KeywordXP Pro Review: Best Keyword Planning Tool, 15% Off

If you are the owner of a brick and mortar business, self-employed or have a decent web store, making your presence felt globally is of utmost importance.

Merely existing over the world wide web isn't enough, you need to spread the word and let the world know what you and your business are capable of.

You should make sure that when the global audience searches for a service or request, your website is visible to them to cater to their every need. So, keyword planning becomes extremely important for for online venture.

This is When SEO Comes Into Picture

Apart from inbound marketing, your website should be search engine friendly and flaunt good page rank in order to reap the full potential from your website. This can be achieved with proper keyword planning.

Selecting the proper keyword for your blog that focuses on your niche and building your website content based on popular keywords is the best approach.

In order to dig out these popular keywords, you can take help of Google AdWords or any other keyword planning tool.

But generally these tools are half-baked, as they don't provide support for long tail keywords, or keywords based on trends or language, and that is when KeywordXP comes handy and takes your keyword research up a notch.

Why KeywordXP is The Best Keyword Planning Tool

KeywordXP is used by numerous professionals, bloggers and web-stores, and there are various reasons behind its widespread appeal.

Extended Reach – KeywordXP doesn’t confine the reach of their data centers to a couple of popular search engines, rather it also collects data from leading e-commerce and various QA websites, to provide you with a list of extremely potent and sought after keywords.

Keeping Tab of Latest Trends – The popularity of a keyword also fluctuates with time. So KeywordXP keeps track of the trendiest keywords of the day, so that you can emphasize of them and create posts revolving them.

For example, 4th May is celebrated as Star Wars day. So the keyword “Star Wars Day”, is bound to create more traffic on this day.

Ease of Use – If done properly, keyword planning would require attention to minute details. So to make sure that you can provide your undivided attention to planning, KeywordXP has made sharing keywords easy.

You can copy, share and export required keywords easily and use them on different devices and platforms. It also lets you focus your search to a specific region.

This helps you to understand the demands and the queries of a particular geographic location, thus proving to be great for local marketing.

Diversity in Keywords – To set itself apart, KeywordXP allows you to search in your native language and lets you select the your preferred medium as default.

This saves you a lot of time and also diversifies your keyword search. It even allows you to drill down and focus on long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are far more successful in capturing the attention of audience that general short keywords. That’s not about it. The application even helps you choose from available keyword centric domain names.

Extensive Support – To ease any trouble or clarify any query, they provide prompt service through their online helpdesk.

How to Get It?

The application is easy to install and works with both Windows and Mac. KeywordXP comes in two different versions. You can opt for the basic Standard version and a more advanced version.

Both the standard and Pro versions come with extensive keyword, domain name and title suggestions based on the latest trends and geographical location.

The Pro version provides you the additional capability to monitor the volume of keyword searches and also provides you a graphical representation of yearly trends. You can choose from either of these versions according to your business needs and requirements.

So why wait, get your hands on KeywordXP pro and unveil the limitless benefits of keyword planning.

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KeywordXP Pro Review: Best Keyword Planning Tool, 15% Off
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