPress platform. LifterLMS is one such tool which helps you to create a fully featured learning management system by creating online courses.

LifterLMS offers you all the features which you may need to create a successful learning management system using WordPress platform, we will look at the features in detail in this post.

But before we proceed with the review of LifterLMS, we need to understand who can use this tool and why?

We all now that education is an evergreen business model because everyone needs knowledge to make a living or to excel in academics or business and with time like every other thing education is also moving towards online system.

No matter you run a well established educational institute or you just create online videos about doing certain things, a quality online learning management system can take your business to a new level altogether.

LifterLMS is one such tool which will help you to organize your courses perfectly and help you to make revenue through your online coerces.

This tool can be useful for colleges, schools, for websites offering any kind of education, for institutes which offers distance education or any kind of education related business.

LifterLMS Overview & Getting Started

LifterLMS online learning system

LifterLMS is not just another WordPress plugin, after looking at the feature I consider this as a comprehensive application for online education.

But this tool provides you the ease to get started instantly by installing it like any other WordPress plugins and step by step hand holding video tutorial to use it for maximum benefit.

Once you activate the plugin you will see the option to manage the tool in the WordPress admin back end with different sections to manage your online courses.

As this is a premium plugin, you will need insert the activation key to get started. In the general settings page you can insert the activation key and set the currency for your online courses.

LifterLMS Settings

On activation of the plugin, it creates a few pages on your site which is used to carry on different functionality related to this plugin. And you need to link the respective pages accordingly so that it doesn't show you any error.

In the courses section of the setting, you need to select the course page which gets created by default as mentioned above. And this page will be used to show different courses which you create using this learning management system.

But if you have some different name the page, you can edit the page as a normal WordPress page or you can use a readily available page.

This settings page comes with a few options to manage the display of your courses, like if you want to show the featured image for your courses, if you want to show the author name, difficulty level of course and the estimated time etc.

LifterLMS Course settings

In the accounts settings section you can manage the page how you want your users profile pages to be. In this section user will see their respective courses they have signed up for. You need to link the page which you want their account page to be, the default page is called My Courses but you can change it as per your requirement.

You can use the provided shortcode and place it in any page where you want your users to see their courses.

Acount page

Now, if you want to run a premium content site using LifterLMS, you can setup the purchase page in the checkout section. Select the purchase page from the drop down to take payment from your users.

LifterLMS Purchase Page

In the gateways section you can enable the payment gateway which will be used by the users to pay you for the online courses, obviously PayPal is the most widely used payment gateway and this plugin offers you out of the box option to integrate PayPal and the team is working on providing you more options for making payments.

LifterLMS Gateways

The built in email sending option is another best part of LifterLMS system, you can setup the email options in the email settings section to ad the senders email ID and customize the header and footer of the email.

Email Setup

Another good news is that LifterLMS system integrates perfectly with some of the key WordPress plugins like BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

We all know that BuddyPress is the most popular community plugin for WordPress and when you integrate it with this amazing learning management system, you can create a great community driven online learning site.

As far as WooCommerce is concerned, this plugin can be blended perfectly with the popular online store plugin to help users take the advantage of the popular online purchasing features of WooCommerce.


LifterLMS plugin integration

Creating a Course in LifterLMS 

You can create the lessons like a normal WordPress post, the system organizes all the learning material in the hierarchy of lessons > Sections > Courses. So that everything in the site is placed properly and it is easier for the users to find the lessons.

So, first you need to create a lesson which will will be part of a section and then the course where you can link the respective sections and lessons.

Create a Lesson

Now, once you create the lessons and sections, head over to create your course. You can create your course just like the lessons but you have the other options below the description field where you can link your sections and lessons to this newly created course.

And you have the other options to organize the course as well as the eCommerce related fields if you want to set the course for sale etc.

For example the field called SKU helps you to organize the courses internally, and when a user subscribes to a particular course in a eCommerce site the subscription will the set against this SKU no.

Then you have the field to set a course for sale for a particular period of time and so on. You can also set the recurring payment option in the section.

LifterLMS Course

Features of LifterLMS 

LifterLMS is a comprehensive learning management system and it provides you all the features which you expect in a modern online learning system.

LifterLMS Features

The image above nicely describes the overall features of this amazing learning management system. A quality learning cycle starts with the courses you offer and after completing the course the exam you get the certificate.

LifterLMS includes all the aspects required in the learning cycle beautifully and offers you number of additional features to help you create a successful an profitable education system.

We have already discussed what this system can do in terms of creating the courses and learning related components, now let see what LifterLMS can do in terms of generating revenue and engaging your users.

User Engagement

Engagement of your users is extremely important to make your learning system a success, unless they find it interesting and use your system you will never be able to create a profitable learning module.

LifterLMS comes with some nice features like awarding a student with a badge or certificate when a they completes a section that helps to keep the students motivated and interested in your courses.

This system also has the option to trigger automated email to encourage users to come back to your course and engage.

Membership Features

This plugin helps you to create membership level and assign course depending on the membership level. You can also assign roles to each member and they will be able to access the system depending on the authority level assigned to their roles.

eCommerce Features

This is undoubtedly the most important factor of this plugin because most of the LifterLMS users would like to create a premium content site where they can take payment from the users to get access to the courses.

Though, LifterLMS is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin and you can take the full advantage of all the eCommerce features of this plugin, you don't need any external plugin for adding eCommerce features to LifterLMS because it comes with built in hopping cart and other required features.

Creating Coupons

If you want to run a premium education site with this plugin, I'm sure you would like to have the coupon system for your site to create boost sales with promotional offers, this system offers you the option to create promotional offers right in the plugin interface.

So, you don't need any additional plugin or tool for creating promotional offers for your learning management portal.

Members Profile page

Another important aspect of any membership site or any other learning portal is the profile section for member, with this plugin every user will have their own profile section to manage their courses and lessons.


LifterLMS will provide you comprehensive analytics about the purchases, orders, refunds and other important aspects about this whole learning system.


As this is a premium product and relatively new in the market, I'm sure there will be occasions when you will need support from the team behind this learning management system.

LifterLMS offers you nice step by step video tutorial about how to use the product and if you still have any query they have an active forum where you will get the answer for your queries.


LifterLMS currently offers you two type of licenses:

  • Personal: $149
  • Developer: $399

And they offers you no risk 30 days money back guarantee.


As already mentioned LifterLMS is a comprehensive learning management system and the team behind this product has studied all other learning management system and they have tried to link all the loops before creating this product.

From creating lessons using simple interface to making your content premium with eCommerce features LifterLMS provides you all the features readily available in the system.

Though the price is slightly on the higher side, the features of the tool justifies the price by making it an end to end learning management system.

LifterLMS Review: A Solid Learning Management System
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